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  1. Not as much as I don’t like that fuck Coles pronunciation version ‘jeezer’
  2. Desirability aside, it’d be a lot kooler with the 8vdonk fitted.
  3. Forum, not a club.
  4. It wasn’t definite or clear so I read it as a question rather than a statement.
  5. Panther sloper not pantah spaghetti
  6. Meanwhile over on the panther owners website…
  7. vizman

    Lucky Swine

    I put a Hagon shock in the dudettes efe Tom, made a big difference.
  8. Funny, coz it looks like a lot of used parts…. …..triumphs rocket III run a sillyphatt 17 inch front tyre, but it doesn’t look aggressive, it just looks like a curb bumper. I know what looks aggressive to me, that’s tyres that have no chicken strips and are ruffled and bobbly on the edges….…. …. irrelevant of their size, oh and slicks/wets. ET looks good with the stubbier rear end
  9. If it didn’t I’d have deleted the pics mark.....your new colour scheme rocks, shame it’s the ugly mkII ......fucking blandit (owners)
  10. This one was a little more of a wrestling match, but still used and abused....
  11. Very rideable.....rode Mary everyday for 2 years, work transport, holidays, play..... in rain, snow, ice, sunshine.....no dramas.
  12. How much is the camping.....tenner?
  13. Moto-Moto more suitable slim
  14. Aye, you’re a fooking wizard for creating all you do in that little shed up the hill.
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