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  1. The short answer is "Yes"
  2. That seat works. Nice find at the autojumble.
  3. SiBag

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    Welcome to OSS.
  4. If they are 90mm hole spacing, any of the gsxr slingshot, rgv, some triumph etc etc etc.
  5. SiBag


    I don't think the numbers mean that much. The only way I know would be to measure the. I think @fatblokeonbanditposted something on cams a while ago, or was that just a dream.....
  6. Where the fek do people find these cheap bike. Nice find..
  7. I do like the simplistic black an white colour scheme..
  8. Getting there. Is red the new black...
  9. They may have been drilled out to take adapter plates. Just guessing.
  10. What are the carb spacing? That would be a good start.
  11. Are we still on for this as it's only 3 weeks away?
  12. Welcome to the land of OSS. Nice scoot..
  13. MTS do 10:1 compression ratio 1216 turbo pistons for gsxr11 / blandit12
  14. I would have thought someone would make forged turbo 1216 pistons for the blandid / gsxr motor. Would make more sense than trying to fit aftermarket pistons from another engine.
  15. Expensive stuff that you can re-spaced. I've seen fcr39's fitted to a bimota SB6
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