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  1. https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/suzuki-parts/1985-gsx1100-1150eesef-motorcycles/front-damper
  2. The GSX1100E (non-American spec 1150) has regular forks without the air adjustment thingy.
  3. EFI and turbo is the best solution.
  4. 750 has integrated license plate light, 1100 does not.
  5. even though it's made from wood, it's probably leaking oil nonetheless
  6. I once had a similar problem (on a GS500), I mounted the left carb on the right cilinder and the right carb hanging in the air. It fired up on the right cilinder only. This ruled out ignition/compression issues so I knew the carb was the problem.
  7. Why would you want to remove the fairing? Just sell the bike and buy a proper oldskool Suzuki.
  8. And of course change brake fluid and tyres and stuff like that.
  9. Drain the oil, fill up new oil, remove the spark plugs, unplug the ECU, turn the engine over on the starter for at least 30 sec. Then drain the fuel tank, fill new fuel, reassemble everything and start it up. Warm it up and change oil + filter and coolant.
  10. I would have thought there is a breather in the tank cap.
  11. With an even number of studs, just measure the distance between two opposite studs. Simples. By the way the formula for 3 studs is wrong.
  12. 1. Horn is mounted on a bracket under the bottom yoke/triple clamp. 2. Good luck finding some. Last year a set appeared for sale on here and it took me 0,04 seconds to buy them. I had been looking for years.
  13. It's explained in the article I mentionned several posts back. Basically the battery is overcharged and cooks.
  14. At work I rebuild a lot of forks (did 14 sets this week ) and upsd ones are a bit harder, but not much. Getting the grub screw out is the hardest bit. Then as said heat it up and unscrew the tube (I put the tube in a vice, "lock" it with a pin through the holes, then use a front wheel spindle to unscrew it). In the bottom of the knuckle is also an o-ring and a washer, clean it all very well and lube the o-ring. Cleaning the thread before reassembly is very important. If you will replace the tube anyway, cut the thread on the old tube axially and use that to clean up the thread in the knuckle. The new tube should screw in very easily by hand. Use red loctite on final assembly.
  15. AFAIK the fairing frame/mounts should always be inside the fairing. Never seen it otherwise. So as in your first pic is correct.
  16. Welcome on OSS. Although it is aircooled, we have a section for two-strokes so I moved this post.
  17. I read "fellow tossers"
  18. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/archives/336
  19. Red & white looks best IMO. But any standard paintjob will give better return than custom.
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