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  2. Same - everything I read when trying to find new pods for the gsx / 600 thing said bandit 600s run crap on them. Was gonna go with ramair foamies, but was too tight to pay £20 odd a filter. Got some new cheapyish ones like that were on there and we’ll see. if space is an issue there were some universal real slim line ones on the net, but who knows what quality they are
  3. List of classes....pick one which best fits your bike please Gents. Machine Categories 2023: 1. VETERAN (- 1914) 2. VINTAGE (1915 - 1930) 3. POST VINTAGE (1931 - 1944) 4. POST WAR (1945 - 1971) 5. CLASSIC (1972 - 1993) 6. FUTURE CLASSIC (1994 - 1999) 7. MODERN BIKE (2000 - 2022) 8. REST OF THE WORLD 9. MODIFIED MACHINE 10. COMPETITION: OFF-ROAD 11. COMPETITION: RACING 12. SIDECAR 13. TRIKE
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  5. Cables arrived so I have taken a picture of the TLR and GSXR cables along side each other. Yes the GSXR cables are longer. All adjusters are in line with each other so you can easily compare sizes. Hope this helps someone out if you are going to flat bars etc.
  6. Is there a 320mm alternative front disc that will fit an 18" slabbie front wheel? (750 is 300 and 1100 is 310 I believe?) Cheers
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  8. @fatblokeonbandit in his I'm a little teapot build described how he got a 180 in the earlier frame Bumped the project thread for you
  9. Hi all In my gsx750f '90 I have a 5.5J wheel with 170 tyre in original swinger; narrow fit. In my gsx6/11f I also like bigger wheel and read somewhere overhere that a newer type swinger is an easier way and even can handle a 180 tyre. My question is: what are all parts that have to be changed besides wheel, swinger, calliper etc.? Dogbones first model wont fit for example but which wishbone for example? I didnt make much kilometers with original parts, all new, revised (new bearings, seals, etc) etc but a bigger wheel keeps comming back in my mind
  10. 27? F me! you greedy bastard! Leave something for the rest will ye! You could open a museum!
  11. Weld another nut on the while it's still red hot pour cold water over it, even better squirt the hose pipe at it then turn it out
  12. No, I do sometimes trade a bike or 2. But these bikes are special. Not in it for the profit. As long as I can afford it, I'll keep them and work on them. Although having 27-ish bikes isn't helping...
  13. Not sure if it's interesting enough as I'm located in the Netherlands...
  14. Thats put paid to that idea then! Anyone want a shortstroke bottom end?
  15. Think the piston pins are different sizes also 18 on the 600 and 19 on the 750 ???? Have to check 600 has 4mm longer stroke so possibly a base plate needed Should be basically a big bore 600 If you can put a 750 head and barrel on a 600 theoretically it should fit centers etc head bolt sizes/lengths may be funny Valves are a little on the small side for the increase in capacity but if you can live with that shouldn't be much more work than putting a DOT head on a B12
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  17. Anyone out there with a B6 motor stripped, or sans cam cover, tell me how many links an OE camchain has?
  18. Great project ! Any plans for the engine, stock, tuned, mods ?
  19. got mine ... bike on Dyno Fri so it'll be fit to be seen
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