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Slabbie 7/11 thunderbike racer

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I'm building this bike to compete in the Bemsee Thunderbike extreme class.

The next few posts are copied from another forum, so I apologies as the time line is a bit out. I started the build in early April, the last picture is as it stands this evening.

Ok time to stop fannying about, entry is in for Oulton Park on the 17th-18th June in the Thunderbike Extreme class. Looks like I'm going to finally break my Racing and Oulton Park duck. Just one problem. I need a bike.


1x badly streetfightered  Gsxr 750g frame and swing arm  £11 from Eblag.

1x set of Gsxr 750k forks and brakes   

1 x  Gsxr 1100l motor,

1x set of Gsxr750k or 750m carbs

1 x pair of Gsxr750rrk wheels

1 x Gsxr 1100g  shock linkage

1x Micron 4-2-1 exhaust.

1 x Brembo master cylinder

1 x Yamaha R1 4c8 nos rear shock

1x pair of zx9r Harris rear sets

1x Dyna 2000 ignition.

Various other bolts brackets and widgets.plus some Eblag sourced fibreglass fairings, and a Yoshi style seat unit.


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been collecting parts for this build since last summer/ Finally found a day spare to start the build a couple of weeks ago.

So first job was to sort the £11 frame.


See how skilfully it has been modified.....  Now I could of just whittled up a simple bolt on rear subframe, but I want the bike to look fairly period correct, so managed to source a sub frame off another street fighter bike. Of course the replacement subby and the original had been cut in different places, leaving a gap, so I had to be a bit creative when joining it all together.

Turned out ok, and the frame is all square.


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I've decided to not brace the frame to begin with, though the frame is currently having the anodizing stripped and will be left bare alloy with just a once ove with a scotchbrite pad and some WD40 to protect it, so if I decide to brace or need to repair it in future it shouldn't be a drama.

Only other thing  I've done is mount the rear sets on some adaptors.


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Managed to spend a few hours on this today. Frame collected from the blasters, yokes stripped and superfluous bits ground off, Forks rebuilt with new seals fresh oil and 0.95kg springs, calipers stripped, cleaned and rebuilt. Spacers machined fro the front wheel. Lots of money spent on bearings, posh fasteners, brake pads, chain, tyres and other shit. Hope to start assembling the thing this weekend.

I've decided on the Sietto paint scheme,  as it is simple to maintain. Black paint and a load of red vinyl.

Went to pick up a few odds and ends this evening, that I need to get this bike built, you know engine mounting bolts, swing arm spindle. Left with another frame, tank, swing arm, and the makings of another bike.:sFun_doh2:It seems I'll never learn

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More progress today. Frame yokes have been lightly blasted, I went over them with a decorators foam abrasive pad and lots of WD40, they now have a lovely raw brushed finish. Then had to rebuild the bloody great Mikuni for my nate who does my blasting and powder coating to go on his draw through turbo1100 slabbie. Ny wheels should move up his priority list now.

Started the build this afternoon, lots of it is dry build at the moment so I know what I'm missing, as this is mostly being built from random shit I find in my garage. 20160423_190817_zpseayqhpkc.jpg20160423_190832_zpszhvc4h6a.jpgThe bits I aquired yesterday included a prettier flat top tank which I'm going to run alrhough it needs some work. I want this finished in six weeks. Gulp

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been working awqy for the last couple of weeks, but I've got a bit of time now to really crack on with this build.

Today I got some slicks mounted on the rims, fitted the discs, and wheel bearings and my talon 520 sprockets. Modified the swingarm to fit paddock stand bobbins and a shark fin. Started repairing and modifying the body work, then fitted the Swingarm and wheels so I could get it rolling.

This bike is starting to scare me.


Now it's rolling I can take it to my workshop tomorrow and start to really crack on with the build and start the fabrication and machining jobs

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There was nearly some violence today... This things been fighting me today. Rear brake caliper is unserviceable, thread for the bleed nipple on one of the front calipers has stripped, and one of the swivel fittings on the oil lines has shat a seal.

I choose to ignore all these issues and make a headlamp blanking plate.  There's a deceptive amount of shape in the front fairing, most of the versions you can buy look wrong imho.





Then I got the rest of the bodywork fitted up and away for paint.


If anyone has a serviceable slingshot rear brake caliper spare could you let me know asap.



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6 minutes ago, Band1t1 said:

looking good, how hard is it to fit an 110 motor?

Bit of wriggiling to get the motor in the frame, you need to remove the sump and cam cover breather, and refit them once the motor is in position. Plus you need to drill the lower rear engine mount out to a larger size. Simple.

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Way Behind schedule now, but it's taking shape.








The very helpful Ignitech are supplying me with a programmable ignition, quickshifter, shift light, basic loom, and coms lead, all for 240euros delivered.

That on the face of it is a bargain. we'll see what turns up....


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I run ignitech on mine, awesome they are.  When you hoping to be out racing? I used to run a Slingshot in Thunderbikes, and my Spondon in Extreme. Be back out on my new Zxr at Cadwell.  Look forward to seeing this out there, cant help but think you might be better capping the power a bit and running in Sport class, struggle to be competitive in extreme

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27 minutes ago, MeanBean49 said:

I run ignitech on mine, awesome they are.  When you hoping to be out racing? I used to run a Slingshot in Thunderbikes, and my Spondon in Extreme. Be back out on my new Zxr at Cadwell.  Look forward to seeing this out there, cant help but think you might be better capping the power a bit and running in Sport class, struggle to be competitive in extreme

Yeah, I hear good reports on the Ignitech stuff, they've been superb to deal with so far. 

I've an entry for Oulton in a  couple of weeks but I'm not going to be ready. :(  Unfortunately my day job means I probably won't be out  until the final round.

Looking at the Results from the last couple of years, I'm running top ten times on my 7/11m road bike at trackdays, though I need to find @5 secs to be at the pointy end with yourself.

I think that's doable with some seat and set-up time, bearing in mind this bike will be 20ish kg lighter and have better brakes.

If I wanted to run in sport, I'd have built it with a 750 motor. :)

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My times wouldnt see me anywhere near this year. I had to swap from the slingy frame to the Spondon for a fighting chance.

Good thing about Thunderbikes is theres always someone to race whatever pace your running, i dont really care about where i finish anymore as long as im having fun.

Will try get along to last round, love to see you out there

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