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  1. First outing of the year at Silverstone on friday, a mate came along to give some competition. Track was cold so took it easy in first session, bathed no issue keeping up with and despatching modern 1000cc bikes. 2nd session going well, passed 2015 r1 at the end of the hanger straight, thengotblack flagged on the start finish straight. Rolled off and checked for oil leaks or lose bodywork, all good, then another rider waves at the rear of my bike, so pulled off. Look round and smoke is pouring from the breather, turns out I've been doing a red arrows. impression. It appears to
  2. Trying to sell to like minded individuals. Or we could tell him to fuck off an no one on here would ever know it's on the market. All seems very short sighted.
  3. Too fast. You want a nice Suzuki Burgman with a top box.
  4. quoted for future reference. Mods, please don't delete this stuff, I've had similar posts deleted in my threads, it's useful for the OSS community.
  5. Why do you want to gear it for 190mph?
  6. Search results for 37200-45C22 - page 1 (cmsnl.com)
  7. Fuck me, @Hanma-shinhas heavy hands this evening.
  8. Coming on nicely now Mark.
  9. Knew it would be relatively simple. This should be the go to mod for slingshots.
  10. Going well there.
  11. Just heard about that. Kinda inevitable unfortunatly.
  12. Fit a hydraulic switch in place of the banjo bolt
  13. Silverstone int on the 16th April. Though if my cable clutch conversion doesnt turn up I'll be on my Duc 999.
  14. Modern engines have coating on the valves so its a no no. If you've just had you seats re-cut, it's a no no as the seats will be crisper than you'll get with grinding paste. If you have an old oil boiler with signs of pitting or uneven seating then yes lapping them in will help, and is worth while.
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