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  1. I’m after an ignition for my gs1000 track bike and looking into my options. Engine spec- looking to get a Grumpy race spec build, courtesy of a “favour” I’m owed. Opinions/experiences welcomed. •Dyna2000- tried and tested but expensive. Got one on my other gs1000 . No complaints but looking to explore other options. •Dyna S- ok but doesn’t have a built in limiter . Once I’ve purchased the limiter box it becomes expensive. •Boyer Brandsen- price looks ok, but my mate reckons they are fragile? And basic. •Ignitech- good reviews. Is it too much tech for an old gs1000 donk? •alternative not mentioned above?
  2. I don’t think you’ll be able to get the caliper to fully bite the disc with them bolted up like that. Ask me how I know….
  3. Have you consulted your colour guru?
  4. Slabby 750 frame, 750 arm with 1100 linkage, Gsxr J forks and b12 motor will look something like this
  5. As per title, it seems to have disappeared?
  6. R1guy

    OSS trackdays.

    Is he the one you said gets his elbow down and laughs when he starts going sideways?
  7. Rear master cylinder bracket looks
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