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  1. Would this help the return journey from a cafe after consuming a gut buster breakfast with free brew?
  2. Why are there so many EFE frames for sale with no engines? Why are EFE engines so expensive. Bandit engines are cheap and plentiful, lighter, more powerful and pound per bhp alot cheaper to make faster than an EFE engine. I'm a fan of the original engine in the frame but I also see alot of negativity towards those that fit an oil cooled engine into an EFE, regularly seeing comments such as "sacrilege" or "WRONG ENGINE". I would sooner see an efe on the road with an oil cooled engine than it sit there for snobbery sake that it doesnt have it's original engine. Plus
  3. I run a 17th for land speed stuff and just removing the offending post on the sprocket cover.
  4. FBM sell cam cover bolt kits including the cam tunnel bolts but not the banjo ones
  5. A gsxr 400... like you acknowledged on page 1 of this thread?.. @El Gringothis should be a lil ripper once sorted. Good luck on the 100bhp
  6. Sure we have a B16 CCR numberplate in the shed somewhere with a big black tyre burn in the middle.
  7. Is this in reference to over reving? My friend runs a 750 cdi on his turbo and does several 180mph wheelies with no issue. I have an ignitech and my limiter is set to 11500rpm on a gsxr11 based engine. I often purposely bash it off the limiter (because im a child) with no issue's.
  8. Frame is stamped BIGCC001 which is a kool bit of exclusivity on an already rare frame. Pictures here at our local watering hole.
  9. This is kool. Do you plan to race the bike?
  10. Cheers @MeanBean49 I will just leave the backing plate and pickup as a b12 then for convenience. I was only going to make the change as i thought the ignitech needed the gsxr11 rotor.
  11. Sorry to jump on here. On my new engine im building (originally a b12) i plan to run a gsxr 11 pickup and rotor to work with my ignitech. Now when i come to time the engine up, bearing in mind it will have adjustable cam wheels. Should i time the motor up with the bandit pickup plate and rotor then change the backing plate and pickup to gsxr 1100. Or should i be ok timing the motor with the gsxr 11 plate and rotor? Cheers
  12. What sized carbs are you running? 36mm stock bandit? Float height? Needle height?
  13. So after talking to loopy Iv decided against it because I like road riding too much and I like going the pub (via petrol stations) on completely impractical bikes, but not so impractical that I'd require my girl to follow behind me with drums of methanol and boxes of spark plugs and oil.
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