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  1. Aftermath Croix 3&4th of August As earlier announced we did the shakedown of the Srad 1000, and a proper shakedown it was. Pushing a bike that’s thrown together from various Parts for the first time get’s the gremlins surfacing. Day one: Wow this is an intimidating bike!! i am used to an old slabby 750 this is no comparison. It will wheelie from first to 4th gear and wants to throw you off. To get the bike where i want it i need to hang beside it. That’s nice, cause i was searching for more power but this means i need to learn how to ride this, cause my lap times are the same as on my slabby. But it’s not all good, on low revs it feels like it runs on two cylinders so suddenly it goes on four cilinders and pulls (not exactly what you want). - Brake pressure is on-off on-off - Apparently too much oil in the engine - Front end is all over the place while braking hard. Day two: Skipped a session and put new brake fluid in the system (it was new but probably there was air in there) - Got some oil out of the engine - Got the front suspension sorted thanks to Team BRS / BRS Suspension Works - Rene EFE brought some new spark plugs wich where fitted saturday evening. After the first session of the day it all seemed sorted. Brakes were good, engine picked up as it should and front suspension worked. I had no travel left on Saturday which caused it felt bumpy under braking after some extra damping and rebound it was sorted. Laptimes went down and at the end of the day i managed to get 4 seconds of my previous pb on the slabby there. After all it was a successful weekend!! Still there’s work to do on my own riding style and on the bike. I already have a power commander to get fuel sorted, slipperclutch will be mounted and some small adjustments will be made to get it ready for the next track days at Almeria in october. Also need to mount a steel rearsprocket as the alloy one is dead after one day.
  2. I honestly never understood all the differences in fairing frames, what i do know is there are differences with importmodels with fuelmeter have three legs thats it. so ehh havent got a clue
  3. Made a DB Killer wich i hope is efficient enough to keep it silent enought also bought a K7 slipperclutch wich should be a one on one swap in the k4 engine. Already bought a k5 cover a few months a go wich is also needed when this swap is done.
  4. Bike is almost finished just need to fabricate a db killer. In the future the bike will be updated with a digital dashboard wich will be able to keep track off laptimes and much more. I love it that you can’t see it holds a thousand engine at first glance, all fairing fits like a glove after little work. 3 and 4 august will be the shakedown on the track of Croix. Also booked Almeria in october wich is a good track for a thou, looking forward to that.
  5. Okay lads i have got it sorted, couldnt live with this set up not working so i started taking it all out and did some measurements. It turned out 4 and 6 innerbaskets are kind of excactly the same just some slight differences but nothing that could cause such nois. So i used the 90 outer basket obviously cause of the one tooth difference and installed the 4 spring innerbasket from the 89 engine. Only thing i did different was installing the 90 engine clutchpuller wich is approx 1,5 cm longer, dont ask me why but it works and makes no noise. Engine turns over as it always did and the clutch works fine. So happy camper here.
  6. All 90, 91, 92 750 oilcoolers had 6 spring clutches with the 91 and 92 clutches had an extra washer behind the centernut wich holds the innerbasket According to the fiches on Alphasports I have a 90 engine
  7. Didn’t try honestly, it seemed like something was grinding rubbing with the 4 spring innerhub. When killing the engine it just instantly stops like somethings holding it to run.
  8. Did my gearbox last week and wrecked my 6 spring innerclutch basket so i thought i have 5 engines so who cares. Take an engine apart and use the clutch from that, thing was i only have pre 1990 750 engines with 4 spring clutches. Found out the hard way that the outerbasket isnt the same so that rattles like fek (should have checked the vault first yes i am a dumb ass) So i thought i’ll use the 6 spring outerbasket and the 4 spring inner basket That does not work either checked all shims bearings and it’s all the same but still the clutch sounded like a steam boat. Put back the broken inner 6 spring clutchbasket and gone is all the noise. So question is can i use a 4 spring basket with some tricks ?? Or is it impossible? The baskets look identical only diff seems to be 4 / 6 springs
  9. It’s a bit sluggish lately package was lost in post finally got my checked and upgraded rearshock back, already did the seals in front end wich is fairly easy compaired to older upsd forks. Got a lineair springkit to suit my weight still waiting for parts to upgrade the cartridges so i can finish the front end If your suspension is shite the benefits of more power are lost so a costly but good investment Also upgrading to 520 chain while i am at it.
  10. Neat solution but what’s the solution for the tankmount and seatmount ? The tiltmechanisem is at that place
  11. I could have done the same with the framemounts as i had the k4 thou frame too but choose not to so i could always mount the 750 engine when needed. Welding radial brake mounts on a srad 600 fork ! I would like to see some pictures
  12. Always did my front end overhauls my self but did it with homemade tool wich where put together in the time i couldnt weld myself So it was time to create a proper one two hour job to create this tool to compress the forks so top can be taken of. Forkoverhaul next will be installing some skf green forkseals wich will give less friction and will last langer as some may say .
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