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  1. So many years ago now, I managed to squeeze one behind my slabbie turbo fairing. Hardest part is the exhaust elbow angle I had 2.5" elbow and really tight angle and made exhaust same I.d all the way to 63mm outlet can. Its possible but time is needed to mock up pipe bends and tack in place. Obviously airfilter I found piper cross cone 60mm I. D was best placed as was taperd and fitted well. I lost three different makes before I found this out...
  2. We also killed many b12 pistons, mk2 but rubbish all same. Mk1 hayabusa, will sort the issues! Make sure your fuel return hose is big enough as well. We ended up with an-8 and malpassi spring cut down, Just my previous on last b12 turbo.
  3. So I've used Gsx1400 pump made a well, and used the Gsx14 nut plate, welded into well. Deepest point of tank was just back from filler cap to one side. Thus providing internal sump, to pump from. I had a small elbow for returning fuel also, this was just into lowest part of slingy tank. Fuel. Performance new pump £55 great oem quality.
  4. We used dot head, b12, bottom, end, b12 sump, Gsxr k5 micron serpent headers. New in a box, £67 eblag... Link pipe had to be heated to profile the swing arm,but this finally fitted well.
  5. Fula28

    martek ?

    Your so lucky to have the opportunity to have such a fantastic looking bike. Treasure that.
  6. Cheers for the quicky reply, time is of the essence here! Thanks usually I would search as we should do. But no time!
  7. So being tight on time today, just need prefix type code for 750 j, k short stroke and L, M please. Ta guys.
  8. Dan Stu has build one of these while back, skinney 750 gears in. 11 motor loads of messing about and fettling ,but of course it does work. Just not as strong.
  9. Ta boys , yes bike in question had oil restrictors I fitted ,Removed as a turbo specialist from car place told owner turbo was getting to hot.!!! Anyways he's putting those back in. And replacing valve stem oil seals with vitton ones, Guides are ok as motors only covered 11k . Just odd one for sure. Thanks again for replys.
  10. Just quicky anyone cine across this wet inlet valves, puff smoke when rev,d at idle. Fresh built. Busa slugs fresh bore new stem.seals oem! New turbo (Not chinky) Makes great power no issues there. Just wet oily inlet valves? Heads up anyone.cheers Fula.
  11. This is my experience from past, when my slabbie turbo was first set up it ran with 63mm or 2.1/4" system and can, made 103db,s and the back pressure from the can helped the turbo in my application.WHY well small back pressure from Akrapovic can kept the hot side impeller held correctly and stopped small shaft float and with used turbo at time slight oil weep, A good turbo specialist (Subaru tuner) rebuilt my turbo and gave me labyrinth seal to aid this issue, also Full open systems I.e no exhaust system no back pressure, is not a good combo, Turbo I,e 4" systems on cars /bikes have shorter
  12. My friend James! At BDK did Dyno , he is only two stroke sympathiser around the swamp mate.
  13. So started with ex museum stored gt380 ran just, but crack seals were fooked so stripped motor , had crank rebuilt and carbs usual overhaul and new everything. Boyer ignition upgrade! And now just finished it Dyno,d art 16bhp , retimed stock jettings, made 33bhp safely ! Rides 100% lovely little comphy triple. Got a gt550 full race spannies ect to build next... Ringa ding ding.
  14. As allready noted , it's all about use/cost/Spec! Every one has a difference of opinion and experiences. We have all tried many conatations over years, some work some don't .ive used ohlins/hagon/k tech/ wp/ Oem gsxr k4/5 fit well , I've just modded a Nitron bandit shock Ntr2 to suit my needs . But hey what ever you find to suit your bike, Just make it happen.
  15. Anyone noticed the K,n oil filter ban on Circuits now? They explode external case splits and well we all the results. Pays your money takes your choice (chance) .
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