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  1. dupersunc

    1200 into GSX750 Inazuma

    All my 7/11s have run 750cdi, they'll be fine. The engines run out of puff well before you hit the limiter.
  2. dupersunc

    Small battery for slingshot

    Yep, some of the li-ion batteries are tiny, and easily capable of firing up an 1100 oil boiler.
  3. dupersunc

    Are 180 rear tyres standard on gsxr 750 1990

    Always run 180/60s on mine. The chain just brushes the tyre,the torque arm needed a tweek too. Never had an issue though.
  4. That's a Gsxr750 wr from 94-95
  5. dupersunc

    MotoMartin spine frame GsxR1127cc engine

    Looking good Yann.
  6. dupersunc

    SRAD 750 Fi to carbs?

    Leave the injection cams in, they are probably racier than the carbed ones . In addition to the bits you've mentioned you'll need to fit a carbed crank trigger and pick-up. I guess either the 600 or 750 one will work. The carb settings may need a little tweak to suit the injection cams. Shouldn't be a big deal to get it all working.
  7. dupersunc

    1216 Rev limit

    Who are you guys using to balance your cranks? I've seen too many fucked up by so call experts over the years.
  8. dupersunc

    Different types of Harris frames pics wanted

    That's the bike I was talking about. @YoshiJohnnyAre we talking about the same bike? Paul had so many tucked away.
  9. dupersunc

    Different types of Harris frames pics wanted

    The one thats still got the slabbie swing arm pivot? I always thought that was an NWS.
  10. dupersunc

    Do you need this bit

    easier to reset than a fuse. Though I carry a spare breaker just in case.
  11. dupersunc

    Swirl's Harris

    Really!!!!????? Sounds like recipe for warped discs and lose retaining bolts to me.
  12. dupersunc

    Different types of Harris frames pics wanted

    Do you mean the NWS he has?
  13. dupersunc

    Swirl's Harris

    Get some 0.5mm steel laser cut. ffs don't use gasket paper to space disks out. Speak to Kayla at https://www.projection-components.co.uk/disc-spacers-71-c.asp She's dead helpful.
  14. dupersunc

    Do you need this bit

    New ones aren't expensive from Suzuki.
  15. dupersunc

    Slabby Oil Pump question

    more likely the prv valve stuck open.