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  1. gray711

    Exhaust bolts

    Aluslip & stainless bolts here
  2. Assuming that you don’t know the history of the forks, it may be an idea to check they’ve been assembled correctly. I had this recently, albeit on a set of K6 forks. I figured out that the rebound adjuster screw height hadn’t been adjusted correctly as per the specs in the manual during assembly, resulting in nearly no travel in the rebound setting screw - just a thought
  3. 34981-38G01 is this the part you looking for??
  4. Is it not possible to use a sprocket nut that incorporates the hall sensor? Sure I read somewhere many moons ago that an early zx10 item is usable - unsure if the castle protrusions would match up to the sprocket cover sensor though?.....Just a thought
  5. gray711

    Inazuma mods

    I fashioned a gasket out of a bicycle inner tube for my pingel, works a treat ...
  6. Parked in front of a ‘please drive carefully’ sign - priceless
  7. Used one of them thin filters then Gnome
  8. gray711


    Now that’s a beauty . Looking forward to seeing how it comes together.
  9. Hi, the challenge will be the swinging arm linkage, unless you’re well handy. Best to press the slabby stem into the K8 yoke, will probably need building up with some weld at the base, top hat spacer in the top yoke to take up the slack (smaller diameter stem) - there is more detailed info out there if you look. I have a k5 front end on my slabby but it was years ago when it was done & I can’t remember the specifics!! Are you using the k8 forks & wheel?
  10. Ah I see, does the arm have bearings, where it attaches to the linkage?
  11. If you’re doing it the other way round, 11 on a 7, you have to use the 11 linkage & modify it. So I would presume, if the same principles apply of course, it would be the same with a 7 on an 11 .... maybe?
  12. Ok so I hate to ask but why are you considering doing this?
  13. Something else to consider is that the bearing set up in the linkage & arms are also different between the 750 & 11. Have a look on the parts diagrams on something like Fowler’s or alphasports & you’ll see the differences.
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