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  1. vizman


    fit a suzuki engine (like it has in the picture?) or G.T.F.O
  2. vizman

    Gsx1100tscc engine number

    yup indeedy but you need a 50+ post count to access it, however being such a good guy that I am, i'll swop you an 1100 et motor for that old manky boat anchor efe lump...s'long as you throw in that unit trumpet too
  3. vizman

    Closer inspection of my GSXR750F

    start a build thread in the projects section it's a great way to document your work
  4. vizman

    Closer inspection of my GSXR750F

    no sin, if anything it would be crazy not to tydy it up as it looks very un-basterdized….good luck finding an airbox
  5. vizman


    i laced up my original hubs to excel rims on my dr, @Havocis attempting something with his dr
  6. vizman

    I have a dream

    also why would you want launch control for a trackday bike? and in your own words 'you can't wheelie'...... i'm totally down with your original idea, i just don't see you getting any use out of it......especially on a 80-120hp oil boiler with shyte suspension, second hand tyres, original bearings... …..the efi is something, the rest sounds like buying a jcb to empty a litter tray. ….do it
  7. vizman

    I have a dream

    your tyres are 5 airsoft seasons old Reggie and your front calipers leek, i think your time and funds would be better spent on upgrading your breakdown truck..... …..i found it slightly uncomfortable after the first couple of hundred miles.
  8. just for clarification however you may have rammed one into a rg500, if so i'd like to see it.
  9. vizman

    Gia 1216

    string theory
  10. vizman

    Katana Anti-Dive

    win on sunday, sell on monday, crash on tuesday.....
  11. vizman

    Oss stickers do make a difference

    aye he's as much use as a man short...…. ……..and i should know
  12. vizman

    Oss stickers do make a difference

    you must have a team bah-nah-nah fitted too Reggie, everyone knows T-bah-nah-nah stickers fook up your fuelling.... …...i'd recommend getting some winged hammers and a dash of motomangler
  13. vizman

    Turbo placement.

  14. vizman

    K&N filters for flatslides

    i run ape filters on our 36's (1216oilboiler+1135efe).....but i have a set of bellmouths that at a later date i might mix with foam filters and see if i can notice any change.