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  1. What about the neighbours? Did the noise bother them?
  2. speedos always show a bit too high speed, never too low. In Europe it can show up to 5% + 5km/h too much. Not more.
  3. Yes use a motorcycle oil, mineral or semi-synthetic. Thread now locked as per the rules.
  4. or forget that you are married
  5. Still Tourmax is better quality than most aftermarket stuff. They also make fork seals by the way.
  6. Flatslides also have float needles. EFI is the answer.
  7. you need to adjust the float height (by bending the tab) after installing new needles. So far I've used Tourmax stuff many times and have never been disappointed.
  8. I (and many others here) don't instawhore. Load videos here or it didn't happen.
  9. And intruder 1400/1500 if you want to be really pedantic
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