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  1. You forgot "remove fuel tank" at the beginning
  2. What if the oil pump draws air from the turbo instead of oil?
  3. If it's really all there, and you've got the skills to build it (which you seem to have judging by your intro post) it might be worth 2,5k.
  4. Post an introduction in General Chat and I'll answer that question for you
  5. And why not ask the person who's offering it, or is that too obvious?
  6. Hello and welcome on OSS. Please read the rules and then introduce yourself nicely in General Chat.
  7. which is why I bought my EFE project like this and which is why it now has an oilcooled engine because much cheaper, and readily available where I live
  8. translation of the last pic: "if you don't understand, don't fuck with it"
  9. If he CBF to RTFR and posts 5 Gurls blouse pics and videos, he better GTFO.
  10. I know that, but i want @Rami Leiviskäto translate it.
  11. Can't see what police school has to do with this. RTFR, understand TFR, abide by TFR. Or GTFO.
  12. One more non-OSS pic/movie and you're out
  13. I can not help you with your fuel pipe issue, but I know that this topic is now in aircooled, where it belongs.
  14. still have not introduced yourself in General Chat, please do that.
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