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  1. Idc about the 0001 Vin number on the 1150. It is the 1135cc air cooled engine what made it legendary. As the most valueable / expensive part is missing- i too would dump a big oil cooled engine plus running gear in it and hoon about . Gsxr1100 or GSF1200 can all be made to fit with new engine mounts.
  2. Could have told you that Nothing a new exhaust + cams can't fix. That combo gets you 130hp and 130Nm. Still not what you expect from 1402cc
  3. Blubber

    Rubber softener

    I used my credit card and bought new ones for my 1135, was tired of the fiddling. Only months later i bought RS36 and sold the set.
  4. I bet your ride for the next 3 months is the most silent ever... unless you swear alot
  5. That probably could be John McLean from Mclean racing
  6. Nothing big. The sprocket cover might need a slither of material removed to be able to remove it when in the 1100 frame.
  7. If you search in Europe you can still find the older stuff for decent / OSS money, Last week i missed out on a running EFE for 850. Guy needed it gone out of his shed but couldn't wait my drive time ( 450 km from the Netherlands to Germany takes time) In Germany there are about 4 complete EFE advertised around the 2000 € ( some 1700, some 2400.) Also Germany 750 or 1100 katana , some with a Speer rear, some with Resincourse all around the 2500 € Import should not be a hassle
  8. Blubber


    It could be interesting but sadly i belong to the 99.9% on here who dont understand these symbols Pictures are promising / show potential though
  9. During the rebuilt they should have used assembly lubricant - permatex 81950 or the likes - to prevent worrying about that. First engine revolutions on the startermotor only - no sparks plugs - untill the oil pressure switch light goes out. Then fire up.
  10. Try your local breakers, Eblag or a global webshop which sells Suzuki parts. I doubt you can wait long enough to access our Marketplace: I made some calculations: You need 50 usefull / contributing posts for our wanted section of the OSS marketplace: With your 10 posts in 4 years, Equals to 50 post in 20 years, so... Please ask again over 16 years
  11. Is the ignition switch working as intended? I have had all weird errors on my FI - gsx1400 because of a worn ignition switch. It made contact but only on a small copper surface. I had to fill some of the plastic components to regain full motion and coverage of the copper slides. Since i did that the bike had been performing faultless for 40.000km's
  12. Yup, same here. I use it a lot.
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