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  1. Maybe they started on the U702 motors which would have been 83 I think. My kat turbo project is using one of these and I cant remember if the crank had any welding or not. it is fully welded now though
  2. efe engines had some welding to the crank but not enough for big hp. The earlier GSX motors did not as far as I know.
  3. I have seen some of the work at Spondon GIA and it is looking good. To do an exact spondon katana you would need the original spondon drawings but there is nothing wrong with doing an updated versionimo.
  4. Spondon GIA is the way forward on aluminium frame kits and swingarms now. They are currently catching up on the backlog of work that Gav had taken deposits on. I have seen their work and spent some time with them and they have some skills and a there is also a lot of spondon knowledge and connections so it is a good combination of the two brands coming together. There will be some articles soon with more details
  5. Jesus Clive do you have some sort of seat fettish I thought I had a few seats stashed but thats some collection you have! on another note - good find :-)
  6. you know it... be good to finally meet properly
  7. might have to bring the Kat as that shitty UK Specials group wont allow it
  8. I think I would save up and buy a well made frame from known manufacturer. As it stands it is only worth the value of the parts when sold seperately. A complete running special sold for that a few weeks ago on a facebook site.
  9. I had a busa arm in mine and did not need a lesser chain. Where is the issue with clearance? Suzuki Nick has my old extended busa arm for sale I think but it needs powdercoating.
  10. good to see it has gone to a good home
  11. I ended up binning that bike off with the knackered head but I am now thinking of replacing the water cooled engine in my wp turbo project with an oil boiler so exactly the same idea just different bike. I have been told it is a very tight fit and this seems to match some of the detail above. Be good to hear what you guys do with yours
  12. Good to catch up with some of you guys. Couple of pics of the parade
  13. Hi Dan, yes you are right. I have dropped a 750m front end in mine. Only had to buy the correct head bearings and it went in ok.
  14. best start saving up now if you are going the turbo route on an aircooled motor Definitely the right plan though
  15. third option should be banned only cheaters go that route haha maybe see what other efes are running in the bracket you are looking at. option 1 and 2 are both going to be very expensive so lots of research to try and get it right first time. If it was just the most powerful then obviously turbo will win but that is not what you are looking for here
  16. @clivegtowould it go any further back if needed? or would it foul something?
  17. Have you managed to get the engine in the frame as yet? I am trying to decide whether to put an aircooled motor in my mag 2 frame or a B12 motor so ws wondering how easy or not it is / was?
  18. Don't know about comprehensive ist bt common front end in kats seems to be either bandit 12 for rwu and GSXR1100 L or M for USD. Back end again seems to be bandit 12 with shock mounts weleded on or slingshot arm with mounts welded on. These are the common ones as I guess they are straightforward
  19. gone to the back of the queue again Ash as need to get the efe finished Still not got the dymags away for crack testing yet
  20. if you can just get it finished for when I call for my efe tank, and leave the keys in, that would be great
  21. spondonturbo


    It was me that @Dezzawas talking about. Been looking for a while as my front wheel on my spondon is on a standard slingshot wheel and discs. The oly standard bits on the bike ! Have been looking for discs and a marvic 3 spoke for a while. Let me know if you decide to sell. Cheers to @Dezzafor the heads up
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