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  1. Don't go looking at 1052 engines then.
  2. I bought a 1100efe motor recently for £650, though that wasn't too expensive as I have seen cranks for sale at £500. I know someone who got a gs1000 motor recently for less than 1/2 that. There are still bargains out there there just not that easy to find.
  3. I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure.
  4. There ya go job jobed Loom is going through there as well
  5. O ring arrived from Germany today for the clutch cover got a spare as well, best not put it in to safer place Cut the taylo leads to length and fitted them.
  6. @Gpz1100_Convertyes top in the middle of the top of the float.
  7. Fitted 4 rubber grommets to the tank undertray just to lift it a bit really. Also fitted the ignition to the side of the tray.
  8. Have left a air gap between the coils and the tray.
  9. Its a fair point is that. It did have gsxr750 motor in last with same tray but engine was slightly lower. Might fit some heat shield underneath.
  10. Fits quite neat with seat unit on I thought
  11. Will a GSX1100 motor fit straight into a Gs850 frame without molding the frame.
  12. Took some pictures outside.
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