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  1. dupersunc

    my zuma 7/12

    The trailing piston (Top on a motor cycle) is smaller as the pad is hotter and will wear more quickly if you have the same pressure as the leading edge causeing the pad to taper.
  2. £400-500 for a clean looking gsxr motor, with starter inletss and alternator, , £400 for a bandit in similar condition. £700 I'd want to see it running.
  3. I space the vack of the tank up 1/2" on my 7/11 builds.
  4. Heli coils fitted correctly will be more than adequate for the job.
  5. CRMC are a bit of a night mare. You need to speak to the eligibility bod at the club. What they say goes, doesn't matter if its a period correct mod or not. 1100cc motor is a definite no. Tt will have to be 750.
  6. To temove gear shaft, you need to remove the clutch and primary gear. Then remove the circlip in the picture above and tap the gear shaft out through the clutch side. To degrease, brake clean, then acetone before welding.
  7. Please build it like the last one.
  8. Thats where I would start. The ignitechs are pretty good, and these engines arent that sensitive to a few degrees of ignition at low rpm.
  9. dupersunc


    Robinsons foundry some times have deals on gaskets and o'rings. They were less than half price in one of there deals a couple years back so I stocked up. Worth keeping an eye out.
  10. The maximum you can get from the linkages and a bit more with the grinding.
  11. A 45mm longer shock will have the linkage hard against the stops. You can grind material away here and there to gain a bit of clearance, but 45mm is a lot. I run and early r6 shock tgat is around 18mm longer than stock, still had to grind material away to get enough sag in the rear suspension.
  12. 41s. You've built the rest of the engine for power, why try and strangle top end.
  13. The Motion Pro set-up is aweful in my opinion. Way to much travel required to get full throttle.
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