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  1. I think Ray's always used Saunders for boring and grinding work.
  2. Why would you fit a 17t front sprocket?
  3. The notches in the bottom of the liner and other crank case work increase flow. The notches allow a path of less resistance. The notches are not creating an extra orifice, they are opening up, increasing the size of a path that is already there.
  4. I may give them another try @Dezza
  5. Harris didn't have a lot on mine either HPF1 5x.
  6. The volume isn't changed but you do have displacement and flow. As it's actually an oil air mist, it's quite dense, so takes even more energy to move it the air volume around the crankcase. The energy required is squared as the speed of the piston doubles, so at 10,000rpm you are using a lot of energy to move the mist around the crank case, that energy is turned into heat, which causes more power loss. Shorten the path via windows in the liners, or by smoothing the edges of the webs in the crank to improve flow for the displaced air/oil mist reduces the energy it takes to do so. all well proven physics. It's why race engines run dry sumps with a depression in the crank case and have huge amounts of detail work on the inside of the cases. Ducati even run vacuum pumps on wet sump engines.
  7. 92 are 310mmiirc 86 are around 280mm it's a big difference.
  8. 92 discs are larger diameter than 86 discs. You must have some sort of caliper adaptor for that combination to fit. Any pictures.
  9. Owslebury crankshaft services in Winchester are my go to.
  10. You need an after market block and liners to run that big. A lot of stuff you see for these engines from the states is designed for drag racing, so 20miles is 3 seasons racing.
  11. 1127 gsxr motor is better all day long. The M has the double row bear out put shaft I believe. Gsxr motors are better made, lots of detail differences to make the internals lighter and stronger. Gearboxes seam far more robust on the gsxr motors. I'd always start with a gsxr motor personally, given a choice.
  12. The linkage between the 2 bikes is quite different. There are a few ways to make it work, but require a bit of engineering.
  13. There's some well priced stuff appearing for sale again now, seen a few sub £2k il4 1000cc bike in the last few weeks. I love my oil boilers, I've got 2 that 150+bhp, and 2 130+bhp plus 2 Italian vtwins. But if you want go fast with no hassle, a 2005> on zx10r (paid £2500 for mine 18months ago) Gsxr1000, R1. CBR1000rr can't be beat.
  14. To be fair my mates v4r is firmly in the sit down this will take some time category....the cost is in the is there a paramedic on stand by category. Lovely thing though.
  15. All of it. Not in the first 2 gears granted, but once you are upright and pinned it's all there if you want it. A mate has a v4r track bike with extras that's making a real 235bhp. It's fucking mental makes everything else look like it's going backwards on the straights. Still only 0.2 quicker than my 130bhp slabby round Jerez though.
  16. Yean, my comment was a little unfair, but most at the big operators are free for a reason. Then again I've a couple of mates who intruct at classic bike track days, who are both great instructors but they can't instruct everyone on the day, and boy do you see some interesting riding on those days.
  17. You ever used one of the free "instructors"
  18. They're all having fun so who cares how fast they are.
  19. Yep. 1127 and 1157 same. 1052 and all 750 same. 600. Who cares.
  20. They aren't as refined as a modern il4 1000cc motor but have a flatter torque curve. 150rwhp will be an event on a bandit, fast and visceral, induction noise without an airbox makes everything feel more violent than 170bhp of modern motorcycle.
  21. Good spot. The marks on the inlet side do look more like FOD.
  22. I'm going to say detonation, if it was foreign object damage it wouldn't be localised to one part of the piston. The exhaust side is usually where det starts.
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