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  1. HAve you checked the wires behind the right hand side cover al the way towards the igniter? Wires can break or get dislodged in their connection.
  2. Aha... did not recognise that name. I can only assume you checked the resistance values? There seems to be a discrepancy in the manual. Or this link
  3. Yeah... can you feel the love? Just because he is a cloggie too doesn't mean he can skip the intro bit. That said... my intro was on the RobbieNitrous site... talk about a few moons back
  4. You now have power to the cdi, but how is the spark triggered? Basically ....Does it still have points or a aftermarket signal generator?
  5. And... just check the aftermarket sites. Motad, sebring, akrapovic, delkevic generally list their suitable models .
  6. WWow..you must be in a real hurry. That's not how it works. First: Introduction in the general section please. Questions later
  7. Or an iffy ground connection, could even be corrosion between the bulb and the holder.
  8. Nice save This almost got deleted. Now..... You might have forgotten it, but self exploration is advised. Trawling throught the topics in the members projects section will answer a lot of your questions before you need to type them. Hint Happy reading And Welcome back
  9. Hi and welcome. Please take your time and do some measuring. Chain run is important and so is front and back wheel allingment. Very difficult for us to say which spacer will give you the best combination. Sometimes you need an offset sprocket on the front and a turned down rear sprocket carrier.
  10. Welcome to "numbty previous owners R us"
  11. Hi and welcome. Introductions are appreciated and... please get a workshop manual or download one. (just use Google search) Pictures are welcome and I too think you have extra ( non - OEM) wires.
  12. If the response are slow or even lacking.... We have a search in the upper right section, that way, you can distill and digest the info in your own pace.
  13. Blubber

    Swirl's Harris

    And here is me thinking that LMC is a caravan brand. Lord Munsterland Caravan or something very similar. Coat, hanger, door
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