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  1. Personally I would re-instate the valve cover lines from the crank case, they are for cooling the head, not having them is a bad thing, head will overheat and wreck stuff. I would also remove the cam feed from the valve cover, without the low pressure supply going in all your doing is removing oretty much all of the high pressure supply to any of the motor. Suzuki got the oil system pretty spot on, best thing to do is leave it as intended
  2. Feeding from the valve cover as well as the main gallery could be your problem. Your actually lowering the oil pressure to the entire high pressure oil system, (crank included) by connecting into to the low pressure system. There is virtually no pressure at the point you have tapped into. You high pressure feed from the main gallery wil bleed off into it rather than the low pressure flow into cams. Also woth checking the internal diameter of the main gallery feed pipe, if its smaller than the size of the jet that sits in the oil way between crank case and barrels it will be restricti
  3. Are you getting to the point the linkages are parallel with the linkage? That will stop it being able to move. You would need a longer shock to lower the linkage and extend the dog bones. I had an ohlins in mine and it was set really long to get it to work
  4. Worth a go, i ordered a bag of 2.5mm washers so i could shim it lots easily.
  5. Could be lean, ive just been helping a mate sort his out, was doing the same thing, we ended up with his needles on the bottom clip and with 4 washers as well as the plastic doughnut to get it running well. He had done the same, all new everything, could be from the same supplier, possibly an issue with the parts
  6. Yeah exhaust where link pipe goes into the colletor
  7. That washer wont make the difference between it running perfectly and an unrideable piece if crap, only makes a marginal difference, they are about half as thick as the gap between needle clips. Could be worth comparing your new emulsion tubes to the old ones, theres 2 versions of 36mm carb, gsxr and bandit and iirc the emulsion tubes will fit either carb but are different and will mess with fueling if they are the wrong ones. Wirth checking the link pipe too though for piece of mind
  8. How does it ride? Quite common for bandits to pop and bang because of the join between downpipes and link pipe not sealing or cracking. If it rides ok I would look elsewhere from the carbs
  9. Have you tried some new spark plugs in it? The 400's are terrible for plugs going off and affecting running, particularly idle and when warm. You will see a spark at the plug but they go weak really easy. After having similar issues with a bandit 4 years ago and wasting days going over everything else, its always the 1st thing I try when my 400's start running shit
  10. 178 is my best at Pendine, not had the weather since then to run a long enough course to get close.
  11. I love Bobs Daytona, like following his escapades on the FB pages. I reckon Bobs record is achievable in the right conditions. I still want to be the 1st to do 200 at Pendine unfaired. Thats another where I think the conditions need to be perfect
  12. Thats what I was getting at, took me over 200bhp to get over 175mph, and a bucket load of torque unfaired Also dont think 150 n/a will be enough, good to see someone having a go. Also expect to see the project evolve to turbo or nitrous in the future to get more power
  13. We dont know if we dont try, all part of the fun. Be interesting to see how you get on. Look forward to seeing the turbo build next year
  14. Slingshots, water cooled ones, srads, busa, TL and k series gsxr's all have pretty much the same stem length and can be fitted with nothing more than a funky sized top bearing that is available off the shelf.
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