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  1. I use a 19 row extra wide cooler -8 on my Turbo B12 engine with no overheating problems at all. So I would say yes it is worth it.
  2. 1052 had special magnesium alloy in some of its casings to save weight.
  3. Yes I have had them snap before but only on 1 particular motor. Luckily they just turned out by hand.
  4. Put front wheel against a wall and do a burnout, that should free the clutch plates off.
  5. You have a pattern now to shape your next set up to.
  6. My question is are the early gsxr 1100 and 750 head lights the same.
  7. 9 bikes on the OSS stand.
  8. Of to Stafford bike show.
  9. Don't want to get it dirty now Still got the Turbo Scratcher for that but don't want salt on that aither. Scratchers twin might need finishing
  10. New front tyre also fitted new wheel bearings while the wheel was out, just coz
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