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  2. Arttu

    Air Fuel Ratio

    Yep, pretty much like @Blower1 said. Idle whatever the engine seems to like, usually around 13:1 with these old engines. For cruise you can go as lean as the engine keeps running cleanly. Again, limit seems to be around 14.5:1 based on my experiences. Any leaner will cause misfires, hesitation and surging. For full throttle and N/A engine I would use something like 13-13.5:1.
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  4. IceKat

    wiring harness

    Unfortunately not
  5. Some seem to get problems while others do not, my original 98 Bandit owned 21 years now and with 168k kilometers has had no problems whatsoever . A recently aquired 2000 model showing only 62k has a noticably noisier transmission especially in third. Do we think a stubby can would help reduce the unwanted trans noise .......
  6. That rpm is a mean piston speed of 4900 fpm which is well into race engine territory and associated component life.
  7. One more thing, where do I take vacuum from for the fuel tap, from one of the stubs on the carb tops & does it matter which one?
  8. Just managed to fit swingarm and Hagon shock, so slowly coming on. Here are some pictures.
  9. i bought an unfinished project, and its almost finished. little electrical problems left and charging relay problems. but fully build engine with busa rods and 78mm pistons from an modern endurance racer. fully ported chims head that i thought was on standard cams but found out it had mild race cams. it rolled 111.5kw at the wheel on the lowest pull. that was with 36mm carbs. so hoping for alot more with 40´s or 42´s and mappable ignition. i redlined at 11950rpm according to the dyno. only showed 12300 on the tacho actually. i saw an 750 1989 article where the tacho showed 1000rpm too little. so its probably how well the tacho was made. lucky or not kind of thing
  10. What have you done to your head ? hard to get the heads to work well at a true 12000 rpm on 1127/1186/1216/1246 etc without a huge amount of work - it was done for some extreme drag engines in the 1990s. Maybe best to get a billet crank if you've got repositioned ports, loads of porting and big valves etc - costs loads to replace. Standard tacho reads about 12000 revs a limiter - shows 10800 revs on dyno then hits the limiter. Are you road racing your bike ? sounds an interesting build !
  11. I was told they can only be Statically Balanced......... My understanding was that all the parts were weight matched before assembly The V&H Pro Stock rental motors only do 4 passes before a tear down.............
  12. Don't think sustained. Top speed in fifth will probably be just below 12. Maybe a little more down hill.
  13. Here's the puppies ....... https://www.knfilters.com/air-filters/powersports/ru-2922-universal-clamp-on-air-filter - should have been 60mm dia!
  14. No they're not 55 mm as I have 55 mm filters already and they are nowhere near big enough. If not I'll measure the circumference and work that back to a "round" diameter and see what matches.
  15. Lots / most are oval........... filters tend to be round - you just them stretch to fit - 55mm dia rings a bell for filter hole size but I could be wrong !
  16. Guys, I've bought a set of Bandit 1200 carbs for my GSX and need to buy some filters either K&N or Ramair but all the filters listed or pictures of them at least show a round Filter intake yet the carbs are oval? So can anyone confirm what year and bike my carbs are off please so I can order the right filters. Here are a couple of pics;
  17. Sustained or Redline through gears? I'd say its potential life would be short with those rpm's if sustained!
  18. Hi Dan, yes you are right. I have dropped a 750m front end in mine. Only had to buy the correct head bearings and it went in ok.
  19. Grumpy 1260 motor in bare metal, progressive springs, dyna coils, uprated cooler - signed (under bodywork) by Mick Grant,Foggy, McGuiness, Hickman,Hodgson....thanks to all for their help and advice.
  20. They're not the same.
  21. The full disclosure of this nightmare is in a duplicate thread from a while ago but to cut a long story short, after taking on board some advice from the scholars of OSS land After some initial movement it was just not havin it so eventually Mr impatient turned up and I ended up with “err 2 very nice doorstops “
  22. manden

    wiring harness

    Does anyone knows if the 88 slabside 1100 and the 89 slingshot 1100 has the same harness. I've been told so and my harness spooks from time to time
  23. I was aiming for 12500rpm. Seems to be what the cams and head likes.
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