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  1. Hi and welcome to OSS. My dad is from 1947 and still riding his bike. Sounds like you have got some years left
  2. Windows you say... Any blue screens during the typing? Welcome
  3. There is a folded edge on the filter... maybe that is leaking?
  4. Check if there is the an old or previously overtightened o-ring present ...as in fused to the engine side. It almost looks if its meant to be there but is not. You need to see bare metal on the spin on part for your new oil filter.
  5. If you do that... please change your handler from BillytheKidd to BillytheStick
  6. Blubber

    Gs1150 cams

    It indeed is weird. Especially after thinking about it a bit more... that screw cant fit through the valve guide with the valve stem still in it scrap my initial babbling. So... it must have fell during service and without a sparkplug installed.
  7. Blubber

    Gs1150 cams

    My guess: bad luck...it fell through the other valve hole when open.
  8. Lower bearing size of steering stem can give you some indication but that method is not fool proof Different brands or models may have a step up in diameter around the press fit bit. Some are 0.5 mm smaller but if you knurdle the smaller stem you get away with it. Some need a resleeve, some need the lower yoke hole enlarged , some need to be welded. Make it up as to get it. If all fails you can get a custom stem made ( €75 - €100 ish ) Fork lenght is waaay more important... then the weight of both bikes or you need to get them resprung or revalved.
  9. Guess you wont find any specific info about that one because most people on here just reuse the OEM stem. As in.... Press out and fit in the new yokes. For some it is that obvious it is assumed to be common practice or a public secret
  10. might even be an exhaust strap?
  11. Blubber

    Gs1150 cams

    As predicted: Hi and welcome to OSS. Please take the time to introduce yourself... Doesnt need to be a lenghty one.... some pointers to give you some direction: - Whats the intented use for the drag motor? - How did you get it? And please post some pictures of said bike ... Assuming you found the rules and the definitions on OSS
  12. heavy / extra or extra heavy return springs on the carbs? as mentioned; cable routing helps big time, new cables too. Welcome to OSS btw
  13. You are in luck.... most of the people are old enough to know ignition points and setting them with rice papers. Trouble is with these old farts experienced people... details do tend to get lost due to ....age PS. don't rush the 50 posts by hitting the reply button to each comment.; Give your trike its own Project page, that will speed up your post count with useful posts you know.... 'cos we are worth it.... flaunts hair ( i am bold ) but you get the picture
  14. Nah... its fixable. Maybe even add a key way or such? People have been know to just weld the rotor to the taper as a quick fixer up... it wont last long. Lapping and grinding both the rotor and the taper is the correct way. Adding a shim will help too
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