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  1. You may be correct
  2. Personal opinion; stay away from the Bandit arm. Way too short. Find GSXR 1100L/M arm and go with that. Top and bottom mounts will need welding, as per suggestion above. Swap the bushings from the EF-arm into the GSXR arm to save yourself time, money and a headache. Makes it go round corners as well
  3. Unlikely. Most need fabricating/welding to get the suspension to work.
  4. they look very similar. I'll dig 'em out later tonight to check properly.
  5. https://www.noswizard.com/nitrous-ancillaries/nitrous-components/injectors-discharge-tubes/venom-injector.html Perfect, thanks
  6. Morning, I've aquired a very old nitrous system from @Quistto probably fit to the 7/11. 2 of the jets/foggers are broken off; is there a supplier for these?
  7. I just got my ticket. Looking into having a physical stand
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