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  1. I think you need to drill the rear engine plates bigger from 10mm to 12mm . As the other engine plates are bolt-on i wouldn't worry. Others will know for sure. Never did this conversion myself.
  2. For parts interchangeabilty please forget the gsx1400. And please remind that this is oldskoolsuzuki. The definition is here. Thank you
  3. Most of them are still around, some more visible than others. ( or changed their names )
  4. Hey.. my ugly twin brother is back online
  5. That photo location looks very local to me: The small leasure harbour of my home town: Ijmuiden. Curious about the article and where the bike comes from.
  6. True, Or the pump cush , Or drive gear from the alternator Can even be the clutch basket. Clunks are very hard to discribe on a forum
  7. Dunno, Could be a gear, could be the outpuf shaft bearing, could even be the rear sprocket carrier bearing
  8. Blubber

    Tip yoke covers

    This stuff? https://images.app.goo.gl/LSir24LyehxgoMbr9
  9. It is still here Resincorse kat
  10. A few thoughts; 1) Have you measure the cam chain under tension? it might stretched. 2) Have the cylinders or head been skimmed? 3) Is the timing rotor correctly indexed? 4) Cams on the right place ( inlet on carbs side )? ( sorry have to ask ) 5) Is the timing rotor a stock one or a 4° advanced version? 6) Has the ignition back plate been slotted to advance / retard ? 7) is the camchain tensioner working correctly? Just a few pointers. HTH
  11. Do the gsx1100esd fairing lowers pop directly into the original bracket? You know.. the white plastic bits near your knees
  12. Hi and welcome to OSS Let me be the first to tell you .. you will end up with an EFI conversion and a turbo if you stick around here
  13. It sounds like the same problem Harrii had https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/topic/13716-suzuki-gs-750-wont-start-and-other-problems/
  14. Yeah...if bench synced they should pick up only a bit later. And as you mentioned : it runs on choke, so you know fuel is getting there, spark and ignition are there. Must be something in the carbs. What Dezza said - ultrasonic bath cleaning - has helped many others
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