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  1. Had a rethink with the clutch cover & got some 2 an8 weld on fittings, welded on from the back.
  2. The brackets for the coils are they a bolt on item or part of your frame.
  3. Decided to get some silver spot calipers to match the old brembo silver back caliper. Got some 2017 mt 09 ones cheap, think they look good on the bike I do.
  4. Have you got another to try, even a bandit one should work
  5. M16x1.5 M16x1.5 case is only very thin that's why I also made the 2 washer nuts up to secure them on the back of the case, will also use a dab of J. B. Weld to secure them.
  6. Made a couple of an8 engine breathers for the clutch cover with spare fittings I had in my box of bits.
  7. Got some heat resistant heat shrink belive it or not to cover the stainless braided oil cooler lines from the main cooler up front. Didn't want to use the black braided stuff near the exhaust as I have had it melt on the exhaust on my old b12 which resulted in the engine emptying its oil allover the back wheel. Anyway hears a few pics of what I've been doing.
  8. Disided to use b12mk1 carbs, gave them a good buz in the ultrasonic bath converted them to a mushroom pull choke had the mounting bars re-zinked fitted 117.5 main jets & replaced all the bolts with stainless steel allen head items. Fixed them to the engine along with the plenum.
  9. Just to add the return needs to be bigger than the tap outlet so there is no restriction at all.
  10. Adjust by bending the tab on the floats.
  11. From memory float height wants to be 14mm, measure in middle of the float as float opens. Float valve have little springs on them. You can rotat the carbs to see this working need to be set as these are just about to open.
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