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  1. Am in two minds whether to risk using the smaller one but space is limited.
  2. Got a r1 lithium ion battery for the Turbo Magnum which has 144 cca. Tried it on my other turbo bike & it started up from cold but only just but its tichy even compared to the smaller than standard b12 one I use on the Turbo Scratcher.
  3. Just swap the am wheels over, the 1052 cams have more top end power.
  4. Got a aluminium tail to go on the bottom of the oil tank to fasten a drain pipe & bung from a b12 airbox to drain the tank easily. Painted it with lidle gloss black.
  5. Will welded the oil catch tank up for me. Window glass & some m16 dowty washers turned up as well as 30° torques_uk fitting.
  6. Are those teeth at a angle or straight, I cannot tell from the picture.
  7. I thought the gsxr slingshot stem was a bit to short when I was fitting k9 forks & yokes to the Magnum 2, but @caferacerdanfitted one to his Magnum 2. I used a b12 stem which is a little longer. Moved the C clip groove up the shaft a bit knurled it as it's a bit slack then made a spacor to go under the top yoke to take the slack up. Ended up fitting K5 forks with Harris adjustable super bike yokes. It's in the thread Swirls Harris what I did.
  8. I bought a adjustable stem from Harris for my Magnum 2.
  9. You need to measure the clutch plates & build the correct height for the clutch stack, gsx1100f clutch plates are the same as the early Gsxr1100 slabside models. Try Robinson Foundry for parts with the 5% OSS discount.
  10. Drilled a 5mm hole in the bottom left & tapped it out to m6 for a drain plug for the tank. Also drilled 4 14mm holes in the top of the tank to fit the pipe work, tapped these out to M16x1.5 for the an8 to m16x1.5 adaptors. Spaced them out so there not in line with the shock & more towards the back of the tank will not foul the frame. Sight window hasn't arrived yet but that will be fitted to the right hand side of the tank so when checking the engine oil window I can view the oil catch tank window as well.
  11. GS750 won't fit mate, top is different & the bottom is welded to the yoke.
  12. Bit more done to the oil catch tank. Made a little bracket from aluminium angle that fastens to the back of the engine, the m6 allenhead bolt will be removed ones welded & filled with weld.
  13. Bling bling, got some rainbow titanium sprocket nuts in the post today.
  14. Been thinking about a oil catch/breather tank, decided to fit one behind the engine & in front of the swing arm as there is a bit of space there. Possible going to have 4 fittings to it a window & a draining point. Got some 100x45x3mm aluminium box for the main body, cut a bit of at 200mm & made some ends upto be welded on. That's as far as I have got with it for now as 2 big boxes of cool shit arrived from @eightball_hotrodcheers mate.
  15. This is it @dupersuncusing the 7.5 slabby arm linkage but with a different centre enables you to fit alternative swinging arms with dog bones rather than the dog bones been part of the swinging arm. One on the left is standard & the one on the right is one I hade made by a local engineering company. Had to wait a while for it as it had to be specially hardened, to keep the cost down the company that made it waited until they had a batch of other stuff to send of as well.
  16. Early r1 brace welded on to standard slabby 7.5 slabby arm.
  17. Didn't like the P clip I used to fasten the Rizoma rear brake reservoir to the frame, even asked Gsxrsam about making a billet one. Then had a brain wave after a bottle of corona. Simply is best as usual, so made a little bracket out of some aluminum flat bar to mount it of the back of the r6 brembo master cylinder.
  18. Tack welded the slash cut with stainless wire in my mig. Tryed it for size, all good so welded it up. Cleaned it up a bit then slash cut the end off.
  19. clivegto

    Oil cooler

    I know people who have run smaller coolers without any problems. But I always try for more cooling.
  20. Next bit is the exhaust, slash cut style or it will be when finished.
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