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  1. Common fault on an F, had it too (and yes the plates are fooked). Use the search, you will certainly get some info on it.
  2. Start on the tap, work your way down.
  3. Which carbs/engine/etc? What do you mean with a 'rebuild'? First idea: Is the vacuum line connected from the tap to one of the inlets, is the vacuum still working? Connect some transparent hose to the tap and suck the vacuum on on, see if it pours some petrol.
  4. I picked it up in 2015 in IJmuiden from a guy who had it for 20 years... And sold it last month on to @Cunnerz77As he will ride it more than I will. The article might come from a BSH issue around '95-'97 I might have a spare reg/rec for a GSX engine, not sure if its ok, will have a look today.
  5. Another copy and paste from the past... Arcticle from Superbike magazine 199 something. Supertune Suzuki GSX-R1100 It's ThuperTune time again, folks, and this month it's Suzuki's GSX-R1100. This is the bike that started and wrecked more tuning careers than anything else in the history of the universe. Remember, all prices quoted here are inclusive VAT. The GSX-R1100 has only had three major engine overhauls compared to the GSX-R750's five. Phee-ew! There's still a whole shedload of stuff to get through and only five pages to do it in, so V&M and Performoto were the t
  6. I was working my way back through the archives of OSS and stumbled across this info... Thought I posted/pasted it. Some info from Superbike Magazine 1995. Supertune Suzuki GSX-R750 I hate you all. You buy millions of GSX-R750s and cause me and three GSX-R tuners (PDQ Developments, V&M Racing and Specials) massive headaches. All the Stage 1 tuning tips for all the GSX-R models. Bastards, bastards, bastards...! The GSX-R's got a choosy, fussy motor that 'll kick out 10 more bhp with one mod and lose 10bhp with another. Most guilty are the carburettors, from the 29m
  7. An ET. Going to relocate the spring.
  8. Haha it turned into a game of guessing. What I mean is that the long sidestand on the slight tip of the bike folds up. Moving the spring is something to consider.
  9. Yes, of course, stay down. Because of the strong spring they snap up immediately when you move a bike around. Man-the-fuck-up is not an answer I'm looking after though.
  10. Right, as some of you might know the old buses have very 'spring happy' sidestands, compared to newer bikes and oilcooled ones. You really have to put your foot down to put it in its place. Is there a common mod on these to remove the spring so they will stay up?
  11. Race Component Development @vizman Mates of Racefit and I believe also Lucky 7. Nice, but fookin expensive parts.
  12. Read the article, and make sure that when using pod filters to connect some 30cm long lines to the vents in order to have it running correctly.
  13. If you are posting halve pictures you will get halve answers I believe BST38SS are dual fed, so you need to add a splitter. Vacuum is the one from the inlet rubber. Other pipes are breathers. Did the carbs originally belong on this engine? Sometimes the vacuum comes of the inlet rubber, sometimes of the carb itself. A nice read: https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/archives/531
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