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  1. Not the update i was praying for Ahhhwell, you cant always get a happy end .
  2. That is because every turbo is awesome by default
  3. This one was documented on the previous OSS.
  4. That is one of my bikes, sorry was. Sold it around '09, i had to cut and widen the frame on the sprocket side and use an outrigger bearing to get it all to work.
  5. Most just ask or might even use the search option. Very few look at the pinned topics.
  6. Blubber

    Old Newby

    I think your username there is Malarky
  7. Blubber

    Old Newby

    I dont want to scare you away from OSS but i think the guys on Gsx1400owners.org will recognise this bike quicker.
  8. Blubber

    Old Newby

    Dont forget the intercooler.
  9. Corrected to reflect reality
  10. If in a hurry, search for a manual you can download. Section 7-14 has the wiring and cable routing covered.
  11. Did you weigh that engine ?
  12. Idc about the 0001 Vin number on the 1150. It is the 1135cc air cooled engine what made it legendary. As the most valueable / expensive part is missing- i too would dump a big oil cooled engine plus running gear in it and hoon about . Gsxr1100 or GSF1200 can all be made to fit with new engine mounts.
  13. Could have told you that Nothing a new exhaust + cams can't fix. That combo gets you 130hp and 130Nm. Still not what you expect from 1402cc
  14. Blubber

    Rubber softener

    I used my credit card and bought new ones for my 1135, was tired of the fiddling. Only months later i bought RS36 and sold the set.
  15. I bet your ride for the next 3 months is the most silent ever... unless you swear alot
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