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  1. Hi Dan, yes you are right. I have dropped a 750m front end in mine. Only had to buy the correct head bearings and it went in ok.
  2. best start saving up now if you are going the turbo route on an aircooled motor Definitely the right plan though
  3. @clivegtowould it go any further back if needed? or would it foul something?
  4. Have you managed to get the engine in the frame as yet? I am trying to decide whether to put an aircooled motor in my mag 2 frame or a B12 motor so ws wondering how easy or not it is / was?
  5. Don't know about comprehensive ist bt common front end in kats seems to be either bandit 12 for rwu and GSXR1100 L or M for USD. Back end again seems to be bandit 12 with shock mounts weleded on or slingshot arm with mounts welded on. These are the common ones as I guess they are straightforward
  6. gone to the back of the queue again Ash as need to get the efe finished Still not got the dymags away for crack testing yet
  7. spondonturbo


    It was me that @Dezzawas talking about. Been looking for a while as my front wheel on my spondon is on a standard slingshot wheel and discs. The oly standard bits on the bike ! Have been looking for discs and a marvic 3 spoke for a while. Let me know if you decide to sell. Cheers to @Dezzafor the heads up
  8. Never knew that about 750 gears. I use after market straight cuts. Oil pump gears will be getting changed for 750 gears for sure.
  9. think I will play it safe as the crank will have to be stripped and welded anyway so may as well get the gear done
  10. I do normally use them but was told recently that even some motors up at 250 - 300 hp run helical gears. I agree that it is the side load that is the issue. Another idea suggested to me was helicals but strengthen the back of the clutch. With regard to hp I would hope to see 250 maybe on an old aircooled motor with turbo. I ask because I am at the point of needing to get the crank done so need to decide whether to spend £400 plus on straight cut gears. Decisions, decisions.....
  11. So do you really need straight cut gears on an aircooled turbo motor that is mainly for street use with some occasional RWYB drag meets? They are a lot of money and someone who does a lot of turbo stuff recently said they were not necessary unless properly drag racing. Opinions?
  12. which ignitech unit would be the equivalent of a dyna 2000?. Dyna 2000 are roughly £360,how much are the ignitech in comparison?
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