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  1. I’ll be the first to admit I have no idea what I’m talking about, sometimes I don’t even check my tyre pressures.
  2. Unless you hit something stationary at ‘30’+mph......but then the last thing you’ll be concerned about is some triangles and gussets.
  3. Your forks will give way before that headstock does, and unless you’re riding at TT/MotoGP/etc standard I doubt you’ll get enough heat into the tyres....so you’re tyres will let go before you put enough flex in the forks to fold that headstock.... .....bit of flex is good, triangles are good passing the yield is not good and non of its worth a shit if it’s not stitched together well.
  4. The only force that’d fold that via the forks is hitting something stationary at about 50 mph,
  5. No, some of the older starter solenoids are + batt + starter and one wire to activate
  6. No idea, what is wrong with tartan paint?
  7. Good job it wasn’t painted tartan....you might have tried to dunk it in your tea.
  8. It’s steel not aluminium
  9. I’ll work on some images to go with it....great to see site users developing and sharing the .info
  10. I saw a naked version of those durty mix ups on the IOM about 10 years ago, black with yellow highlights....looked exactly how you imagine it would.....awkward. I’d keep the miss match panel colour scheme.
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