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  1. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Empty cases collected today from @fatblokeonbandit( thanks ever so much Gary). Time to make some engine mounts....
  2. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    In other news, I didn’t end up buying a longer rear wheel spindle.... Father in-law-to-be turned one up for me. The two small bits in the photo are going to be the final front tank mounts( once I’ve got a mock up engine @no class )
  3. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Hmmm... good point
  4. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Good points. The first mount I made was in the centre of the top tube, but after looking at some more Kat frames I see the centre of the tank mount sits below the top tube. So I should be able to make the drop without actually losing any clearance. I’ll just be getting it closer to where it should have been in the first place . Also, I’m planning to fit a 750 oil cooled motor into this, which is a bit shorter than the usual 1100. I don’t have the motor yet so nothing to mock up with
  5. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Thanks for that. I plan to totally remove the ET tank mounts and build a rail/bridge between the two top tubes of the subframe to mounted to rear of tank
  6. R1guy

    Cams vs Big Bore

    Need a photo of this bike please
  7. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    just dropped the front mounts 10mm, much better tank clearance.
  8. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Made a start on front tank mount this evening. Got it where it looked good then realised with the gsxr rwu forks the rear of the clip on will foul on the tank on about 5/8th lock . It’s going to be a track bike so won’t need huge lock but has anyone else struggled with this? Anyone got any pictures /dimension on how close the front edge of the tank is from their stem?
  9. R1guy

    Nice slabby 1100 at Loomies

    What time were you there ? I thought it looked busy as I drove past but I didn’t see the slabby
  10. R1guy

    whats a bigger tank for gs550

    Any use?
  11. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Thanks for confirming! I’ll lop it off tomorrow
  12. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    So I got bizzy with the angle grinder today cutting off unwanted brackets/bits. Whats the consensus on this cross piece?- is it considered structural or can it be chopped out? Frame will be getting braced as per OSS bracing guide
  13. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

  14. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    Ah ha! I see! Also, what stops the fairing adjusting itself mid ride. The headlight frame is effectively on a four bar linkage and the only thing I can see that stops it rotating up/down is how tight the 8bolts are . I tried to demonstrate in this image
  15. R1guy

    Emporers new clothes

    With oil cooler shrouds