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  2. Coz I is tallish though I would lift the risers to lift the bar setup a bit fit the 1000k5 forks in the picture with a shim spacer for the bottom yoke as it'll be going 55mm to 54mm drop the the forks through the yokes say 5mm. Find a good adjustable shock fit that then play with the settings. That's the plan in my head at the moment.
  3. Try and get hold of the gen 2 lower yoke, its far thicker than the gen 1 yoke. The gen 2 forks are 6mm shorter, i run them in mine, helps it turn in quicker.
  4. Unfortunately, that is the only one I have in usable condition. The rest were ripped or melted. The IMPEX Japan company I mentioned in my last post could not get anything from their suppliers and refunded my order. I found this https://www.motorcycleproducts.co.uk/brake-caliper-boots-suzuki-59312-49000/1/001089 and ordered a set which actually shipped! I'll update on whether or not they work. Thanks for the link! It's hard to tell if those are the correct ones or not from the pic on the website. It looks possible and I'll be trying that next if the above doesn't work.
  5. and there’s the list with cab-s9 and cab-s19 , showing different part numbers for the float valves, well that sucks as just fitted the s9 kit
  6. Thanks Nick, that’s just the sort of information I was looking for, but couldn’t find, where did you find that ? Would be good to cross reference the cab-s19 kit with the cab-s9 seems there’s plenty of retailers listing the cab-s9 and can-s9v as compatible with’96-‘00 1200 bandits, wonder if they use same float valve assembly as the cab-s19 ? just finished fitting the kit that I bought, not refitted the carbs to the bike yet, the new valves did look slightly different to the ones that I removed, but don’t know if they were the originals, several previous owners have been in there before me
  7. Bought a set of tourmax carb repair kits, for my ‘99 mk1 bandit, float valves/seats, O rings etc, kits were advertised as fitting the bandit, but the package only mentions gsxr 750/1100 w, part number cab-s9, done a bit of interweb searching and there is another listed kit for my ‘99 bandit, cab-s9v, anyone know if the two kits are actually different, it’s really just the float valves and seats that I’m concerned about,have seen both kits advertised as fitting the bandit, but know from experience that online retailers can make mistakes
  8. You sound like a seasoned professional, look forward to hearing of its arrival.
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  10. Elimination 2 was a close 1!
  11. Motoliner are well reccommended. In Kent though, so not a million miles away...
  12. Dave, the red tape is a royal PIA. However, I've done it a few times over the years with cars and bikes. Each country is different. For example, with SA because vehicle theft is so rife you need a police clearance document for any car/bike being exported to show it's not stolen. But things like money transfers I've always done online, but mostly I've done it through my business. At the moment I've gathered a few quotes from people for shipping costs. Have checked out all of their reviews and ended up going with someone I've used before, not because they were the cheapest but I've worked with them and know they'll get the job done properly. For peace of mind I'm happy to pay an extra £100 or so! Have opted for air freight rather than sea, which is only £300 more but the difference is once the paperwork is all sorted the bike should be here within about 2 weeks or so as oppose to 3 months if it were going by sea. A few years ago I shipped a car over from Japan and you can track the ship its on from port to port, which was fun
  13. I can recommend these guys, Andy and Bruce: https://www.earlebrothersmotorcycles.co.uk/ I'm pretty sure they don't have frame straightening equipment/jigs etc. on the premises but they will probably know someone who can help.
  14. I've bought a couple from German Eblag (Eblag.de). Just had a quick look and there only seems to be a brand new giuliari one on there at the moment, if that's your thing.
  15. Could anyone suggest someone I could talk to about straightening a frame in Hampshire please? Thanks Liam
  16. EFEs have twin piston calipers. Dunno if they fit the older bikes without brackets though. Anyway, maybe a bike brake caliper refurb specialst could help such as https://powerhouse.uk/product/suzuki_gsx1100_1980_brake_seals-2/ The gaiters look like the problem ones though. The pic of the original doesn't look too bad. Can they be reused?
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