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  1. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    And they ALL hang in the tractioncontrol, and it is truly something to behold
  2. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    Let's agree to disagree
  3. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    Tbh, the engine used for this will be a bigbore 749 so pushing or over 900cc
  4. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    I was on a 750 in the Over-750 class and not near the slowest, I'm quite ok
  5. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    Making what I have better, is really not the point. I'm on the limit of what the bike can do and I'm not getting stuck in doing stuff that every man before me has already done. I know EFI can be made to work flawlessly on these things and it's pretty much plug and play with 0 dynotime, I just want to figure out if it's possible and what I will need to push the envelope a bit. I'd be using very late model suspension, wheels, brakes, etc, to mimmick the modern bike more easily and basically "fool" the computers to think they're on the bike they were originally intended for.
  6. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    This is exactly my thinking (apart fro it taking years ) It will be for a trackbike, so the limits will be more in reach and it will basically be safer to get to those limits.
  7. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    I had to google that, but that seems exactly what I mean. In what way was this system better than the stock system?
  8. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    I don't do deadlines anymore. I will try and have a bike ready to go so I will never NEED to finish something under pressure of time. Also, technically, this is something thaat can be built without the actual bike there
  9. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    I know for a fact that all those on the current big bikes, are sourced parts, only adjusted to suit the bike. Basically Valeo, Bosch or Sachs (among others) will have all the parts to make it work on anything (I think)
  10. Rene EFE

    I have a dream

    Winterseason is closing in soon and that means we all are getting ready to build the bikes we have in our head, to use for next year. I always go a bit off the chart with this, with 5 bikes on my mind and maybe one actually coming out of the shed finished. For this year, I hope it will be different; have the 2nd oilcooled EF tourer to finish (possible turbo-ed), need to freshen up the Banana, 1st oilcooled EF needs a frontend rebuild, 1135 EF needs a gearbox and the 2 other Slingshots will receive racefairings and the neccecary mods to go on track; it's all pretty straight-forward. However, over time and especially sitting in a hedge during the TT and hearing the racebikes hanging in the tractioncontrol, I've gotten very intrigued by current modernday motorcycle electronics and I'm thinking how/if it is possible to get this to work on one of our bikes. You see, with @Arttuas our resident EFI wizard and being up close with @Leblowskiand @bruteforce's EFI-turbo bikes and @Jelly's in the works, this all got me thinking if it would be possible to take it a step further (or a fair few if you will) To me, all it should be is; -Well-working EFI -Front and rearwheel speed -Throttleposition -Leanangle (Gyrometer) Getting this right would give me; -Traction control -Wheelie control -Launch control -Whatever else we can think of All this stuff is currently used on every superbike you can buy in the shop and the stuff gets cleverer and faster every year, surely you should be able to lift all of this and basically strap it to a Slingie, get it dailed in "a bit" and you have one older motorcycle with all the fancy rideraids you can get on the current modern stuff. Am I making it sound easier than it will be, or do you think I'm onto something? Answers below
  11. Rene EFE


    The dream
  12. Rene EFE

    Oss stickers do make a difference

    The one I had topped out at 100Mph...
  13. Rene EFE

    Oss stickers do make a difference

  14. Rene EFE

    Replacement engine

    If it's running fine, I wouldn't touch it. How would you know the used replacement engine you'd buy is good and leakfree?