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  1. I've chopped various swinging arms up to get them to fit and look how I want
  2. Can you slot the bracket. Not the end of the world if you just cut it off and get it redone rather than living with it not looking right in your eyes. It will always anoy you quite positively ?
  3. You could put a spacer in but why bother, will act as a mud scraper if you go of road
  4. I also wound the ape studs in to far when torquing them down. So had to wind them out and use a little thread lock as has already been mentioned. Was very surprised by this.
  5. clivegto

    Stafford 2022

    Cool, come say hi.
  6. Just fit a turbo, there fast a fook
  7. On my Harris the cooler up front under the spot lights is the main cooler and the one where the normal cooler would be is the head cooler. Have a look at Swirls Harris project in trick frames Suprizingly the head cooler never gets hot on my setup.
  8. I have also done this after seeing @fatblokeonbanditdo it on hear years ago now and it works a treat
  9. Can't believe nobody has said just fit a turbo. You can have 180hp reliability on a a standard B12 motor.
  10. That's just mad all these islands were built on trade organly.
  11. Don't think the days of smuggling are over yet bud
  12. Wet for a look see. £9.94 each on Robinsons Foundry site, so with the OSS 10% discount that would make £71.56 for all 8 by my reconing but I have had beer
  13. Don't see why not. Or space the carbs.
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