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  1. Run taller gearing to load the turbo and engine, running 16/43 on my road bike.
  2. For a mechanical scavenge pump. I have done this, big pipe into little pipe.
  3. clivegto

    Dyno Day 2021

    It will be fun what ever happens
  4. Got 2 blue one's at a guess the thinner one is just less than 800lbs the fatty one maybe just over 1000lbs both are 6 inches long.
  5. @yantoshI have a couple of nitro springs could maybe doa swap.
  6. Looking good and from what I understand it's Suzuki friend is now welcome on site.
  7. Turbo Harris not compleat yet but aiming for 300 to 350hp
  8. Turbo Scratcher 260hp at back wheel. Done 100 road miles on it today.
  9. Made a oil return pipe up from the turbo to the machacical scavang pump. Big pipe then into little pipe. Big pipe should work as a drain reservoir when the engine is turned off. This should stop smokey start ups.
  10. I would also say yes. I run a Rodger Upperton flowed big valve head on my setup, it makes good power with only a small turbo.
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