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  1. A mate bought a complete less engine Harris Magnum 2 for less than £2.5k 3months ago. Fucked if I'd pay £2.5k that pile. The engine, forks and swing arm might be worth a grand. The rest sounds like scrap. The frame looks ok at a distance.the welding looks poor because a lot of the fit up is wrong. If you can fix that, you might as well start from scratch and do it right first time.
  2. Personally I think they look awfull structurally. I know they aren't expensive and people have built some good looking bikes based on them, which function adequately. But they wouldn't be on my list to base a build around.
  3. Fluid dynamics 101. For a given flow rate, reduce pipe cross section, you increase pressure. So if you reduce the bore size you either increase pressure or reduce flow. In this case we aren't talking huge pressures, thepump will maintain the flow needed, but it will put a little more drag on the pump, so parasitic losses would be higher and slightly higher temps generated. Real world, will you notice a difference? Probably not.
  4. So have I, but I'll put them on some thing decent. Saucer of milk please.
  5. Difficult to tell from the video, but I'd be checking the oil for bearing material.
  6. The geometry of the rocker link is the same between slingshot an WC. You have to mix and match bits from the 2 bikes but you should have everything you need to do the job. Fitted a Wr arm to my 750j with out any dramas though Icanremember the specifics.
  7. Just Booked Portimao 4-6 June if anyones interested. You too could be this cool hot and sweaty.
  8. dupersunc


    Spoke with him the other day. Still a long way off I'm afraid.
  9. dupersunc


    Bloody hell. I paid £20 and it like new.
  10. dupersunc


    Just scored this. @flatlineis the red alloy f1 your bike?
  11. dupersunc


    I've a mate who was talking about making some billet cam covers I'll see if he ever got anywhere with them.
  12. dupersunc


    Exhaust I guess, still weighing up Racefit or Harrison Performance. The Harrison system wins on function and power, but my god he's a long way away. The Racefit looks a very slightly better, at least the can does and will be cheaper. I've also got to persuade Spiketo make me a seat unit so I can mould a seat base and think about paint.
  13. dupersunc


    Tank completed. Chuffed to bits with it. Thanks to Parker Fabrications in Bournemouth who've done mint job.
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