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  1. Why get rid off the 1100 for the dull 1200 bandit lump? Seems like a backward step?
  2. I was at Hampton 3 weeks ago. Hopefully its an easy fix.
  3. That's most likely a cam cover seal, mikey mouse ears as suggested, or one of the seals on the bolts. Were does the breather on the cam cover go? It's not just breathing out of that? What circuit were you at incidentally?
  4. Wurth do a spark plug thread repair kit that is the right size thread for a gsxr sump plug. its a copper alloy version of a timesert. they work a treat.
  5. Meh. Extra weight. stiffen one area and you but more load into another area.
  6. Often done that way on race bikes. both crank and cam cover breath into same catch tank, put the crank case breather in the bottom of the tank so any oil vapour spat out of the cam cover can condense and drain back to the crankcase. Make sure you have a vent to atmosphere on the breather and that I has a filter on it to prevent shit getting in through the vent and contaminating the oil.
  7. Do you have a spare NRC starter case for sale then Clive?
  8. Just swap the pick up over to the 1200 lump from the current motor and enjoy.
  9. Yes, swap in but use the 1100 cam sprockets. stock timing marks will work as a start point. cam caps are matched to head not cams.
  10. 1100 slabbie knuckle. or R1 shock.
  11. I thought the tank was a recent Alf Mosel creation? Not that it really matters.
  12. 1/3 the price of a dyna 2000 and 10x the functionality.
  13. The valves and cams just aren't big enough to pull past 10000rpm in the high gears. I always run 750 cdi on my 7/11s, I like so have the extra revs in lower gears. The bandit motors are built more cheaply than the gsxr motors though. so not sure they take the abuse so easily. £180 on a ignitech and there quickshifter is a no brainer though, and makes even more sense with flatslides and big bore kits.
  14. dupersunc


    The tank was made by Parker Fabrications (who make the Tanks for Harris now) in Bournemouth in the Mid 90s, the original was damaged when the bike fell off the back of an AA lorry! I believe it is an Srad BSB spec tank, with the bottom reshaped to fit the frame, though Parkers can't remember. It is beautifully made though, and never had fuel in as far as I can tell. I don't like the shape though, so it will be replaced. Lets seem some pictures of yours please.
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