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  1. When is your next outing?
  2. Nice bike. Well finished and slightly different take on things.
  3. Nice build. A little different than normal. Looking forward to more pictures.
  4. Thanks for the pictures. Like the setup.
  5. Any chance of pictures of your installation?
  6. Busa pistons can get hot at that point and nip up the ring and ruin the bore. Worse on a Busa as they are plated. Doing the mod gives a bit more room for error on the fueling. But if the fueling is right then no proble.
  7. MrS819


    I like them. Always wanted one but with modern / better suspension and brakes.
  8. MrS819


    Shame. Would have made a cool, fast and comfy bike.
  9. What preparation did you have to do? What paint did you use?
  10. Looks great. Sort it and ride it. Would like to know the mods to fit the swing arm.
  11. Do like the new frame set up. Look forward to seeing it finished. One question on older post. How did you clean up your combustion chambers, what did you use? Ta
  12. Like the colour combo. White frame and bodywork.
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