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  2. Foz

    Screws B12 Clutch

    I have a lockup on a bandit clutch , still threw the screws away
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  4. Or maybe in here, not decided yet
  5. Mouse, they left 19" on the money in the marked area. Please forgive my editing skills, I used some obscure program on my computer and it was next to impossible to make something as simple as this. Heres a picture, the blue line denotes the area.
  6. Gents, Anyone knows what an appropiate piston - cylinder clearence would be? (JE pistons) I measure 78.12 on the piston, and 78.26 in the bore.. That should be more than enough, I think, may be even too much? But I have marks in the cylinders, and that got me thinking.. Bike only did about 3000kms on these cylinders, but during adjusting the carbies she has been running too lean for a while. It's a GS1000 So, what would be good? Thanks
  7. Reinhoud

    Wrist pins

    Gents, In my collection of "junk" I have 2 different sort of wrist pins, thick wall (3.5mm) and a thinner wall (2.5mm) thickness. I'm going to order new wrist pins in the near future, and I want the ones with the thicker wall thickness (3.5) for a GS1000. (18mm) Anyone knows which model uses the 3.5mm wrist pins? Thanks
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  9. Hi bud. Welcome to OSS. Gs are cool.
  10. Hi. Sorry to hear about your off. Hope you heal quickly.
  11. Hi friends, The clutch was still hard, but could ride the bike...Saying this, going don the mountain road, the clutch cable came out the actuator or clutch release, however it's called, and had a terrible accident. 15 stitches and bad back. I'll never go through this again. Just to let everyone know whats happened and what can happen if the push rod isn't changed. Cheers friends, Sam.
  12. Actually, I would love some! I don't know how much he hacked off. I was just going to find a seat and fab to order in the respect. When I get home today I will take pictures without the seat and post measurements. I appreciate your generosity, Mouse.
  13. Shall I just leave this here and see what happens
  14. Mouse


    Yes sorry meant the say blue one, If you want any photos or measurements of your missing frame rails let me know as mine is slowly being dismantled. Mouse.
  15. Youre referencing the blue bike? I don't know. The seat is just sitting on top, it isnt "hooked" in as the PO chopped the rear and Ill need to fab up another bracket so the seat isnt free to do what it wants while Im riding.
  16. Mouse

    Non starter

    About 20 years give or take, but hopefully about to get a new lease of life . yes it looks like a few hours sat there with a tin of servisol super 10, do i just spray it on the connectors and wait or do i have to abrade the connector as well, and if so what is the best way to clean inside the female connectors ??. thank you.
  17. Mouse


    Hi and firstly welcome to the forum, absolutely masses of great advise here. to try to answer your question i have a 78 g and i beleave the only difference is some of the brackets on the frame, Can i ask are the side panel on there "hooks" or hanging a bit as they dont seem to sit right, because there seem to be a lot of gap between the top of the panel and the seat rail ??? Mouse.
  18. banoffee


    Found this useful to setup my jetting pre-dyno...
  19. Welcome, I like the L model, just needs a set of flatties, super bike bars and a cool pipe, stepped seats are kool looking.
  20. Welcome to OSS Don't know about the main frame but the side panels mounts will be different as well as seat and tail piece.
  21. wraith


    You may know this 0-3000 rpm pilots 3000-6000 rpm needles, above main jets.
  22. SFC


    cheers torqueseeker , i will see how it goes and will message you if needed
  23. That's more like it! Welcome to OSS!
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