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  2. I would take both pipes off and let it drain, it makes sure there isn't any contaminated oil in there..
  3. gonna change oil filter and all the oil in the sump looks like its all gone/drained.as for the cooler its bottom fed should i disconnect the feeder pipes or do you think the oil would have drained when sump plug was removed,thanks again raggy
  4. Today
  5. thanks for that just ordered one,cheers raggy
  6. My plenum is relatively small but the intercooler acts like a secondary plenum
  7. No idea what year yours is but ill bet they haven't changed much?????? just do a search???? https://www.wemoto.com/bikes/suzuki/gsx_750_w_x_inazuma_js1ae/98-99/picture/fuel_tap_repair_kit
  8. hi can you direct me to a repair kit,cheers raggy
  9. From a genuine 1100 Workshop manual, pages 3-64 and 65 . . . . . 750 should be similar I guess
  10. There’s drawings in the files section that I managed to find
  11. 14/48 is fine by me for my gsx6-11f, became fast bike
  12. My 1100L didn't have one when I got it, and I've never since thought that it required one.
  13. It's pretty simple, make sure the carbs in good condition, new gaskets and stuff, pitot tubes in the up pipe, and on that you connect the float bowl breather pipes. Some bikes are sensitive on the size of the plenum, mine was, here on this site is also someone who got away with a small plenum. Rule of thumb, plenum size is 2 times the displacement of the engine. If I remember correctly..
  14. Im doing a 1127 in a 750s3 this winter.. if anyone have drawings or dimensions i can give a dwf and dwg to have them done. Otherwise, i'll have some by christmass
  15. Yesterday
  16. Yes combination of problems, vacuum tap membrane calling it a day and a float hanging open. Just had the same problem with one of my B12s
  17. Where can I find the workshop manual for camshafts timing and valve adjustment ? Cheers jan
  18. Better then using the roller:-) This afternoon I picked up the cylinder head and bolted it on.. I still need to give the the head bolts the correct torque.... After dinner I’m gone study the workshop manual
  19. Can't tell you about the 1100 specific. But it won't turn a bike directly into a wobbly mess. If a bike needs a damper, you'll notice it quick enough, even with 'normal' speeds.
  20. Same as Dunc, never had a damper on any of my slingy race bikes, never an issue even with the front dropped and rear raised.
  21. Never run a steering damper on my slingshot or slabbie 7/11. both had raised rear ride height and 180/60 rear tyres. Never had an issue with either.
  22. The GSXF has an 150/80, so yeah that'll be about the same as the GSXR then.
  23. Odd as a 15/52 is lower geared than a 15/48 and with a lower rolling circumference goes less distance per rev - maybe it runs a taller profile to equal a 60 profile on GSXR ? Yes weight would be an issue on accel. but as a general / touring use, top speed wouldn't be so crucial?
  24. I was thinking about taking off my sprint steering damper from my 1100m. question is I suppose, has anyone tried this? im wondering if the handling will turn into a headshaking wobbly mess? What with newer rubber (Michelins), and renthals, is it still needed? opinions , or even better, experiences please. I don't want to be pulling it out of a hedge since ive just painted it.
  25. Yes it's a vacuum tap, no flow if the engines not running... See you can get a repair kit.. BUT the carb float valves must be passing as well or they would shut off and not flood the engine....
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