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  1. I'd 75kg for a 750 and 83kg for an 1100 sans carbs is about right.
  2. I'd be far far happier running the modified SBS pads, and not just because of the price. Modifying pads as you have done is perfectly acceptable. I've done it loads of times on old F1 cars to get modern pad compounds in old caliper designs, all with th blessing of the manufacturer. There are caveats of course, but what you have done is fine. Leave the N.o.s pads in their packaging. It's all they are fit for.
  3. The correct answer as you know is to tune the knackers off a 1100 motor. The ratios are shit for track work, even for a stock motor, they are proper touring ratios. The real answer is a 6speed Nova gearbox, but they are a tad spendy. For a mild motor I firmly believe a 750 6spd is worth while, as long as you are prepared for the extra maintenance.
  4. You fit the 750 gearbox into the 1127 cases, then do a mix and match clutch. No need to use the 750 cases. 6speed conversion is worth while on a race bike, not sure it's worth it on a street bike. They're supposedly a bit fragile with 1127 torque going through them.
  5. The bandit head will physically fit but the 91 cams wont work, and I believe valves are smaller. Gsxf head will not work as the cam chain tunnel won't line um properly. You options are, a 85-87 750 slabby head with matching cams and followers, a 90 750 slingshot head, cams and followers, or a 91 750 head, your cams will work with this. Anything else will require skilled machining and or welding to work.
  6. You need the pre 2006 r6 rear shock. You need to narrow the lower eye a few mm to fit. I've only fitted one to a 750, which works really well. Not sure how well it works out length wise on an 1100.
  7. Go to the race tech website. Theres a tool on there to calculate the spring rate.
  8. To add balance to the thread. Fit a set of FCR41s and go rag the tits off it. You'll thank me.
  9. Stock gsxr1100m motor, RS36 will be best all round performance. Throttle will be heavy to operated though due to the return springs in the RS carbs. Gsxr motor will have more top end than the bandit motor. Look at your gearing too. If you are running stock 750 sprockets it will run out of puff as you are geared for 185mph. 15/48 works really well. Good for a real 155mph
  10. No, it's a back torque limiting device. It prevents the back wheel from locking up via compression locking when changing down through the gears quickly. Uses ramp plates to lift the cover plate slightly to allow the clutch to slip. Common place on 4t race bikes for the last 30years.
  11. Don't think any parts are interchangeable between 750 and 1100 clutches. You'll have to fit an 1100 motor...
  12. Looks rich at the top and bottom end to me. But yeah. what the fuck looks like the graphs were done on an Etch a Sketch.
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