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  1. My dyno guy mentioned this recently. It’s all I use in the bikes now - unless I get caught short (no fuel gauge)
  2. GSXR 750k6 bottom yoke diameter measurement is an unusual 53mm
  3. Out of curiosity, can anyone with a busa arm (pre 2008) be kind enough to measure how high the bracing sits (highest point) from the top of the main arm please. Much appreciated G
  4. Yep that’s Steve’s bike alright, he’s had it years now.
  5. Thrust clearance thingy removed, arm now out. Was holding it in solid. Thanks for your wisdom folks
  6. I have an obsession with adding tools to the collection Joseph
  7. Good to know, Unfortunately I’m only getting to know the bike now, hence why I’m taking it apart
  8. That’s good to know, the arm doesn’t want to budge hence why I thought it needed to come out, not to mention that the clymer manual seems to hint at it . I’ll take it out anyways seeing as everything’s getting cleaned up & coatings of alumslip applied. Still not decided whether or not to powder the frame. Back on shift in the morning so I’ll try again on days off
  9. Dave if I could borrow the tap I’d be really grateful, just let me know on the postage down to my way. Have ordered the castle nut jobbie so arm can come out as soon as that arrives
  10. Top man, thank you Dave!! Don’t think I have tap that size. I’ll have a look but may well tap you up for it - if you pardon the pun
  11. Being mostly used to slabby’s, I’ve got yey far with dismantling my slingy but am stuck for getting the swinging arm thrust clearance adjuster thing out (the inner one). What’s the general consensus? Don’t really want to tap it round as it’s solid in there & risk damaging any threads (as knowing me I will) & the tool to do it seems unobtanium unless I’m looking in the wrong place. Any suggestions welcome. Liberal spray of plus gas has been squirted. Cheers G
  12. Agree with the other tat but twin headlights still rock …
  13. You could sell me the sump & strainer off of your 750 lump if you do break it
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