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  1. he's not a new member, joined almost 6 years ago. And had not posted for 4 years before coming back trying to sell his bike.
  2. Which you can access if you have 50 posts or more.
  3. You can do that in the marketplace section.
  4. selling stuff only in the Marketplace section
  5. as far as I know you can swap mineral for semi synthetic without any problems. But mineral should also be ok for your bike (although someone migth correct me)
  6. the engine was designed for 10w40 so it's best to use 10w40. Higher viscosity will only make your clutch issue worse. Semi synthetic motorcycle oil, no car oil.
  7. handlebars lower than a mole's asshole - check
  8. don't get me wrong, there are people on here who like stock original bikes. And they will answer your questions. But in general we like to modify the f@ck out off our bikes.
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