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  2. alboo

    1100f carb mods

    A big thank you to all who contributed to my dilema I have received this morning a rejet kit from pdq 20% discount its a dyno jet 3 spent all morning sat in the sunshine and yes i did wear a hat very easy to use ,it started like a banshee followed the instructions to drill the air jet and a few tweeks and its ticking over like good un and revs like a jet ,well chuffed. Thanks again (the price delivered was £110.0)
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  4. Ah not British Hard-earned Pounds then
  5. rdubandit

    My Bandits

    I’ll measure this later today and post up. They have the CAD file, so I’m sure they’d be happy to mill another. I know they have one on the Bandit that’s in their shop.
  6. 5bhp isnt a price its a joke, the yoke cover adds 5 B H P as its carbon fibre....
  7. Please keep buying and selling to the Marketplace section.
  8. Welcome to OSS. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the General Chat section. Just looking at the photos, I'd say that is a 1980 GS550L. The 81 GS550L frame I have laying around no longer uses a vin starting with "GS550....". Your info tag shows manufacture date 05/80 placing it late in the 1980 run. The factory would have been ready to tool up for the 1981 run at that time. There were a few frame changes with the 81 model. My best guess is that at the end of the 1980 run, they were down to the last of their 80 model frames, one already stamped as an E model left as an L. I have a fair amount of gs550 parts. Get your post count above 50 and we can discuss buy, sell, trade, etc. I'm in Virginia, where are you?
  9. Dezza

    Tip yoke covers

    2nd dibs: I could do with a novel looking air rifle target
  10. Ive got a GSXR 750 one hanging on a nail in my garage, its genuine carbon fibre as was fitted to my Harris when i got it, must be worth 5bhp ill dig it out later when i get home from work..
  11. Managed to get one sticker from Robinsons Foundry, as it was heavily discounted; and the other originals from here - https://www.oemmotorparts.com/oem2.asp?M=Suzuki Dave
  12. That photo location looks very local to me: The small leasure harbour of my home town: Ijmuiden. Curious about the article and where the bike comes from.
  13. Hi guys the voltage across my (new) ET battery is only 12.5V @4000-5000 rpm. @Rene EFEis helping me out and felt this was not correct - especially since it does struggle to turn the high compression motor over. Planning to ride the thing to Croatia in a few weeks so any input on the best course of action would be greatly appreciated. Cheers PS. Heres a cool bike of my bike that somehow made it into a US mag in the 90s....more on that later.
  14. Dezza

    Tip yoke covers

    They are all locked away in a big box, along with all the anodised fasteners and colour tinted screens and headlight covers, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' style deep in the heart of an old salt mine in Austria, probably....
  15. Apologies - Brain Fart ! Completely missed the 'EFE' bit and assumed 1100 oil cooled ! ! ! Quite right the aircooled engine doesn't have them . . . . . . . . . . maybe they should LOL!
  16. Yesterday
  17. No I did not. I didn't find any reference to these. I've just had a look at the fiche and still can't see where they go. Can you tell me where they go? Thnaks, Jonny
  18. There are 6No. O rings that seal the outer 4 studs and 2No at the front - did you replace these? As oil will be under pressure in these stud cavities so prime leak source.
  19. How big a pork pie??? sounds very tempting right now..
  20. Didn't realise they were still open, noffe, it's too late now, I'll .leave it as if the castle Combe track day goes ahead it's only 3 weeks and I'm still working full time, so haven't got time to mess about..
  21. Still struggling to find a replacement cooler for my bike, loads of coolers out there but most of them have the wrong distance between the top mounting hole centres - i'm looking for 11cm between centres most are less, i;m guessing the height of the cooler is less important than the width ( because of top mounting cooler line distance) ...there are a few 1100 curved coolers out there that might suit but would the curved cooler fit my bike, 88 gsxr750J ?
  22. Hi all, I have noticted that my EFE engine is weeping oil from under the cyclinder head on one side. I swapped cylinder heads about 300 miles ago and it was fine for the first 150 miles or so. I figured that the head bolts would need retightening but they are torqued up to maximum (40 nm). I used a new Cometic gasket and the spray on copper sealant on both sides, and thought I'd made a good job of it. The head I used came from a runnnig bike I broke a few years ago. That was oil tight as I remember. I am planning to take the head off and take a look. Any thoughts on what I could have done wrong? Or anything I should look for when I open her up? Thanks, Jonny
  23. 4. Install a turbo. Then the wait for 3 and eventually 1 will be shorter. And less boring.
  24. Whats the deal with motor mounts for an efe motor into a 750et frame. Can i use ET mounts or do i need to make new ones?
  25. 3 things you can do. 1. Start striping the bike and see if you can find something. 2. Get some ear plugs 3. Wait till something goes bang
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