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  2. Welcome to OSS. And you know we like pictures, right. That wasn't any good with the swing.....
  3. Hi, I'm Smudge from Ireland, I'm currently working on a slabby 1100 , I bought the bike about 5 years ago, it was in a sorry state some one had done a really bad streetfighter conversion, but it had the original 1052 motor which ran really well, my dream bike has always been a really well done 90s style streetfighter I just love them, so I started tipping away at it and collecting bits and pieces , so far I have put a complete front end from a 98gsxr 1100 on it with some lovely billet yokes , rewired it from scratch using motogadget m unit and switches and new ignition unit and a few other jobs that needed doing , the bike came with 17/4.5 back wheel conversion which I swapped for a matching 98gsxr 17/5.5 , the original swingarm was very tatty, and I always wanted a proper braced jmc style swingarm but couldn't get hold of one , about 3 and a bit years ago I managed to save up enough money to order one off Metmachex, after waiting about 3 months the swingarm arrived , I was gutted to find out that it didn't fit properly, there wasn't enough room for the shock to work properly ,after some emails, photos and phone calls they agreed to fix it, so I sent it back and waited again when it came back it still didn't work , so more emails, phone calls later they agreed to make a new one from scratch if I sent it back to them ,so I waited for another 3 months , when I finally got it back again it fitted lovely with plenty of room for the shock to work, I was delighted and thought nothing more about it, I am planning on making my own sub frame which will bolt on to brackets welded on to the frame, so before I started I thought I should check the frame over to make sure everything is straight and true , I noticed when checking wheel alignment that the back wheel was hanging out about 10mm over to the right! The frame is pretty good so I took the swingarm out, ran a straight edge down the sides of the wheel and marked off on the pivot tube and sure enough the wheel is 5mm off centre, I took the wheel out and checked it in the original swingarm and it sits bang in the middle, this is my first project like this and would really appreciate some advice on how I could sort this out , I was thinking I could take 3mm off the left hand wheel spacer to bring the wheel more to the left while using the older sprocket carrier to give some clearance for the sprocket nuts and maybe packing the right hand side of the swingarm at the pivot point to get an extra mm ,I'm not sure how this will work out with chain alignment and chain /tyre clearance , I would really appreciate any advice or ideas, it would be a real shame not to use the swingarm everything else on it is perfect and I don't fancy my chances of getting my money back off Metmachex engineering! Big thanks to all the guys that contribute to this website, I've learned so much through it.
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  5. Recently traded for a 1200s, 2003 model with 24k miles. Refreshed carbs, adjusted valves, basic tlc. Previous owner was mechanically challenged. About to replace chain and sprockets. Glad I found this site, good information. I've been riding since 1977, hope to finish my riding career on this bike. It is a blast to ride, love the looks from young guys, when I go around them.
  6. The forks on my 750 have the air valves for adjustment; or was that a reference to mechanical spring preload adjustment. Mine is a US model, so it could be different.
  7. Perhaps I spoke too quickly before getting the facts. I recently acquired a 1982 GSX750 (GS750E here in the US) and I'm working on it to get it running. As I look for parts, I'm finding quite a few parts in common between the 750 and the 1100. I don't have access to an 1100 model for comparison, but the photos I've seen look very similar. Thank you for clearing that up. Now we are way off topic.
  8. Brain block They are 18 inch aen't they?
  9. Interesting: I did not know that the piston diameter varies among the slave cylinders for different models. Changing slaves could then help produce a clutch with a lighter pull/greater movement of the pushrod depending on the intended application
  10. front end/ back end differences are irrelevant because they will be changed for something modern, its the physical size between the two that is more important in terms of fitting of parts, i know what will fit the 1100, and if the 750 is the same size then using one wont present any unforeseen problems, interesting topic though for ideas/inspiration
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  12. the exposed top bearing was a bit scruffy sorted now
  13. Deffinetly helps performance if you have tuned motor, big bore, hi comp, turbo etc. Gains can be quite significant.
  14. It can be pretty amazing what I see at times and what people say when I suggest a repair. Usually with brakes and really bad tires I let them know they are less than the legal limit and tell them it has to be towed from the shop if it’s not repaired. I can’t let something like that leave knowing it’s on the road after being in my shop.
  15. Im finding that the 81"s have the required forward bracket mounting and the hinge. The 83"s have the hinge, but, no rear brake stop, or forward positioning bracket.
  16. buff

    gsx 750/1100

    Also 750 forks where none adjustable
  17. As to your clock problem, why not get the top and bottom covers cut some plate to the same international size, get say gsxr Speedo/taco cut two round holes in the plate mount clock's and cover plate in say carbon fibre stick on sheet gsx600f gen1 clock's are the smallest clock's I've seen by the way
  18. Here is a picture of a 530 pitch 18 tooth on the left and a 630 pitch 15 tooth on the right. The only difference will be sprocket diameter as seen below, some people go 17 or 18 stop the chain cutting into the swingarm by maintaining the same diameter. As Gixer1460 said then count teeth depending on the front sprocket used.
  19. 750 have a smaller diameter fork to the 1100 but if you go to a 1100 katana and the 750 import s1-2 they have the same diameter as the Katana 1100 don't know about the 1000. But we are going off topic
  20. Hi, I have searched for an answer to this so I thought I"d ask. I would like to put folding front foot pegs on my 1978 GS750. Do the 83 ones fit when bought with the mounts? Also, what happens to the rear brake bump stop?
  21. As above A lot of times it's just for show, some say it helps performance? helps if your bores/rings getting worn/old and your getting blow pass, of course it won't stop that problem
  22. That looks like the bigger one Thanks mate.
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