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  1. Never thought I would own a Spondon in my wildest dreams when I was yonder but I do now
  2. Knocked up mk2 front seat mount tonight, not really happy with this one either. Roughly attached a side panel to have a look see at the angles of seat unit. Going to cut front of the panels to blend into the tank.
  3. Anything will fit with a little modification
  4. Going to alter this but it gives me a bench mark to work from.
  5. I also need to fasten the front of the seat which has a bolt hole that goes through the front of the seat which is almost but not quite in line the the tank mount
  6. Set about fastening the back of the tank to the frame as it does not fit after lifting the back up a bit. Moving the tank backwards a little bit to help with the steering lock as well. Got a chunk of aluminium and drilled a couple of holes in it.
  7. So I've decided to use the rgv seat unit (genuine one). Got a front seat for it and the back section for the ligh but it's got a brocken lug which I will attempt to repair with Havoc's potion. Fiberglass rgv seat unit that was on when I got it only had 14 1/2 inch foot peg to seat height which is to cramped for my spindly long legs with bad knees. Wanting more leg room I've lifted the back of the tank about 1 1/2 inch. This afternoon I made a plate up that clamps to the existing subframe and hold the back of the seat lifting it 2 1/2 inch higher than the seat pad on the original, this gives me 17 inch of leg room which should be alright for me. Did consider moving the foot pegs but that would have meant chopping up the Spondon hangers or making new ones. Don't really want to start chopping this frame up. Feels like a good riding position which is important to me
  8. Don't know can't read writing on it but it did make 260hp when I first built it about 4 years ago on the mobile dyno at Caldwell Park then 259hp a week later on John Warrington's dyno in Malton. Must have lost a bit of power over the year's.
  9. Yes, just short of 16psi if I remember rightly.
  10. @ArttuI got just over 230hp with tdo4l on 1216cc busa pistons big valve flowed head
  11. Yea 2 of them and the bigger one is bolted to the Spondon at the moment.
  12. @Jdeacthis might help you a bit visually
  13. You can get everything you need to make your own from Torques UK for standard coolers or aftermarket ones
  14. Cost me £120 for all 4 cylinders last set I had done 2 years ago now so £150 isn't far out I recon.
  15. Running 16/43 on my Harris but it is a Turbo bike.
  16. These ones are Koso RX3, but lots out there to choose from
  17. Thanks, drag bike is @clairetooits in the race section. Pro stock champion for 3 year's now I belive
  18. Pictures or it didn't happen
  19. Odd small thing I hadn't finished off properly which has been bugging me for a while was the speedo pick-up bracket which is mounted to the front right caliper. Pick-up sensor is just held in place with a metal bracket and a big rubber grommet which has worked really well for 1200 miles. When I first mounted the calipers I had to make some ally 5mm spacors to clear the disks, pick-up bracket is 3mm so just put a couple of peny washers behind it. Today I decided to put it right. Got the 5mm spacor I had removed and set about removing 3mm from the middle of it with my hacksaw, file and a bit of glass paper. After a couple of hours I achieved what I set out to do. Painted the metal bit with Lidl gloss black. Just have to let it dry properly to re-fit it.
  20. Your not rong it's number 10 of 24 ever built, build will start properly soon hopefully
  21. Mk2 rgv side panels to try the looks of. Although they look the same as the gsxr400 ones apart from the 3 slash cuts there completely different.
  22. 1246cc is the biggest you can go with standard b12 liners you can fit bigger liners to the standard block some say they work better than the big cast blocks as they have more surface area (fins) for cooling.
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