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  2. If it's like the earlier Blandits and has a resistor in the ignition switch as a rudimentary security device, if this is loose/faulty/disconnected then the bike won't fire. A mate had the same problem with a 750W and it was a dodgy resistor in the ignition switch.
  3. Have been trying for months to get a spark from my 2003 B12. I'm at the point of just parting the pos out. I've changed the whole loom, the coils, the CDI, the rotor, the trigger. The starter runs fine, lights, indicators, clutch switch, side stand switch, neutral light is fine, I just cannot get the **** to spark. Nothing at the coils. It's got LED indicators and LED relay. I'm honestly fucked. I was going out one day on it, let the clutch out and it stalled that was fucking it, hasn't gone since. Everything works on it, except the spark. Can anyone see something i may have missed? Fuck this electronic CDI bs, why don't they just FIRE I'd go back to points if i could
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  5. imago

    Wiseco 1260.

    Yeah, it's not a fun job. Although the last case I stripped a couple of weeks back went not too bad. I heated the whole thing, then put decent penetrating oil around the studs, heated it again, then undid them the next day. It worked OK, I wouldn't say easy, but much better. I just need to work out what I'm going to do with the kit or engine when it's done. One of those out of the blue "do you want ..." chance things that you can't turn down when they come along.
  6. Yeap your 1st challenge will be getting the studs out
  7. Welcome to OSS. Nice project. We need lots of pics
  8. imago

    Wiseco 1260.

    Thanks. I knew the block would, just wasn't sure about the cases. Probably worth taking the case along with the barells to be bored/machined at the same time then to save some faff.
  9. 1260 needs cases bored for the thicker liners as will the block
  10. Having never gone that big, what's involved in fitting a Wisco 1260 kit (liners and pistons) to an ET engine? Boring the barrel holes and opening up the cases?
  11. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/topic/5060-katana-wiring-diagram/ Diagram links in this old post
  12. Looked for a Harris before getting the delkvic. They were to far gone or to much money, the delkvic looks like the old alfa1 or the piper exhausts back in the day.
  13. As far as I know they were made under licence but quality was bit hit and miss. Still would have bought one tho even it meant spending time to make it fit
  14. Did he ever complete it and have it running ? I remember following all the work he did to notch the frame for chain line etc. Never seen craftsmanship like it.
  15. Hi Guys im in need of photos of wiring diagram(colour of wires), mine is cut , no plugs for cdi or stator or pick up etc, my biggest problem is too first start with electricial to get spark, before i get to the lights etc, This loom is butcherd! Many thanks Gerhard from, South Africa
  16. yes that's @Strangewayzbike, the most awesome project build on the old site IMO.
  17. Just an idea. I believe guy who built this was called Strangewayze on here, years ago. Don`t know if he is still on here. Would love to have heard this. 8 valve engine with turbo. Must sound like a Lancaster bomber taking off. eccentric rear ride height adjuster for rears shocks. Not seen that before on a twin shocker
  18. Black looks the dogs nadgers . Shame they all seemed to rot at the collector. had to reweld mine a couple times. Stainless would be good or Titanium, like Racefit make theirs from. last forever then
  19. Hello, what a great tribute for your dad. We like pictures though.
  20. Nah... doubtful. If so.. Jay has my permission to be my stand in. ( think i was his designated wingman after all ) Besides: If my goal was to disapoint two people at the same time... i will just visit my parents much less hassle.
  21. Last week
  22. Welcome. Please post pics and spec list asap .
  23. Only 1 oil pump in all the gsxr and B12 motors I've had in bits.
  24. Ive heard you can still get them in black but i think they would sell well if they made them is chrome or stainless, had one on an old zed, looked the dogs.
  25. No ,bigger oil pump for high pressure engine lubrication loop directs oil flow through the Oil Filter Patrone , and that`s the Filtered oil , but second smaller oil pump for low pressure cyl.head cooling loop do not directs oil flow through the Oil Filter Patrone to be filtered , and that`s the whole difference . ps, of course that both oil pumps takes the same unfiltered oil from the same oil pan.
  26. Had my GS 1000 about 20 odd years and always regret selling it. Something special about the sound of the old 8 valve engine and the Harris Black Chrome works exhaust it had. Howled like a banshee, when on full chat
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