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  1. clivegto

    Carb ID Question?

    What do the inlets measure.
  2. clivegto

    Oil cooled engine choices?

    Whats that got to do with answering the man's original question who wanted lots of torque across the rev range & top end power this is what the 1100f does.
  3. clivegto

    Oil cooled engine choices?

    I like the 1100f motor in standard trim + pipe & filters with a good exhaust. After all it was the most powfull oil cooled engine. It's a bit of a no brainer realy with a lighter frame set up, if you don't want to spend money on the lump.
  4. clivegto

    84mm pistons for GSX-R/Bandit 1200 ??

    My 1216cc turbo has a flowed head with big inlet valves makes 260hp with loads of low down grunt as well.
  5. clivegto


    @Chadillacthe old standard one I have in the shed measures 1mm as well.
  6. @MeanBean49Is your man.
  7. clivegto

    Correct gsxr 750 k 89 top yoke

    Hello, a pic might help of the one you have.
  8. Yes you can get a rough idea with out the base gasket.
  9. clivegto


    Dont mind at all that is the hole basics of OSS. Yes used the rings that came with the pistons from memory top gap was 0.25mm 2nd down was 0.30mm think the piston clearance was 0.05. Ran the existing shells in the crank as well but I did plastigauge them to see if they were ok. Full spec on this is b12 bottom including clutch but with a lock up clutch, 2mm base spacer, mk1 busa rods & pistons, b12 Rodger Upperton big inlet valvs flowed head, hardend rockers with gsx1100f cams, held together with APE studs & nuts, tdo4l turbo with b12 carbs set as near as dam it standard apart from 117.5 main jets. Gearing is 530 16/43 which is important to load the turbo.
  10. clivegto


    @ChadillacYes I heard that as well all I am pointing out is this set up works. Bike is completely rideable throughout the rev range it can be rode as a touring bike or a super bike. Good luck with the build.
  11. clivegto


    No runs like a big bore bike low down.
  12. clivegto


    Dont know but I used mk1 busa rods & pistons with 2mm spacer no base gaskets just the 2mm spacer. Pistons were 1/2mm down the bore, head had been flowed & had big inlet valves was possibly skimmed as well but still had 27ml combustion chamber area with 1mm cosmetic head gasket worked it out to be 7.95:1. When I first built the motor put the pistons in wrong way round did over a 100 miles then it was pointed out to me in my thread build so put them the right way round lol. As you know Rob it is making 260hp with 136lb torque with a good power curve & nearly 3000 miles on it this summer so shows this set up works.
  13. clivegto

    3 cylinder SRAD

    Unbalanced carbs can make the revs hang.
  14. clivegto

    1216 advice

    OK but they are 79mm making it 1186cc in a power screen motor. You will need to do a dry build to measure the deck hight & volume mate.
  15. clivegto

    1216 advice

    @DuckndiveIs right they have been machined down, I have a brand new set sat on the shelf I never got round to using yet. 79mm pistons with a comp of 13.:1 1166cc for 1052 & 1186cc for the 1127. You need to do a bit of measuring.