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  1. Don't look that strong to me. Wouldn't use old mag Marchesini or Dymag either, Astralight I would, they were still making new ones until a couple of years ago.
  2. I know those wheels look cool but I would be a bit dubious about using them. Well the way I ride anyway.
  3. clivegto


    Though it was only the 750j/k frame that was physically smaller than the 1100 slingshot ones making the j/k the only true 7/11. Excluding slabbys ove course.
  4. I also like the look of the stock swinging arm.
  5. There not all the same it depends who made it. This one is a mag 4 style on my mag 1.
  6. Metmachex brace on my one.
  7. clivegto

    RK ignition

    @gsxr884has a couple.
  8. coolio, some times it's just the simplest thing that get overlooked.
  9. Yes there about 2mm down the bore on a 1127 and the 1157 standard block.
  10. So if he is blasting the frame should get powder soon.
  11. You could fit the arm temporarily just to make it a roller round the workshop.
  12. I imported an efe recently from Holland but off another site member @Jellyso the dutys weren't an issue and @Rene EFEbrought it over when he came to race at Caldwell Park.
  13. One is out and one is in they need to be linked together whatever you do.
  14. Yes m14x1. 25mm, gsx air cooled ones will also fit.
  15. Gsxr ones use a bolt with a flat head which are easy to convert if you can find some in Belgium. I'll measure the thread size later for you.
  16. Not many pistons with numbers on the top or at least in my collection. Cosworth, Arias, MTC and JE don't well at least these one's don't.
  17. Got'any pictures they can say a thousand words without saying owt.
  18. If it were me I would make the arm wider for a bigger wheel like I said before but it's your build
  19. Works though the pressure seals them
  20. Lot of Mr Dunlops early plenums used the standard B12 airbox rubbers which seemed like a good idea to me.
  21. I got one recently and am really enjoying riding it around. Even had it on the OSS stand at Stafford bike show in October.
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