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  1. The guy who Makes tanks for Harris. Showed me the Original tank he was commissioned by Mark to make, Mark decided he wanted to do a "deal" on the agreed price. He was asked to return it.
  2. Ermm, well the bloke who made the first one. I see he has since made his own, and fair play they look decent. I've also bought stuff off Mark too. I wouldn't rush to again.
  3. It's an XR55 works f1 frame. Wont have a lot of lock as it's a purpose built race frame so oil cooler clearance on full lock is less of an issue.
  4. I think a similar cooler was used up to 2015.
  5. No. It's a gsxr1000 k5> oil cooler. Takes the same fittings as a slingshot oil cooler, which is handy.
  6. Yeah, I like the stock coolers. Back in the day they used to run cooler under the seat unit, with a duct in the top of the seat unit. Or run a modern Gsxr1000 cooler in the v of the belly pan.
  7. Look at period racebikes. They have as much cooling as they can fit
  8. If you arent getting detonation the compression ratio isnt anything to worry about. Head cooler definetly needed though. Bigger the better.
  9. You need the type that plumbs into the cooling circuit that goes up the back of the block to the cam cover. These feed oil to a bath around the combustion chambers and inlet tracts. With out this you very quickly loose performance. Cams wear because people don't check the valve clearances or change the oil often enough.
  10. Separate cooler on the cylinder head circuit is a must.
  11. Fit an ignitech cdi and quick shifter works out cheaper than any stand alone qs.
  12. Single throttle cable.
  13. No. I use generic chinese crap marketed for pit bikes. What do you expect for £15.
  14. From spa a couple of weeks back. Clip on on the right isnt even attached let alone the brake lever
  15. I run pit bike throttle. There about £15 for a billet assembly on Eblag. Work out at 3rd turn.
  16. Hardly anyone does anyway sadly.
  17. Robinsons offered a small discount if you mention OSS. Both are helpful I'm my experience. Suzuki quite often have special offers on gaskets and the like, offering parts at half price or less. Both dealers mentioned pass this on to customers.
  18. What wrong with that? Damn those people selling rare and interesting parts to like minded individuals.
  19. Hi Tony, sorry to hear about your dad, he had some cool bikes. He was a member on here, didnt post much. He was mostly trying to sell off trick bits he had. I think quite a few got scattered around the biking world. As has been said you need 50 posts to see the classified section. Its one of many stupid rules zealously applied on here. Some of the facebook groups may be a better place to start.
  20. A mate was a dealer, worked better on some bike than others. Most people seem happy with them.
  21. I bought a ducati monster tank a few years back, they have a big removable access plate on top that filler neck screws into. That plate had been removed and it had been sat for months like this, barely trace of fuel smell. Gave it to friend to pull the dentis out of the side and paint. He used one of those slide hammers that spot weld pins to the metal to pull on. He was welding a third pin on when it went woof. Took his fringe and put a groove up the middle of his curly locks. Only other injuries were a few chuckle muscle were pulled by his colleagues.
  22. Saw the SP had gone to Iconic. Sorry to here Jake isn't well.
  23. Far, far, longer than you would think. Flush it out thoroughly with a hose and some detergent. Do it a few times to be sure. Welded lots of tanks, had a few go up because I couldn't be arsed/ didn't have time to flush them out. Make sure the filler neck is open and pointing away from you or anything flammable. Dont try the second method.
  24. 13.5 pistons and dot head are bad Idea. You'll have a sky high CR, and no valve to piston clearance as the dot valves are longer and sit closer to the deck. Base gaskets and head gasket might make thing work, but you'll bugger up you squish height. This is bad. the dot cams are worth using if you are starting with a Bandit lump.
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