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  1. It’s a bit sluggish lately package was lost in post finally got my checked and upgraded rearshock back, already did the seals in front end wich is fairly easy compaired to older upsd forks. Got a lineair springkit to suit my weight still waiting for parts to upgrade the cartridges so i can finish the front end If your suspension is shite the benefits of more power are lost so a costly but good investment Also upgrading to 520 chain while i am at it.
  2. Neat solution but what’s the solution for the tankmount and seatmount ? The tiltmechanisem is at that place
  3. I could have done the same with the framemounts as i had the k4 thou frame too but choose not to so i could always mount the 750 engine when needed. Welding radial brake mounts on a srad 600 fork ! I would like to see some pictures
  4. Always did my front end overhauls my self but did it with homemade tool wich where put together in the time i couldnt weld myself So it was time to create a proper one two hour job to create this tool to compress the forks so top can be taken of. Forkoverhaul next will be installing some skf green forkseals wich will give less friction and will last langer as some may say .
  5. Front end done made some brackets for the srad fender to suit. Also welded a new bracket on the front end wich was broken very happy welding went easy. Next is putting some slicks on and waiting for some brakelines from @gsxr884/ cp racetec so front end will be finished besides suspension Been at hyperpro last week they will do some upgrades on the rearshock front end will get some skf green seals for less friction wich i will install myself to keep the cost down. I need to change gearing on the bike so i will convert it to a 520 chain and sprockets also. The completion of this project is in sight !
  6. Got the bike out yesterday and tried to start it wich it did, for about 3 seconds. After some googling i found out these bikes have a tip over sensor wich wasn’t mounted right. So got that sorted and presto instant fire up and idling the engine revs nice but was a tad smokey could be the oil i pored into the cilinders or the two stroke oil i used after elektrolysis. Started the bike up end of the day again and smoke was about 80% less so i think i am fine. Need to sort the oilleaks, frontbrakes, chain and suspension needs setting up. So almost there
  7. I have been doing trackdays for 1,5 years now with a 520 chain works perfect
  8. I spoke to Sean years a go bout this problem, he told me they did a shot if nitrous at a certain point cause of starvation to prevent destroying the engine iff i recall correct. What clive said they just couldn’t fill the floatbowl. He also tried to fill it under pressure with a boostsignal regulator and pump but that didn’t work it just pissed out of the carb. The only way to fill it up is with a fuelpump that’s it. What also helps is using a straight fuelentry into the carb instead of the 90 degrees, and bigger seat and floatneedle. There are boundaries using a hsr a bigger floatbowl doesn’t work either said sean.
  9. Turned out really tidy !
  10. Rearsets arrived today as always good quality for a good price, the mastercilinder needed some tweaking to get it all alligned proper. The rearcaliper was shot but i had a k2 600 caliper if i am correct wich bolted right on. Coming weekend will be a bit trilling, first start up so will know if the engine seller wasn’t lying as i never heard the engine running
  11. Got my Battery so checked systems all seems fine, now fill er up with oil gas and liquid then an attempt to fire her up. In the mean time i trimmed the fairing to suit. A bit of hacksawing here and there but nothing big need to create new lower mount on the engine thats it. It al fit’s nice and tight. Found out the srad 320 discs fit the k4 wheel srad wheel doesn’t it’s approx 1 cm wider so i will stick with the k4 wheel Tried to fit the k4 rear also, it fits like a glove all bushes spacing etc is excactly the same however the chain is not alligned and can’t mill anything of the wheelcarrier as there’s no meat so the srad wheel will stay.
  12. Front end sorted thanks Suzuki ! 1 on 1 swap also purchased some R6 calipers. Need to measure if the srad discs fit the k4 wheel as they are bigger wich i like. Also found out the plugs i couldnt work out are for the exhaust servo motor wich i don’t use so sorted
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