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  1. I am also a member of airhuile.com. Some cool projects going on there.
  2. They just decided not to sell it in the USA during the first model year.
  3. Hello and welcome to OSS. Please introduce yourself in General chat, we like to know who we share our internetty space with. And have a read of the rules.
  4. @RustyToewelcome on OSS. Please take some time to introduce yourself in general chat. And post some pics or your ride(s).
  5. also check the O-rings around the float valves.
  6. What Diode says. ^^^ Float valve is leaking, fix that first and it will probably run ok.
  7. and make sure the chain & sprockets are in good condition and adjusted correctly.
  8. Hello and welcome to OSS. Please take some time to introduce yourself in General Chat, and post some pics of your 750L. One fix is to do what I did, install an 1100 engine, so you don't need 10000 + rpm anymore.
  9. How did you measure the temperatures? Readings vary strongly between different quality temp gauges
  10. I have mounted 2922's on BST36, 38 and 40mm carbs without any issues. The ones on my B12 engine (36 carbs) were previously on the GSX-R750 (38 carbs), they still fit nicely.
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