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  1. dupersunc

    Hejira endurance race frame

    Nice find. Del Chitenden was still doing bike stuff last I heard. Could race in Formula prostocks or endurance legends amongst others.
  2. dupersunc

    Slabside swinging arms.

    only on the f model.
  3. dupersunc

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  4. dupersunc

    gsxr 750 valvetrain

    13500 rpm on a 58mm stroke, Gives a mean Piston speed of 13.1 m/s. basically the same as a Motogp bike. Most production super bike engines have a mean piston speed of 10 m/s at max rpm. Good luck.
  5. dupersunc

    gsxr 750 valvetrain

    So some calcs on piston speed. not that the valves will flow enough air to produce power at that rpm.
  6. dupersunc

    gsxr 750 valvetrain

    13500 on an 1100?
  7. dupersunc

    Slabside swinging arms.

    Need the 750 shock. mount on the 1100 frame is in a different position. iirc.
  8. dupersunc

    Wheel options for 1100L?

    I know someone who recently bought a set of new Dymags which were direct fitment to their 1100l, speedo drive and all. If you want to spend that sort of money.
  9. dupersunc


    Wheels will be good Astralites. But what colour do I do the bodywork?
  10. dupersunc


    Came off some some bloke called Dunlop's bike at the Manx.
  11. dupersunc


    Starting to look like a bike again.
  12. dupersunc


    Slowly, slowly the dry build begins. It's slow process as just about ever bracket, spacer and mount needs designing and making from scratch. Oil cooler brackets roughed out.
  13. dupersunc

    1100 L seat unit

    Bardney Racing do what you are after.
  14. dupersunc

    found in a shed..............

    Let me know if they are any good first.