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  1. It depends on where the bike was sold new. My 750L is an European version (sold new in the Netherlands), low beam and high beam work on both headlights. If yours has H4 light bulbs it is easy to connect both lamps together. But it would be better to use a relay if not already there (J and K have it from the factory).
  2. Powerscreen has helical primary gear
  3. 535 could also mean a German motorcar. Which is not too bad if it's an E28.
  4. How do you know? Good quality oil temp gauge, or some chinese crap?
  5. haven't read the rules have we?
  6. Of course when the engine runs you'll probably still need to clean the carbs ultrasonically to make it properly rideable.
  7. Welcome to group therapy. First remove the spark plugs, squirt some oil down the bores and try to turn the engine by hand. Drain the fuel, also from the carbs, fill some fresh fuel. Wait a few minutes and check for leaks. If no leaks, change the engine oil ( unless you want to do a full engine rebuild, then i would not bother now), connect a good battery and try to start it. You might be lucky. Seven years ago I was given a GS1000 which had been standing for 10 years, i did as described and it started. Only after you know the engine runs, fix the brakes etc.
  8. not according to https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/suzuki-parts/1991-gsx-r1100-motorcycles/clutch
  9. You admit to making mistakes, and you seem to learn from them. That's not stupid in my book
  10. The Tokico 6-pots which are mounted on many Suzukis and Kawasakis are not an upgrade. They need more maintenance, are more difficult to bleed, cost more but don't perform better than the Nissin 4-pots on your GSX-R. The stock Slingshot brakes are very good if maintained correctly. Nissin 6-pots (Kwak ZX7RR for example) are better but more difficult to find. And also a straight fit.
  11. Turbo it, then you'll KNOW you have full power
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