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  1. Wouldn't an extra girlfriend in the living room be more effective?
  2. Have you checked the front end isnt bend? Since you are comparing wheel to wheel... it would be nice to know if the basis of your measurements is solid
  3. Shorter one gets my vote. Usually the longer dampers are a bit more quiet though. Do you notice any sound difference?
  4. Doubtful .. last log in was March 2019. We can try an use the mention function @username .....@Jimbo90 maybe he has email notification selected
  5. OSS - US get-togethers... wow. That sounds awesome.... OSS for Global Domination With the coast to coast distance i can see the need for some sub- chapters but very doable ..to me. Not even remotely relevant as i live in the Netherlands but OSS US has a good ring too it. NEXT stop.. Asia
  6. Like gsxkat mentioned ... i am pretty sure the aftermarket for the efe is strong. - Have you searched for upgraded gear box parts for a suzuki gs1150 ?
  7. Please..... post an introduction in the General Chat section. The answer will follow..eventualy
  8. Almost fell for that one... As per the rules no discussions about oil
  9. I always have ideas floating: ..i really like boobies.. it might be an idea to properly introduce yourself? ... think i'll have another IPA... Have a read on our terms of use also know as per our rules. Mmmh... oiled boobies.... Hope that helps TA
  10. Check the Igniter plus connectors via the manual
  11. And you will possible miss a exhaust bracket on the passenger footrest too. Doesn't sound to bad. you should be able to make a strap or bracket to hang from another point to fix(ate) that.
  12. As said by Wraith... I am sure you can get it to fit with the right tools. It feels/ reads like you want to use a GSXR-W 1100 (water cooled) collector and the dual silencer setup on your GSX-R1100 (oil cooled) downpipes. - Can you confirm?
  13. Hi and welcome. I just gave your issue it's your own topic to keep the other topic clean. Now... post an additional introduction in the General Chat section and you are all set up to go
  14. Hi @dontilgon Please post an introduction in the General Chat section. That is OSS rule nr1 the rules It's not that weird when you walk into a virtual room that you say "Hi".. is it? Thank you.
  15. Hello and welcome to OSS, You have found the correct sub forum for your question and... 2 of the resident guru's have already chimed in too A request: Please take a minute and start an extra thread for your introduction. The place for that is the General Chat section. Its nice to know with who we are sharing the info with. TA
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