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  1. I used a set up like this on my first turbo build. You blok the oilintake with a piece of feathersteel. When the oilpump sucks it wil create a vacuüm above wich will suck the oil from your turbo. You will need a flapvalve one way to prevent oil from draining back. The thickness of the Steel is very delicate you need thick enough to create vacuüm and not to thick so your engine doesnt get enough oil. I used the example from Joe Hailes book. It worked for me very very good but i wouldnt recomend it cause its a Bitch to get it working properly. So yes just buy a crankdri
  2. No i havent installed new plugs yet, an easy fix to try i'll order some. Thanks for thinking along with me !
  3. Mucho problemo's with my sons Impulse. This bike stood for about two years and needed some work. So i did valveclearence, ultrasone the carbs, new needles and seats, new pilotjets. Adjusted floatheight checked compression wich is just above the limit. Inletrubbers checked also they are fine. I have some problems with it. Yes it starts direct on the button but only runs perfect idle once it warms up a bit It starts only without the choke if you pull the choke it stalls. I did a testride and it runs very good once warm. But if you let it stall it does not want to start,
  4. Working on the Impulse at the moment, ultrasone cleaning carbs asdjusting valves. I havent got a manual but i do have a manual for a gsxr 400, i am wondering if tolerances on float height and valves are the same ? Or is there someone here who has a manual for an Impulse ?? Thanks in advance !
  5. @rich2302the upper rearmount is indeed bolted through the frame left and right side
  6. Happy on both sides of the pond !
  7. Bike has been repaired months a go, it's up for sale. Check out the up for sale section.
  8. Back in Holland Had a blast, book behaved good although front suspension is still not stiff enough so back to the drawingboard. Got free lessons from my mate wich resulted in better bodypostion, better lines and lower laptimes. So happy man !
  9. 15 till 18 januari @t Almeria again to escape the cold weather in Holland. Been at the dyno and got af sorted nice lineair curves and 148 BHP at the Wheel very good imho for a 16 year ook enige wich stood for a couple of years. Installed four other injectors, now fault indications are past time. Installed heavier front springs and a laptimer and got a bigger rearsprocket wich i will install at Almeria. So the bike is ready to go !
  10. Circuito de Almeria Aftermath From the 1st till the 4th of October I went to Spain for some tracktime @ Circuito de Almeria with Focused Events Rain and 12 degrees in Holland so it wasn't a punishement to fly to Almeria where the sun shines and 15 degrees warmer. Still when you land and step out off the plain the heat hits you like a brick wall, dont get it wrong we are not complaining. Day one was all about getting used to the heat and get the feel of the track again, bear in mind that I crashed at Almeria last year so for me it was quite a challenge to overcome my fears. Aft
  11. I seem to remember Blair Mccaul is running an 11 slabby draw through without notched frame his tb is mounted under an angle to clear the frame
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