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  1. I think the v711 is a GSXR 1127 and the v706 is a gsx1100 1988 1127
  2. @Paulm @davecara are we doing this year? I think the dates are 11th- 12th September 2021..
  3. I'd be tempted to run two smaller coolers either side. I remember @vizmanlooking at doing something similar on his silver cross pram (old Street fighter project build)
  4. I have seen on other forums FB pages etc a roll call for bikes. I believe the VJMC need a list of bikes and owner in about four weeks. Have we had paperwork through from them?
  5. I should be able to bring something.
  6. @Simbec1863now I see why you were after a single seat hump. Very nice.
  7. I believe on the Blandit 1200 the head swap raises the compression by 1 or 1.5 points due to the smaller combustion chamber in the DOT head. I suspect it will be similar for the N motor (potentially up around 11 to 11.5 : 1), but I'm sure an adult will correct me shortly..
  8. OK lets clear a bit of the confusion. The DOT head was used on the 750 Tpot (up to 97 I think) and on the GSXR 750 J/K 1988 to 1989 The 750 Tpot cams are the cams that are described as "Soft" and not the best for performance. The GSXR 750 J/K and the GSXR 1100 K share the same cams (Part numbers 12721-17C00 exhaust, 12711-06B03 inlet) These are the cams you want to use.
  9. I think the K7 is a 25mm spindle. But captive top hat spacers will sort that out. 750 runs a 180 tyre, so should be a 5.5 rim.
  10. I believe it will fit if you use the 1100 knuckle. But I'm sure an adult will be along shortly.....
  11. @fatblokeonbanditdid a nice writeup of how to change the gearbox without taking top end off. Off another form I think.
  12. That works a lot better..
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