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  1. I used a TL stem and yokes in mine and fit straight in with a bearing swap then used gsxr k5 forks and brakes with an srad 600 wheel When I got my slabby it was using a triumph front end but the stem looked and measured very similar to a slingshot one so i assumed someone pressed a slingy stem into the slabby yokes...the stem measured just shy of 20cm from top of bottom yoke to the bottom of the threads above the top bearing
  2. yup definitely need a good day and a tailwind but thats my goal! Unfaired at pendine would be a good one to get! Think you go 180+ last time didnt you?
  3. I have my turbo slabby for real top speed work and wheelie comps so the turbo bug will be tamed by that for a while! My good friend Bob Cornforth owns the current record in class at 163mph with no fairings and 145hp on his Triumph Daytona 1200 fighter If I can match his power with a bit less weight my hope is with the right gearing and a tail wind I can get close I will get the fairing mounted over the next couple of weeks whilst the motor gets built.
  4. ive got a fairing to go on Ducati 748/916 motor parts bought...13.5:1 compression 1168cc piston kit, web high lift race cams, adjustable cam sprockets etc etc keeping swingarm as is for now and see how i get on...i dont have to fight the higher speed wheelies or wheelspin as bad as the turbo boys.
  5. Building this bike to do top speed on and my goal is 175mph. I'm thinking 1168, race cams and 12:1 comp should see me close to 150hp with rs36s... Which with the harris light weight compared to a stock gsx I think that's doable
  6. motor is not good...needs new pistons etc so since its a gsx1100ET motor i am limited to 1168cc bore Do i go with 1168 or source an EFE block to go on the motor and take it out to 1230? I am by no means a motor expert so feel free to school me
  7. thats the plan for next time! smoking like a 70s porn star! dropped it at my engine builder (he builds the Ducati motors for BSB) it might just be valve stem seals as it was stood 13 years but if rings have gone and bores are scored than 1230cc here i come!
  8. Engine out (not a fun job) Loaded in van to take to my engine man tomorrow
  9. Couldn't get it to run right with the vm33s so bought some brand new RS36s...now runs on on all 4...however it smokes badly...anyone recommend an engine guru in the North West?
  10. Eblag. Scored it cheap too! Just the pic, loads of slack just had it held up to take the pic
  11. Been a long time since I updated this thread but I have been busy. The bike has been completely rewired with a simple race loom with charging (although used a fusebox big enough to add lights when I want them) Built some simple steering stops The rear torque arm was not only hitting the exhaust but the tyre too! So after swapping the mount point and putting a bend in the rod we now have clearance The exhaust was also hitting the swingarm so a small bend in the bracket resolved that. Had to get my elbow dug in the tank too and clean out the old, dried
  12. Slowly chipping away at this! Turns out the bars I wanted to run were not wide enough for all the right hand throttle, switchgear and brake to clear...the solution...bar extenders courtesy of our own Sam Baker and one of those fancy master cylinder fings Everything now fits the bars and yoke I have also nearly finished a steering stop using some delrin plastic and a homemade bracket where the fairing once lived (will add photos once its done) got all the wiring bits I need now too oh...ordered some velocity stacks for the carbs too and will try to
  13. side lights arent a requirement for an MOT. only need low and main. believe the vfr or cbr400 headlights have low and high built in
  14. It isn't there is the steering head bearing adjuster below the yoke. The one on top is acting as a spacer to take up the gap between the yoke and the stem
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