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  1. Still waiting for pics of the 750L by the way.
  2. Welcome on OSS. Post some pics of your 750L. Or better start a build thread. If the 1100 engine is in good condition, just use it as it is. A 6th gear will not make much difference on a streetbike.
  3. If that's an original 750L/M header, i have a spare one you can have for shipping costs
  4. I thought they all have the 34mm carbs?
  5. AFAIK they're all the same, from '88 till '94.
  6. And model 79 could be built in late 78
  7. Pics or it didn't happen
  8. Welcome to OSS, where all the info you need has already been posted.
  9. might be enough to take the clutch out. Gearshift mechanism is visible then.
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