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  1. That works a lot better..
  2. Nice job. You've got them to fit quite tight to the sump...
  3. @ddvries04it is just a case of brute force to get them to fit. You can use a bit of heat on them to help spread the pipes out.
  4. Looking good. @El Gringodid a nice build on one a while back.
  5. Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons. Has anyone looked at MT09 wheels? Rear is 5.5" and they are supposed to be quite light..
  6. Possibly just a seller's mistake. Inventory errors etc. Message them back politely. Most sellers want to keep their ratings and sort out issues before Eblag and PayPal get involved...
  7. @ChrisR1looking at your introduction post in general chat, they don't look like slingshot wheels to me. The slingshot wheels have curved spokes, yours are possibly blandit wheels etc.. This may explain the sprocket clearance issue.
  8. No sdrad different, as far as I know.
  9. Impressive job as swaging the end of the tube in.
  10. Mr Suzuki used the same stem from the GS series all the way through to the GSXR oil boilers.
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