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  2. Never removed a gsx engine, but on a lot of other bikes i have had to remove the rocker cover to get the engine out, every cm counts. give it a go as nothing to lose for about 10 mins work, but i am sure someone with experience with this bike will be along soon Mouse.
  3. Dragged the old girl and the smoker out today while it wasn’t raining to give them a fire up,had a check over as they’ve been sat in the shed for months.The slabbie front wheel had a nice pool of brake fluid on it looks like the seals gone in the front calliper,oh well that’s a job for the weekend, good job the mot has long expired otherwise I may have discovered the lack of front brakes while I was out on the roads
  4. Thread size is M12x1,5 Overall lenght size is 30mm Thread lenght size is ~12,4mm
  5. @TonyGeeKeep us posted with any developments Tones!
  6. Is that a rotating mudguard mount for a quick change wheel system ?
  7. Got a nice imberger carbon mudgaurd today thought the flat shapes went with the tank and squareness of the RGV seat it will be painted though it’s the 90s baby carbon wasn’t a thing then also had a nice domino throttle arrive I’ve ordered there switch gear to should be here tomorrow
  8. big thanks to duckndive for sorting me out with a set of clocks, thanks bud
  9. Yeah, unfortunately there's not going to be any updates for a while, my stay in Germany is going to be extended to early next year...
  10. You forgot "remove fuel tank" at the beginning
  11. loosen airbox on the top from frame loosen aibox rubbers spray a bit WD40 or silicone spray between rubber an carb loosen carb on intake, also WD40 or silicone spray between loosen choke cable at carb losen throttle cable at handlebar loosen ths gas and vac hoses sit on bike pull back carbs with airbox and into airbox fron intakes pull carb left hand that carbintakes are between rubber intakes pull carb out from airbox take out from left side toghether with hoses and throttle cable To build makes more fun cheers
  12. Measure the thread, overall length, thread length... Dave
  13. Facet electric or crank driven Emtes style pump would be better. What your looking at is very old, probably early 90s, needs reed valve behind the screen to work. imho, nfg and dated.
  14. What if the oil pump draws air from the turbo instead of oil?
  15. +1 on pushing the rubbers into the air box to give a bit of room. Also undo bolts and push air box back
  16. Help!!!! I am trying to remove the engine from my GSX750. I have removed all the mountings (what’s with Suzuki using all odd sizes of bolt heads?..), and laid the bike down on its right side. I have jiggled the lump but am now stymied.. I can’t see how to move the engine high enough to clear the sump, but the rocker cover fouls the the frame up top. Do I have to remove the rocker cover to remove the engine? Any and all advice appreciated. Cheers
  17. Good day gents. As I near the (somewhat) completion, I'm thinking ahead about scavenge pumps if my drain isn't suffice. I know there's electronic ones but I remember seeing a pic of someone using the stock pump. All I could gather was there was a pipe going through the case and looked to be connected to the OEM pump. See attached pic Anyone see or know of this and can shed some Insight? I'd like to explore this option if it's viable. Turbo is a Holset HY 35. I have a very large drain but think the line angle might give issues. Not fully running yet so don't know. Just thi
  18. Yesterday
  19. Check valve clearance for safety after skimming.
  20. two 6mm bolts at the top of the front airbox, once they are removed the airbox will drop out of the way it might help taking the two chrome end covers off as well.
  21. I vaguely remember pushing the airbox rubbers in to get more wiggle room. I cannot remember if that was a succes but hey... we still had Guilders back when i owned a ET
  22. That is not the update i was hoping to see Lucky B...imota.
  23. have you undone the front airbox bolts ? once they are off the front part of the airbox will move back enough to pull the carbs out.
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