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  1. Is my son's birthday on the Sunday. He has said is ok if want to do the weekend. But I can definitely do Friday evening and show Saturday, maybe Sunday. Depending if guilt sets in. I'll be bringing the K.
  2. I'm in. I'll bimble over on the K
  3. Having odd things happen with tacho on the GSXR 1100 k. When I hit 9k the needle leaps to show max rpm and then drops to zero and stays their. Once the ignition is turned off and I restart the bike the tacho comes back to life. Any ideas..?
  4. SiBag

    Dyno Day 2021

    The k appears to running nicely, looks like it was an iffy coil. Just need to find the tent and sleeping bag.
  5. Now that's an idea..
  6. SiBag

    Dyno Day 2021

    If I can get the K running right I'll be there.
  7. @Blubberspot on. I just had a nose in the tank, and ye there is a drain tube running through the tank from the filler cap recess. Cheers for the help.
  8. Ok, dum question time. Yes I RTFM, and it's not clear. And yes I should have taken pictures before I pulled it apart. Putting the tank back on the k after 4 months or so. The tap has two fuel lines and a vacuum off the carb. But there is another connector on the tank that I can't figure out what it connects to. Heeeelllllppppppp.
  9. Coming together nicely..
  10. Checkout allballsracing.com
  11. I hate elastic trickery.
  12. Any news on this. I've heard rumours that they want to charge £10 per bike for the privilege of displaying them.l
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