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  1. I'm almost ready.. @Cunnerz77 @Kamikaze
  2. I just read it; that's F-in' insane.
  3. [New Skool mode] Would that be the same for a K1? [/New Skool mode]
  4. Best looking bike ever
  5. Yes, it's a spacerkit @WimBaas figured out. Not sure if the carrier is machined down. It's a straight swap as it is now.
  6. Yes. 200-tyre in my EFE with no offset front sprocket.
  7. Err, can’t you just measure and/or butcher what you have?
  8. Besides that; happy to join whenever possible
  9. An zero run-off means ZERO run-off; A wall right where you would go if something were to go wrong.
  10. I did it a few weeks ago in a Porsche Turbo (natch) at good speed; I really don't see myself doing it. I think it's more dangerous than the TT course tbh. With an instructor, maybe. Just rolled out the van, still fuzzy and bereft of coffee, in the fast group; fuck no.
  11. Quite a few corners that are downright terrifying in a car, let alone on a bike. Imagine a blind corner with 0 runoff and a concrete wall, off camber. It’s a beautiful place, but not fit for bikes.
  12. I wouldn't do it on a bike
  13. if only the world would/could open back up..
  14. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/archives/3459
  15. EZ https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gsx1100e-1982-z-general-export-united-kingdom-e01-e02_model13745/partslist/FIG-31.html#.X3wX2Wj7SUk
  16. I don't like the stock S1000RR option; I found it way too soft, even on the road. It does fit a treat though.
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