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  1. I had this before, same thing, cheap motor, had no strainer in the pickup, also had a bolt in the sump, sucked into the pump, wedged in the impellor and shattered the oil pump housing, luckily oil light came straight on, all the bits were in the sump, got away with just fitting a new pump.
  2. Might just be my setup, but thats how quick it goes out, can normally feel it starting to go off a bit and be a bit less crisp
  3. https://www.gearingcommander.com Handy link for all your gearing stuff, handy for working out speeds etc
  4. Yeah ive got 36mm bandit carbs, Floats are no better in the 34's, the tang for the valve bends just as easily as the 36's and pretty much any other set of carbs. Omly ever really a problem if I go over 10psi. Trouble is it spends quite a bit of time over that
  5. I try and keep mine at 15mm, it doesnt like them any highter, floods a lot. I take carbs off and reset them every 500 miles or so, they do tend to get higher with use, and when the boost has been turned up.
  6. MeanBean49

    Oil Pumps

    So how would you source a brand new heart?
  7. MeanBean49

    Oil Pumps

    Im pretty sure the oil pumps are the same in all the oil cooled motors. Everyone ive ever taken apart has been the same
  8. @Japexuplike @dupersuncsaid an ignitech is a way better option than the dyna stuff, a TCIP4 Full version is ideal. I get quite a big discount on them if you ever need one. Have got loads for OSS members in the past, happy to pass my discount on ;-)
  9. Iirc compression with busa pistons is about 7.8:1 I ran mine N/a for a bit like that and is made 128bhp with a full race exhaust system and jetted/filters to suit. Loads more torque than stock too
  10. I would be more worried about the wheels than the sprocket lol. Talon hard ally ones hold up really well on mine, but if you want steel look at supersprox, they are really good
  11. I used the forged ones on the slabby i did, they were bigger an8 ones but the cleared the tank too
  12. That much oil coming out suggests a goosed turbo imo.
  13. No rush, can wait till cadwell
  14. Cadwell be best, im not at event city
  15. I would find a good use for them
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