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  1. Wanted to be there with you but funds wouldnt allow it
  2. i know you can put a k1 1000 clock onto a busa but you do have to swap the pins around
  3. Harris currently stripped back down...waiting on an uprated EFE starter and gear to put in and potentially 24v start...13.5:1 comp on stock starter aint healthy for it
  4. Made it to USB and it ran great (start switch died at end of Sunday though) So how does it do at drag racing? Exactly as you'd expect...and I love it Was also good to see Clive, Bow, Paul Morris, Sam Baker and the OSS gang and chat shit on the Saturday evening Bike will hopefully have a small post about it in Practical Sports bikes Magazine too as they were doing an article on the return of USB
  5. Needed taillights for USB too and the stock light box didn't fit...called in a favour and a 3D printed LED holder was sorted using stock lens
  6. To run in Ultimate Streetbike you have to have lights fitted...that meant only 1 thing I then drilled one of the headlight brackets to use it as a steering damper bracket so I could run a damper too! and purely to show scale...the front wheels are pretty much in line here...look how physically short it is compared to a fightered k3
  7. The mounting on the calliper does look a bit wacky but it does grab the disc Not a great photo but you can see disc sits between the pads
  8. Well it's now dyno'd and set up and I took it to JnS bike meet near me tonight...its a weird old thing to ride. Heavy clutch, heavy throttle, hard suspension, sharp brakes and it sounds like an old F1 car has been possessed... I love it...
  9. will be shinier when i finally wash the garage dust off of it
  10. She now has a daytime MOT (no advisories) Time to get this motor bedded in and test the fuelling! God that candy paint looks good in the sun
  11. test run was a success! tank doesnt leak, brakes are SHARP and the clutch is very heavy...and the throttle is stiff... but it managed a solid 200m run haha
  12. Sticker fitted Test run up and down road tomorrow
  13. cant wait! this time next week it should hopefully move under its own power if all goes to plan!
  14. cant say 100% if it was POR15 in there. I just know it was some form of liner. However, any lacquer thinner or solvent is some percentage of acetone so easier and cheaper to just buy neat acetone and use that...the liner that was in there i had removed the excess by hand however the liner removed in the picture was what was still 'stuck' to the tank...2 days with the acetone in and id say 90% of it came out...hopefully that answers your question! for 15 quid for 5 litres its worth a go...if you have a fancy paintjob though make sure you dont get any acetone on it or it will be gone
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