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  1. I don't think i will be making this one.
  2. Fame at last. I thought the lighting was a bit flat and didn't rely do anyone's bike the justice they deserve.
  3. You did look fekin rough Saturday morning @Paulmand @clivegtodidn't rise from the dead till early afternoon.
  4. As standard no. But you can fit shorter or adjustable dog bones. This will only raise the back end though.
  5. A decent battery should have its own charging circuit to prevent over charging and ballance the cells.
  6. I know on the Bimota SB6 they sleeve the slave cylinder and use a smaller piston to get around this.
  7. Last OSS outing for Stinky. Sold it within four hours of putting a for sale sign on it. Twas a good weekend even if it was a little tiring. I'm too old for this s#*t..
  8. Check out All Balls website. You might find the info you need. If your doing a stem swap it will be the stock blandit size.
  9. If you use the front lift arm on your abba stand you can get the front wheel off the the floor. Makes it a whole lot easier to fit the front fairing. Looks fantastic..
  10. Unfortunately, And as the colour schemes changed from year to year I'd say it's impossible to check if one will fit different models.
  11. The trouble with trying to check part numbers of the panel is they are all different because of the colour scheme.
  12. Planning to make it this year.
  13. Hi, Welcome to OSS. If it's been sat for over a decade I would suspect the o-rings / gaskets in the carbs may have dried out and shrunk. If your lucky the may swell and re-seal now the carbs have fuel in. It could be a sticky needle valve etc. I'm sure an adult will be along with a proper answer.
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