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  1. Hope your health issue is not too serious mate, hope to catch up with you at Donington. Tell me more about your frame bracing plans ? Picture is the Turbo Scratchers NWS frame.
  2. Some on hear recommended this stuff to remove old stuck on gasket and I can also now recommend it after using it several times
  3. Is it done yet good luck for the weekend
  4. I also smear them with grease so they can be removed without damaging the gasket.
  5. I used this stuff and it's still stuck fast 5 years later.
  6. Got my ticket for Melbourne my mates Tony and Sam are coming with me as well
  7. Spacer picture on my efe I also extended the actuator arm abit.
  8. Picture to show the difference between standard rack and lockup one also gsx1100efe lockup clutch next to a gsxr1100k lockup clutch.
  9. So where do we get tickets @Paulm& @Bowfor Melbourne.
  10. The 400 looks the same but is smaller than the 1100 bud
  11. Yea I remember reading that but can't remember which Kwak pistons were used. I have engine parts in the shed that I will use some time. 1052 crank in 748 crank cases is my plan
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