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  1. That’s about what I have, I tried a 6” hayabussa wheel and there’s no clearance at all.
  2. Looks like a real decent product. Factory look and quality, if it didn’t have the KOSO badge you’d think it was Suzuki.
  3. Is that the new touch screen speedo? Looks smart.
  4. Well, I’ve been on it all afternoon and evening, I’ve made new bushes and filed down the calliper bracket and I think with 6mm machined off the sprocket mounting face I have a useable fit. i have a srad wheel fitted and it turns, clearance is tight but clearance is clearance!
  5. Thanks for the pictures. The calliper bracket it the difference, the bandit calliper has a torque arm and the 1100 one is captive in the swingarm. its all becoming clearer I think!
  6. I have a SRAD rim sat in it at the moment. i can’t get the slotted calliper mount between the disc and the swingarm even if I machined the round spacer part off the bracket, I may have to turn down the disc mounting face as well as the sprocket carrier. Itll be nice to be moving forward with this, Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees! Thanks for your help.
  7. If all else fails I’ll have a go at the XR sprocket, thanks.
  8. I’m happy to do some machining if that’s what’s needed, I don’t need a wide rim on the back I just need one that will work. a standard wheel would be great. is a bandit or rf900 rear sprocket to wheel centre less than k models?
  9. Axle size bigger but that’s not the problem as I could turn a spacer for that.. the main issue is the sprocket is set further out from the centre of the wheel on the k models so when the wheel is central the sprocket is against the swing arm and the calliper bracket won’t fit between the disc and the swing arm.
  10. The story so far! I picked up a 1993 1100 slingshot with a JMC swingarm. it had a hayabussa rear wheel in it and the chain hit the swingarm. I put a gsxr600 wheel in it but still not happy so I decided to take the arm out ant fit a Suzuki one, after a lot of messing about I bought a gsx1100wp arm, I couldn’t find a standard one! Now that’s fitted I realise that the k series bikes wheels don’t fit, I’d like straight spokes to match the k3 front end that’s fitted. would any oil cooled wheels be suitable? Rf900 or 1200 bandit? i’m running a bit Low on cash so really
  11. Not boring, nice to have something to look forward to. Always enjoyed Donington and Castle Coombe is closer, happy new year.
  12. I’ve just offered one up to my 92 1100 frame and without moving the battery and making more clearance I don’t reckon it’ll fit.
  13. There’s no way that that K7 arm is going in without moving the battery (92 slingshot) so I’ll keep it for another project.
  14. Well, it was bloody cold out in the shed last night so I waited till this morning, not much better! 32mm between the split mounting and the outside width is 62mm, the solid mounting on the other side is 60mm wide. Hope this confirms wether you can use one of these brackets or not, good luck.
  15. When I get home this evening I’ll have a measure. At £65 each it’s an absolute bargain.
  16. Well done, thank you, I have a lowering bracket on order so I won’t get around to taking it apart till that arrives so not sure how it’ll end up yet..
  17. Well done, just organising the collection of a big air cooled four! Wrong badge on the tank but how could I refuse, it would be rude!
  18. Yes, I keep saying that too, finish what you’ve got! BUT...........How do you resist a bargain! or one you lusted after as a teenager, or when newly married with no dosh, the list of excuses to buy go on and on.
  19. Made any progress with your rear suspension set up? Im following with much interest as I’m trying something similar.
  20. I’d like to know how this one turned out, I’m trying to fit a k7 arm in a 1991 gsxr11 myself..
  21. I have an account with the importer if you want one?
  22. Th axel joust b box you’ve used has a plug in remote facility I think?
  23. A ‘ work in progress ‘ getting closer, jeep led headlamp fits a treat.
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