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  1. I’ll give you the petrol to burn it
  2. Sounds more like you’re looking for a ‘cheap’ solution to a problem.... 40 years hu?
  3. You n’ M.Foggy should start a race team.
  4. Use the search function to find gs550 general sh*tter
  5. Oh well, good job OSS is an online forum.
  6. Especially in the wonderful NK, all praises to the dear leader and OSS.
  7. OSS worldwide, it’s on the internet, it’s an online forum.
  8. None of mine or the dudettes or any slabby I’ve ever worked on was wired up like that as far as the tacho feed, they’ve all been fed like dunc said. but that’s not to say some or even the vast majority aren’t.
  9. I don’t think oilboilers are wired the same.
  10. If you have a wiring diagram then it’s pretty self explanatory..... rh crank signal to the cdi, cdi to the tach. The tach generally has three terminals one is a switched live, one is a signal from the cdi and the other is an earth. Any of theses feeds/earth might be at fault, dodgy connector, damaged wire, bad earth etc... sometimes aftermarket rev counters take their feed from the + coil terminal
  11. Possibly if you bought it off grumpy
  12. The bevel box just unbolts doesn’t it?
  13. come for the info, stay for the nonsense.
  14. Find gentlemen.....proper blandit owner.
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