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  1. Not run my one yet but isn't that the idea of the catch tank to overcome that. But then the little pump could run dry, have read its a good idea to run the little pump with a brass bearing for this reason.
  2. Would like one of those, this is my one also from Poland. has one of these pit bike oil pumps inside that only cost £10.
  3. No there isn't a straight swap except for another 750 arm.
  4. Just fill it with billet aluminium weld it in then fit small roller bearing in the centre.
  5. Basically yes, I had a local company make it who sent it off to get hardened which cost £80 a batch or just 1 item. They waited until they had a load of stuff to send so they only charged me £30 for the job. You could remove the bearing fill the hole then fit a smaller roller bearing in the centre for the bolt to run through.
  6. I fitted a slingshot JMC swinging arm to my 750 slabby using the special part in the picture I had made. You also need top hat spacers wheel spacors & sort the chain run out, or I did anyway. But the special part allows you to fit dog bones instead of them been part of the swinging arm like the slabby arms are.
  7. Little weight of my mind, tracking says it has been delivered to the coaters late afternoon today.
  8. Don't know what it is but I would snap that up. Ask in UK specials as well.
  9. @rerbI can hear this one. but not this one.
  10. It's gone to one of the top places in the country so should be fine. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about sending it until I spoke with them on the phone.
  11. No indeed mate. Sent with a well known pallet transport company.
  12. OK so the local powder coaters made some enquiries but looks like it's not going to happen there for a while. So I asked Gary who did his and another Spondon owner that also had his frame powdered black chrome. Both place are over 200 miles away from me, impossible for me to take it in person during this lock down. I then spoke to one of the companies who said no problem just courier it to them and they would courier it back when the job was done. I then set about making the frame look like a mummy (2nd one in a week did a slingshot for another site member). I then made a odd shaped pallet to
  13. Very nice indeed, are you using a wax on it for protection.
  14. Depends on where its mounted, got a picture.
  15. Look harder, there's loads, this is something I made.
  16. Aparantly there building there own race bike based on this frame. Do you not think it's up to the job?
  17. Use a 1mm restrictor to my tdo4l and using ape studs no problems in last 3 years. Road bike, best dyno figure was 260hp.
  18. What's the seat unit from.
  19. With standard clutch I had to remove some of the webbing from the inside of the case as it catches a bit. I later added a extension to the case for a lock-up clutch when I went turbo.
  20. Cable ones fit as well I removed the mechanism from one and fitted a breather in its place.
  21. Read all this thread. @gsxr884should be able to supply you with a full hindle exhaust.
  22. Polish guy of FB turbo page. It's only a bay of e £10 pit bike oil pump inside like this one.
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