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  2. I was planning on doing it, even bought a triggerwheel from arttu. But my megasquirt was fried and noone can repair it so, still running carbs here... thinking about buying a speeduino ecu and a bosch coil module and just run ignition only for a start...
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  4. Might be worth a look https://youtu.be/mm2F08Ys_zU
  5. 1990L 750 slingshot i have fitted lots of rwu fork seals but i haven't ever done usd fork seals i read the manual and there only way is with special tools can it be done easier than in the manual or any tips or tricks to do it? i did a search but couldn't find exactly what i wanted
  6. May have to be fitted before the engine
  7. You may find one of the machinest will do simple spacers on there break
  8. Nothing too bad mate just my malfunctioning ticker still not sorted had a couple of procedures but not fixed yet and 1 more to go but the waiting list is 10 bloody months and I can’t do anything stressful like racing until they’ve sorted it.I’ll be at Donington for a catch up I’ll be having similar bracing to your NWS one plus a little bit on the upper frame plus swingarm mods to, something like this
  9. With that then fellas, Can the cdi off, say an et 750, run an 1100 motor either the kat, et or even a efe my experience with oil cooled motors you can get away with such things, so I’m adopting that way of thinking with these also…
  10. Hope your health issue is not too serious mate, hope to catch up with you at Donington. Tell me more about your frame bracing plans ? Picture is the Turbo Scratchers NWS frame.
  11. Carbs cleaned and soda blasted, bores enlarged plus rubbers blended to match intakes. Now need to get a few new parts for the carbs,doesn’t seem to be a full rebuild kit available but Keyster does a Tornado kit direct from Japan only.I’ll look to see if it’s a better option than my 10% ACU discount from Suzuki.
  12. Slowly but surely she's getting there.... Finally pulled the rest of the dud motor out of the bike: Had to grab the sump out of the dud motor as the one on the black motor had stripped drain plug threads and had already been drilled out so couldn't be re-done. She sure smelled nasty in there The sump cleaned up a treat though (wish I'd grabbed a before photo) I now have a reassembled engine with everything moving as it should!!! The paint I'd put on the side covers went to shit so I thought I'd strip it and polish them up. I think the look of the black engine with alloy covers will look pretty cool - they still need more sanding & polishing but you get the idea!! Before: After: And of course polishing them up makes the previous repair stand out like dogs balls (why I painted them black in the first place). Good old Eblag for a replacement from the states (the price was good but the postage sucks!!! It's probably what I'd have paid for something locally though so I don't mind) The wait will suck so I'll use my patched one for now and will continue to plug away at it then replace it our once the new one arrives And to finish it off I've bought some new badges as well (the ones I had were a mismatched pair anyway and neither were correct for the bike)
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  14. Thanks for the reply. Just remembered that mine does have a Newtronic ignition system, if that makes any difference ?
  15. I have a mate who did exactly this on a GS850 shaftie. The bike had been sitting for a long time and was sold to him as "not running with no spark". After checking, he had to replace coils, plug leads, plug caps and igniter. He bough the evilbay chinese coils, leads caps set plus a genuine igniter. After fitting all this, the spark fired straight up and the bike ran fine. He is in the middle of a rebuild on the bike so has been unable to check the operation of the motor under load or reliability yet.
  16. Hi all. The ignition coils on my 1980 GS1000 S are shot. What would you recommend as replacements ? It's a bog standard bike, so not sure I need Dynas ? Anyone used the £30 Eblag jobs with any success ? Thanks in advance.
  17. I was in the process...............
  18. nah, you could still get your monkey bikes in
  19. USA dealer carries DYMAGs and usually has our W sizes in stock, 6" is special order. https://www.orientexpress.com/suzuki-gsxr750-1994-parts.aspx
  20. anything looks better than them
  21. Shit............ did I snooze through the build log ? I hate getting older . Nice end result , looks a fook sight better than the 2022 Suzuki "Craptana" offering .
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