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  2. Welcome Skaterdave to OSS. Please take time to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and also take time to RTFR. After that pop down to General Chat and introduce yourself nice and proper like
  3. Well I can pull away 3rd gear with very little effort.
  4. Hi is gs500 engine trimmed down gs 4 cylinder lump? If so does that mean it would bolt into gs750 frame?
  5. Hi, revamping a GS1000. Can I remove the rear battery box bracket without getting frame stiffness problems?
  6. Today
  7. Lights have no connection with battery charging - check alternator output! Mixing and matching carbs and boots is a minefield - suggest checking Alphasports for part #'s! Why odd boots for the 36's? Only supposed to be two, left and right?
  8. Just swap the am wheels over, the 1052 cams have more top end power.
  9. Hi and welcome. Don't call it a Katana, it's a Powerscreen. Or a Teapot.
  10. Yes, it’s a bloody shit! Sorry hearing you went past it also !
  11. 2 questions after researching the forum- My harness running my 99 750 has no light hooked up. Is there some reason associated with this for my battery not charging properly? Second, what are the part numbers needed for a 99 750 GSXF running 38mms from a GSXR? I currently run modified boots for my 36s which is a mix of 110 and 130/140
  12. Yesterday
  13. Thank yo u for the super quick reply and welcome Swiss Toni! I'm in Canada, eh! This poor beast - GSXF 1100 - has been ridden hard and put away wet all its life it would seem......and spent the last 10 years under a tarp in someone's back yard to top it all off. It just needs lots of love. The poor beast. Comes with the standard Suzuki electric windscreen!! How inter galactic is that for 1988! lol
  14. Yes. The heads got to come off. Use only genuine Suzuki rings. Pattern will leak. You’re saying Katana? We call them ‘Teapots’ over the pond. GSX1100F. I can’t remember if it’s possible to lift the head in the frame. Someone will be along shortly. And welcome!
  15. Hello - found this forum and thought I'd ask. Tons of experience and info on this forum! I'm looking at bringing back an 88 Katana 1100 from the grave and both the return oil tubes in the front of the engine are leaking (both on the head side) oil. After some research, I don't think there is any other way to get at the orings on the oil return tubes other than by removing the cylinder head. Am I correct? The cylinder head needs to come off unless there is an other option? Can anyone confirm if the cylinder head can be removed with the engine still in the frame? The service manua
  16. Excellent, so do you think fitting 1052 cams into the bandit head would up the power a bit ?
  17. swapping camshafts is no problem, it's the caps that are matched to the head and should not be swapped around.
  18. That's fantastic news as I have a really nice bandit 12 head and cams and a DOT head and cams in my shed. Think I'll put the bandit head on this one and the DOT head on my other bandit 12 engine. Also, what about fitting the 1052 cams into the bandit head ? would that make a difference ? I've been told all those heads are line bored so you can't really mix n match cams, is this true ? cheers Stevie.
  19. I’ll give you the petrol to burn it
  20. No big engines either. The real problem with what we're doing is that we're racing with three maybe even four different organizations so we are stuck with rules that let you do things in one group but not in another. Here are the examples Some allow up to 1300 cc others only 1000cc (we can get a special disposition for the spec engine size that the GSX11 came with). Some places we can shift to a single rear shock configuration but others we're left with twin shocks. And again some places we can race with USD forks others we stay with conventional. Now if we were not so far from h
  21. Does it have any numbers stamped on it? My guess is no, or it just has some model/year prefix numbers.
  22. Head bearings, fronts discs, pads and beer, got a fair bit done yesterday
  23. Out of interest - is an overbore allowed?
  24. Any 1100 head - 1052 or 1127, Blandit 1200 or even a DOT 750 head (if you can find one cheap), all will work.
  25. Hi guys, thanks for the add. I've already put this question up on the general chat but was advised to put it on this section. I'm building a chop with ( I hope ) an 1100 slab motor, trouble is the head is in poor condition. I was wondering if there is any other head that'll fit ? I don't mind if I lose a little power as I doubt very much if I'll ever use it all anyway being a plunger frame and not so great roads up my way. All advice greatly appreciated, cheers Stevie.
  26. Looks fantastic. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Broke and dislocated mine end of may. They take forever to mend.
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