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  1. The Mr Turbo Kits require notching for the exhaust and the carb in a Slabbie 1100. Mate built this, and I'm sure he had to cut the frame both sides to clear the turbo and tail pipe. Not to say the Plenum and turbo couldn't be packaged to avoid it.
  2. Nice place to live, not great for old Suzuki spares I guess though.
  3. Nice find. Ist that an 1100 lump in there? look like 1052 carbs, and the block has 14 fins.. Where are you based?
  4. dupersunc

    F or G?

    Can't you ask Suzuki UK? They are the only ones who will know for sure.
  5. Those FCR41s are way too big. The bike will be unrideable... Sell them to me.
  6. you'll need either a short stroke 748 , or any of the big block 1100 heads to go with the 748 block. A long stroke 749 or b6 head won't work as the cam chain tunnels don t match up.
  7. how do you think they made the 750f 748cc with 3mm larger bore than long stroke 749cc motors...
  8. big ends are different sizes between b12 and b6. likewise 748 short stroke and 749 long stroke big ends are different.
  9. Who mentioned anything about replacing a single piston?
  10. Suzuki stock a lot of oem stuff for these bikes. Failing that Wiseco do a 1mm oversize piston which ups the compression a bit too.
  11. https://www.Eblag.com/itm/Wiseco-Franx-Machine-Piston-Kit-for-88-97-Katana-750-and-88-89-GSXR750/223476958918?hash=item340843c6c6:g:JSsAAOSwKQ9aILkc looks like good value to get you short stroke 750 flying.
  12. What does an 884 kit cost these days?
  13. Turbo you've chosen will have the wrong seals for a draw through system. Think why virtually every first induction system developed in the last 30 years has been blow through.
  14. Too steep. Looks like a falling wheel rate at that angle.
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