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  1. Dan Stu has build one of these while back, skinney 750 gears in. 11 motor loads of messing about and fettling ,but of course it does work. Just not as strong.
  2. Ta boys , yes bike in question had oil restrictors I fitted ,Removed as a turbo specialist from car place told owner turbo was getting to hot.!!! Anyways he's putting those back in. And replacing valve stem oil seals with vitton ones, Guides are ok as motors only covered 11k . Just odd one for sure. Thanks again for replys.
  3. Just quicky anyone cine across this wet inlet valves, puff smoke when rev,d at idle. Fresh built. Busa slugs fresh bore new stem.seals oem! New turbo (Not chinky) Makes great power no issues there. Just wet oily inlet valves? Heads up anyone.cheers Fula.
  4. This is my experience from past, when my slabbie turbo was first set up it ran with 63mm or 2.1/4" system and can, made 103db,s and the back pressure from the can helped the turbo in my application.WHY well small back pressure from Akrapovic can kept the hot side impeller held correctly and stopped small shaft float and with used turbo at time slight oil weep, A good turbo specialist (Subaru tuner) rebuilt my turbo and gave me labyrinth seal to aid this issue, also Full open systems I.e no exhaust system no back pressure, is not a good combo, Turbo I,e 4" systems on cars /bikes have shorter life due to this lack of back pressure.Now like I said this helped my issues no more floaty shaft/more back pressure and healthy boost . I prefer big bore system and quality can makes a great set up better and trackday friendly .
  5. My friend James! At BDK did Dyno , he is only two stroke sympathiser around the swamp mate.
  6. So started with ex museum stored gt380 ran just, but crack seals were fooked so stripped motor , had crank rebuilt and carbs usual overhaul and new everything. Boyer ignition upgrade! And now just finished it Dyno,d art 16bhp , retimed stock jettings, made 33bhp safely ! Rides 100% lovely little comphy triple. Got a gt550 full race spannies ect to build next... Ringa ding ding.
  7. As allready noted , it's all about use/cost/Spec! Every one has a difference of opinion and experiences. We have all tried many conatations over years, some work some don't .ive used ohlins/hagon/k tech/ wp/ Oem gsxr k4/5 fit well , I've just modded a Nitron bandit shock Ntr2 to suit my needs . But hey what ever you find to suit your bike, Just make it happen.
  8. Anyone noticed the K,n oil filter ban on Circuits now? They explode external case splits and well we all the results. Pays your money takes your choice (chance) .
  9. Ive just read this bandito issue,s . I built b400 LTD ,one few years back the carbs are very very sensitive, To say the least I bought three sets of carbs and ultrasonically cleaned them all, New vitton o Rings in carbs through out! New float needle seats , and check diaphragm for splits holes, My biggest problem was float cage would fall off if you hit a bump in road or just shocked it.So we used slightly bigger o rings this helped a lot, as it would bog on quick throttle openings. Any ways like guys have said check the top of emulsion tubes for where needle passes through .Any ovaling or polish marks on needles is a no no, Piolet jets are tiny and get blocked very easy. So good strong solution in bath will help to clear this, try it at least 3-4 times to clean them .i run a 6ltr Gt bath. £100 ish its heated and has a drain too.
  10. Have k5 front end in my 750m and k7 swing arm, As already replied front is easy just bearing swap,! Rear needs top hat reducers for spindle reduction! And linkage is a mare I tried many conatations and ended up fitting a 750m dogbone mount complete ! To top of my k7 arm and made long dog bones to suit, I also run remote resovior shock as no room for k7 shock (res) . Head scratcher for sure but got there in the end.
  11. No Class there a great little fuel fitting ,I recently used one of those on bandit turbo, from a wsr tidy little jobber flows plenty.
  12. Fula28

    non starter

    Try profi fuel max additive, it will clear all known blockages, pricless stuff.
  13. Have done few sets of these carbs, I prefer Profi fuel max additive, this stuff is truly amazing and cleares those hard to reach places, Others cannot ! Try it and report back sure this will help your slow running issues for a bike that stood a while! Ethonol in our fuel ruins carb orings and float needle seats , and most carbed bikes can be effected if not run regular enough.
  14. Alfa black ,So Power for b12 and dot head cobblmabob, 130-150 depends on headers/carbs/and any tune work. I had a nos stock head with full upperton tune/stock valves and 750 j/k cams. It made 142bhp with 38mm headers! We then Skimmed the head 0.005" and added some gsxr 1000 serpent micron headers, then reject and Dyno,d to 148bhp. 38mm c.v carbs. with your rs flatslides and some good headers (40mm) it will breath well. Loads of torque perfect for all.
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