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  1. dupersunc


    Not in a position to do so at the moment. Sorry.
  2. Great footage at the start of my mate Paul trying to glue the rad on his CBR600 back together.
  3. dupersunc


    Was going to fit and time the cams today, but the sun came out so I went to the pub instead.
  4. dupersunc


    Some where in the distance a bell chimes in the wind. A tumble weed rolls across the foreground and crickets start to chirp. A stranger rumages through a shipping container and finds a load of neglected projects. Hmmm suppose I better finish these. "There's a lot of parts in her that need anodising boy." New rear sets modelled and3d printed before committing to alloy. Rear brake disc assembled. Then stripped and sent for anodising. Along with some other bits. Mostly done in brown to piss off the hipster haters
  5. I reckon 75% of the heads I've seen have those cracks. Never seen a failure from one.
  6. Straight cut gears sap less power than helical, that's why race cars and most bikes use them, they aren't necessarily stronger. The helical gears on the F were used for refinement.
  7. I'd optimise the ports and combustion chamber shape first, before going oversized valves.
  8. Me neither. Griff's will sort you. Else I have a good man for stripping / powder coating bike stuff down here.
  9. Re Powder coat removal. Blow lamp and a wire brush is you have patience. I'd avoid dipping as you'll never get tubes clear of the stuff. Blasting is a better bet.
  10. I'm guessing 6mm. Drill lots of big hole in it to get the weight down. 4mm won't be stiff enough imho.
  11. All the WP-WS bikes have basically the same rear linkage and swing arm geometry as the Slingshots, that's mot to say it all swaps directly between bikes as spindle and bolt size vary. But SRAD on swingarms will have the same issue on WP-WS as slingshots when it comes to the linkage and shock mount. Engine wise. 750 and 1100 engines swap between the frame no problem. The later WR-WS bike had a top brace to the cylinder head on both 1100 and 750s. Late engines fit the earlier frames, just don't run the top brace. The late frames were thinner and lighter, hence the brace, so an earlier engine without the mounting boss on the head may not be a good idea. The 750 head on the RF900 motor is a cheap quick up grade. though the RF is only 5speed. Used to be able to get big bore kits to take the 750 out to 903cc, which was a real sleeper back in the day. Probably makes more sense than an rf900 swap.
  12. I think Ray's always used Saunders for boring and grinding work.
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