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  1. I was just thinking that, candy red maybe. Will leave it for now until road test as it might need to be changed anyway.
  2. Nitron shock back in, back caliper on and a bodywork mock up this afternoon.
  3. I have swapped them when needed even opened some up with fine grinding past and a shoe lace.
  4. It's to access a hidden crank case bolt but can serve as oil return as well.
  5. Perhaps it's glued on as well as painted over as it appears to be very secure on the red frame.
  6. @Dezzahave heard some people use a jubilee clip to secure it then when it's worn down a bit slaken it of to move it round a bit.
  7. Like the one on my other Harris frame. New one will soon wear a groove if it makes much contact.
  8. Got some 50mm black nylon bar to remake the bottom frame rail chain protector. Was tricky to pop over the frame but managed it with a little heat, brute force and ignorance.
  9. No not a chance of that. But I think these mirrors will suit the bike and after all it is a Turbo Magnum
  10. £198.99 delivered no bar end weights there extra, going to make my own. Came from ace custom motorcycles.
  11. Went a bit mad the other night and ordered 2 moto gadget mo. View Street mirrors. No glass polished aluminium.
  12. Did look at those, cbr one was close as the jmc arm was originally designed for. This one will work fine with a couple more little tweaks as well as been harder wearing. I have a old combine harvester that has ash and oak chain runs believe it or not.
  13. Bit more bending with the heat gun some chopping and drilling its starting to look like it will do the job. Still needs a bit trimming near the back frame rails.
  14. Might do it like my other Harris but with the nylon Steve.
  15. Well it's sort of close
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