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Bakker Turbo

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Bike was finished so first shakedown, woopdidoddooooo it was ridicilous big torgue in fifth gear wich my lock up coildnt cope with at speeds over 200 kmh.

After checking my logs i discover it made about 18 psi off boost, i made a mistake with putting in the wrong tialwastegate springs..... so changed that and als putted some weight on the lock up.

So currently i am running about 12 psi off boost wich still is fun the bike wheelies till 4th gear.

In the begining i had big problems with air in my fuellines, it took air under hard braking so i made some alloy tanks underneath my tank as a buffer but that did not work at all.

So changed the place of the fuelpump wich seems to be working i reckon the fuelline too the pump is enough for  a buffer.

Welded cause there is limited space.




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Oh my god Sander, when I started reading this thread I couldn't believe you were pulling the slabby apart as it looked so good, but..........I take my hat off too you for creating one of the most unique and stunning turbo bikes I have seen. Luv it and I am sure the original owner will be satisfied in the knowledge you have given life to it. Bloody Awesome!! 

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Thanks for all the kind reply's i really love this bike. Never had a bike that corners so good as this one.

It still has some small issues though, i need too get suspension set up proper, rearbrake does no brake so wel wich isnt handy cos it wheelies maybe do something with groundclearence of my exhaust it touches the tarmac now and then.

still have too play with my ignition map etc.

but despite that its a pretty good bike to ride, will take it too Elvington coming month

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Bike of the month really cool!

I will take my bike too hyperpro already talked to them, they did my slabby turbo also wich they did a very good job on.

But suspension is for next year, only have about three weeks left too ride the bakker before I get some surgery.

After that i am not allowed to ride for about 12 months.

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