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  1. Captain Chaos

    I have a dream

    this x10
  2. Captain Chaos

    Will a b12 engine fit straight into a gsxr 750 1990 frame?

    if you lift the rear of the tank 10mm, you will need to support the middle of the tank (where it sits on the rubbers on the frame) with 5mm spacers. Otherwise the front mount takes a lot of weight and starts to crack eventually. I found out the hard way.
  3. Captain Chaos

    Will a b12 engine fit straight into a gsxr 750 1990 frame?

    Yes it fits. I have a Powerscreen engine in my 750L, and a fuel tank from an 1100 which has a slightly relocated tap. When it had a 750 tank (which I damaged in a crash) I had to lift the rear tank mounting points a bit with some 10mm spacers.
  4. Captain Chaos

    oilchange gsxr 1100

    it does not fire up or it does not turn over?
  5. what about Wankel engines? (serious question)
  6. Are any crash bars/engine guards available for an EFE? asking for a mate
  7. Captain Chaos

    16v GS1100?

    and 16V 1000's with square end caps
  8. Captain Chaos

    16v GS1100?

    square is 16V and round is 8V
  9. Captain Chaos

    Replacement engine

    Could be oil coming from the spark plug area, if the rocker cover gasket is not installed correctly/leaking. Easy to check, cheap to fix. And yes Mk1 and Mk2 engines are a straight fit in the K6 frame.
  10. Captain Chaos

    SR 43 B DR Big trip

    Fuck yeah. Nice bit of Europe you've been riding around. I was in the Ardennes last week, could have met you somewhere but I preferred to spend the little time I had with my family.
  11. Captain Chaos

    Rs38 flat sides vs standard 1200 mk1 carbs

  12. Captain Chaos

    Caliper Upgrade

  13. Captain Chaos

    Radiator Change

    they are not the radiator's fault, but the rider's
  14. Captain Chaos

    gsx 1400