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  1. Blandit 12 doesn't have the idea gear. So possibly blandit with dot 750 head.
  2. Hi @Qwik. Fun looking scoot you have there. Welcome to OSS.
  3. If your looking for a push pull throttle try yam R1 . You can get them from 25 notes on evilblag
  4. Red rubber grease and rachet strap works for me.
  5. That's the pain with the quadlock, limited fitment unless to want to glue a big ugly piece of plastic to your phone.
  6. I've mounded mine on the fairing frame cross drace.. Seems ok But I'm only using a cheap generic pouch on a magnetic holder.
  7. Have a look on https://alpha-sports.com/suzuki_parts.htm You should be able to figure out what you need. And get the part numbers to search for. Buy a fairing bolt kit off evilblag it will have all the fasteners you need. Unfortunately the rubber mounts off the engine to the fairing are pricey (you may get lucky and find some secondhand) same for the lower fairing mounts.
  8. That's a shame I'm at "Kendal Calli" that weekend..
  9. They are like rocking horse poop containing hens teeth.. Not easy to find, and if you do it will be silly money.
  10. I rather like that..
  11. Sounds like a plan. Count me in.
  12. David Hartley on FB does stuff like that. I've not used him myself but his kit looks good.
  13. What's the score @Wee Man Is there camping, bar etc...
  14. Nice work, and good to show what can be done with a few tools and some time..
  15. This may help https://litetek.co/Guide_USD_ForkDatabase.html
  16. Am I correct in thinking that there is no camping? What do you lot normally do, pile in at the local Prem Inn?
  17. As said, looks like 750 J/K
  18. There should be a thread on front ends with a useful link in the general section.
  19. @Nikthat is probably the most concise and best answer we have had on the whole dot head question. Could do with it making it a stick or adding it to the vault info .
  20. Welcome to OSS. Nothing wrong with numpty questions.
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