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  1. Based on the engine year ( and your forum name ) you are looking for a new crankshaft for a 1135CC EF aka a GS1150. The ES designation might fool others and might have you ending up with a 1075cc version. - Are you looking for a EU delivery address to forward it again or advice on a forwarding service? If you are asking for the part from a member, this would need to go in the Marketplace which you can not access yet due to your post count.
  2. They look a bit like a Marving Mach inspired system. "293958126979" to give you an idea
  3. I vaguely remember pushing the airbox rubbers in to get more wiggle room. I cannot remember if that was a succes but hey... we still had Guilders back when i owned a ET
  4. That is not the update i was hoping to see Lucky B...imota.
  5. In the link R1GUY posted, the current seller had the intention on cleaning up the welds on the head stock. It doesnt look that happened. From what i see it has no registrations of paperwork. Without that... it is track day use only. I think that would put me off. I doubt getting it registered as a road bike is easy otherwise it would have it already
  6. And i will point you to the rules. Please have a look at them and post a intro about you and bike. Thank you
  7. Rami, you need to turbo and wide wheel it. Like the one you regret selling
  8. It probably wont show up for Tony due to shipping limitations set by the seller. 312000529087 is the listing numper Joseph posted Direct link
  9. Try and broaden your seach, seach different countries , even search in different language. ( use google translate for that ) I have recently seen complete units (cowl, headlight and chrome trim) sell for no more than €70 an Eblag Italy.
  10. The way you type it... sounds to me like the side stand switch is still active.
  11. Hi and Welcome to OSS. Please post a more detailed introduction. (There might be someone close to you.) Congratulation on the purchase
  12. Blubber


    Nice to see this is still "on" How is the gsx1400 frame project going?
  13. If asking for an opinion: The numberboard / headlight is the only item that distracts me from all your hard and nice detailed work.
  14. Mechanical porn or lubed up porn? Just asking for a friend
  15. Hanmā-shin Hamamatsu- The Hammer God of Hamamatsu- A brief history Ancient depiction of the Hammer God, Hanma-shin Up until the early 90’s Hanma-shin could be found in the Suzuki factory at Hamamatsu where he diligently watched over the work of Suzuki’s designers and technicians, blessing their work with his divine and mighty hammer and scroll. Legend has it that his hammer is made from the very same meteorite that crashed to earth and killed the Dinosaurs. It is also said that the in-line four Suzukis of the 80’s and early 90’s owed their explosive power and durability to the
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