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  1. dupersunc

    Snapped Speedo Needle

    You can gently prise the bezel off with a small screw driver. I successfully glued a bit of welding rod to my rev counter as a repair. worked fine until I cart wheeled the bike...
  2. dupersunc

    Fork spring length?

    Careful of using the Racetech site, they use American market as a reference, and 1100 used rwu forks in the US when Europe models were on usd.
  3. dupersunc

    Fork spring length?

    Not sure, but there is a spacer tube under the spring, so you can adjust the length of the tube to suit. Keep the free length of the spring and tube together, the same as stock.
  4. dupersunc

    Oil cooled engine choices?

    A bandit 1200 with dot head and cams is good for 130bhp on a good day. No more.
  5. dupersunc

    Oil cooled engine choices?

    If you want bolt in power fi d a good Gsxr1127. Run 14 48 gearing if you wan to do a full big bore build, a low miles 1200 bandit might be a better start as the liners are thicker. stock 1200 bandit or 1127 power screen motors are a bit tame these days.
  6. dupersunc

    Cams n stuff

    What seat pressure are you aiming for?
  7. dupersunc

    mistral head

    I've got a supposed ex Mistral 1216cc side car motor. Valves are stock but pots are worked. lots of work done elsewhere in the engine too.
  8. dupersunc

    1st gen R1 swing arm in slabby 1100 ?

    The bracing fits quite nicely on the gsxr arm. The pivot section of the r1 arm is much wider than the gsxr frame, you need to cut of the ends and 're machine the bearing housings. a fiddly job. Then you need to sort the linkage and mounts out.
  9. dupersunc

    1216 advice

    You could run on paraffin at 8.5:1
  10. dupersunc

    slingshot front fork on a slabbie

    No. Slabbie race bike has j/k forks and the rear jacked up. No steering damper and doesnt need one. 1.1 KG springs are stiff for the road even for a 120kg rider. and about the max you'd use on track unless you are an international level rider.
  11. dupersunc

    I have a dream

    You are a massive bender. But if you must do it as @Arttumentioned controlling the power is the tricky bit. Cutting sparks and winding out ignition advance are old hat. Most of it is done on the fly by wire throttle and controlling the torque output. You can go 2 ways. oem system, the bosch system is the bench Mark, use everything wheelspeed sensors throttle control, IMU, ECU etc etc. then find someone clever to crack it and reprogrammed. Or buy a £5k Motec unit and a very clever dyno man to map it. Or you could spend money on a nice shock and plenty sticky tyres, and spend time driving forward on massive amounts of traction, rather than trying to kill power every time you want togo forward. I'm yet to trigger the TC on any bike with proper race tyres.
  12. dupersunc

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics

  13. dupersunc

    Hejira endurance race frame

    Nice find. Del Chitenden was still doing bike stuff last I heard. Could race in Formula prostocks or endurance legends amongst others.
  14. dupersunc

    Slabside swinging arms.

    only on the f model.
  15. dupersunc

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics