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  1. Looks fantastic. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Broke and dislocated mine end of may. They take forever to mend.
  2. Bosch version £26.60 each including post.
  3. Clean it up to get as much oil and contaminants off as you can. grind out the cracke with a die grinder and sand the area 3-4mm around the crack to remove the anodizing. I would then preheat the area with a gas torch to get some heat into the frame before welding.
  4. dupersunc


    Del's still active I believe. His son Mark certainly is. http://hejiraracing.co.uk
  5. dupersunc


    Bugger. Sorry to hear that. It looked shiny. The seller seemed to have 2 others.
  6. dupersunc


    Only what I've read on line. That pic was from an Eblag advert from a few years ago. Original Harris f1 frame that had been modified by Del Chittenden, of Hejira fame, to take the slingshot swingarm and bespoke linkage. Looks like its had some repair around the headstock from the scorch marks. The finished bike looked good. Modified slabby tank?
  7. dupersunc


    @R1guythis is the bike that was on Eblag the other day.
  8. Try without the clutch. I find shifts are smoother and much faster. It's how they are designed to work. It's not a syncro box like a car
  9. The ratchet pawls and springs behind the clutch are worth checking. Other wise its split cases and check the forks and dogs. Do use the clutch on up shifting? Normally a roll of the throttle and firm tap on the lever is enough for the gears to slip in a treat. Clutching slows everything down too much.
  10. My 750m with 1127 motor had the rear jacked up 30mm. WP rear shock, 180/60 rear tyre. Front was stock but with 9.5 springs. Ran no steering damper, never felt the need. Certainly wasn't twitchy.
  11. 6mm cold rolled steel will be fine. The m model gsxr 750 had an adaptor between frame and fairing bracket. I assume this is so they can use the fair bracket on the 1100 and 750. The whole top fairing and side panels are different between the 1100 and 750 to allow for the different handlebar positions.
  12. Shorten the dog bones. It's the most effective way and has little effect on the rest of the system. Your set up is a little awkward but but get some new bone water jet cut 10mm shorter and get a space machine up to go between them. Dont need to be welded together. At the front can you fit the 750 fairing bracket adaptor top fairing to clear the handlebars. More ride height definetly helps with handling. 180/60 rear works well too.
  13. The problem with the slabby arm is that you can't get enough ride height to stop the bike touching the fairing down when cornering hard on track especially if you run 17" wheels. You can fit different or modified links and longer shocks but the limiting factor is the linkage necking out before you get the ride height you need. I run less sag on the rear to help but it makes the rear unstable under braking. Some people modify the frame to take a slingshot linkage and arm. @clivegtohas done a neat mod to the stock slabby link so he can run a slingshot or bandit arm with custom do
  14. Do you run a head cooler?
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