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  1. Tank back from sign writer love it , dezza you were right ended up taking my tank to mr kent for some relief work to one area so cable mount is not hotting tank
  2. busa ash


    Excellent yantosh , loving that
  3. Excellent build starting . Love those split rims
  4. Yantosh love your builds constant evolution on every build carry on cant wait too see this bike done
  5. busa ash


    Stuntmonkey better choice GIA
  6. Yes i beleive so but be very careful , until a few people have actually received what they have ordered first . Martek, mk engineering . Have a spotty reputation on previous orders . Deposits taken etc nothing received . They do and have made some nice frames and swingarms in the past.
  7. Well decided on something diffrent for my tank taken it to a sign writer who is going to do some artwork on the tank !, i am in no rush as just been furloughed , and also going to change the electrical set up under the tank
  8. Eblag dezza gulf stripe decal Tommy kat is the seller really good quality
  9. Also sump back from having a timesert done future proof now fingers crossed
  10. Glad I waited now l, wasn't happy with width of stripe also ordered a smaller 25mm for mudguard . As the other would not lay flat because of double radius of mudguard
  11. busa ash


    Quality kit for a quality bike jim cant wait
  12. busa ash


    Excellent, love a good build thread and I know your build will be a stunner jim
  13. busa ash


    Great too see you doing a thread on here mate
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