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    It could be interesting but sadly i belong to the 99.9% on here who dont understand these symbols Pictures are promising / show potential though
  2. Hi @MKMOTORSPORT Are you selling these kits or proud to show your new project. Without any text it is difficult to assess your intention.
  3. During the rebuilt they should have used assembly lubricant - permatex 81950 or the likes - to prevent worrying about that. First engine revolutions on the startermotor only - no sparks plugs - untill the oil pressure switch light goes out. Then fire up.
  4. Try your local breakers, Eblag or a global webshop which sells Suzuki parts. I doubt you can wait long enough to access our Marketplace: I made some calculations: You need 50 usefull / contributing posts for our wanted section of the OSS marketplace: With your 10 posts in 4 years, Equals to 50 post in 20 years, so... Please ask again over 16 years
  5. Is the ignition switch working as intended? I have had all weird errors on my FI - gsx1400 because of a worn ignition switch. It made contact but only on a small copper surface. I had to fill some of the plastic components to regain full motion and coverage of the copper slides. Since i did that the bike had been performing faultless for 40.000km's
  6. Yup, same here. I use it a lot.
  7. I think that line was destined for another website "we dont care about stock on here"
  8. 1 probably was connected to the vacuumside of the fueltap. If not used, please blank it of as this effect how much the nr 1 carbs opens
  9. Hi Phil, Good to see you here
  10. From what i read here: Just contact them with your issue. Everyone on here claims that they are very helpful.
  11. On a side note : Wouldn't a 1978 bike mean it is a GS ?
  12. At this age , the tilt / tip over sensor can dry out. Had and seen it happen on more 1st gen FI bikes as on my own 2002 GSX1400. A new to me sensor from Eblag sorted that
  13. I do not think your fuel level is correct as you describe it: Classics usually set their level below the split This picture is not of a BST carb but is does show it is below the split. Hth
  14. If you look up the Suzuki part number, amazon will probably offer you a direct replacement from Bosch or other main brands
  15. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/uploads/monthly_2021_07/217634948_10161352591062571_5361295859587122383_n.jpg.9095f6d92818963854aa37d7554c498f.jpg 2 topics lower than yours
  16. I can only confirm the fuel pressure is correctly stated by you at 3 bar. Dunno bout the rest
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    As requested
  18. Blubber

    Lucky Swine

    Is that tank done by Etto ? Noticed a similar tank on IG
  19. I reworked the original text. You - as a newby - are not allowed to request or offer parts....Yet. Share some info, start a build thread and the Marketplace is unlocked after 50 useful post. "Become part of the inner circle" "Get in touch with your OSS side" " That is the way" Just pick one.
  20. Got a beard, use beard oil and have a tattoo, sounds like they forgot to invite me
  21. I used a black enamel stoved 4 in 1 down pipes plus the flat collector from Sebring on my EFE. After the collector is was all custom. Mine was originally designed for a GS1000 so i had to shave some of the cooling ribs of the oil pan for a good fit. Ran very good on it plus it fitted nice and tight.
  22. If you are not sure, you could always do a DNA test.
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