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  1. Will get those cases dug out for you and hopefully make trip up when we are allowed. Might need my bits back off motor too, going to start getting my slingy together
  2. Looking good mate. Glady your doing something different with it
  3. Ive got a little bailey dump valve on mine, and you can hear that going off a bit at slower speeds anf mid revs, not a huge noise but its reassuring to know its working as it should
  4. Nope, prefered to have a brief moment of smoke on startup to let me know o had oil to the turbo
  5. 100 size mikuni main jet i ended up with
  6. If I was building a propper race bike I wouldnt want to use one without a fair bit of bracing. But for what they are, and how they are mainly used they are great, did a track day on mine and it worked well enough in much the same way a bandit does.
  7. Yeah should be fine, the LP system is seperate from the HP so wont have any bearing on the crank/cam system that you feed your turbo from
  8. Yep, probably notice more in the wallet, bit cheaper to buy -6 lol
  9. I suggest you do some research into pressure within a pipe vs csa. Same volume (flow) equals higher pressure in the pipe the bigger the bore of the pipe Thats why fuel injection systems use as small bore pipe as possible. Pressures in the pipes would be far too high otherwise
  10. Its funny, I was following that FB thread too, and if you get into it, the person saying top end oiling kit fixed their issues, actually failed to mention that they had previously also trapped the oil o-ring washers on top of the studs, which is what actually caused the issue, they fitted the oiling kit the same time they sorted the orings, and believe the kit fixed the issue not the o-rings. My take on this, the oil "feed" kits actually tap into the low pressure system and supposedly feed into the high pressure system. Given that the low pressure is less than the high pressure, whats ac
  11. Looks to me like a 750 setup, slightly shorter hoses, you can get a meter of new hose for about £10, cut to size you need. Regarding bore size looks to me like its -6 stuff, most people seem to go for that for some reason. Personally ive always gone with -8 for mine to mirror stock. In reality probably makes very little difference, small bore hose will put a bit more load on the pump but pressure in the hoses is less. Big hoses means less load on pump but higher pressure in the hose.
  12. Let me have it, ive got bits to make it a roller
  13. In order to run an external wastegate with turbo housing like this, you can either weld the flap valve shut and put the wastegate into the headers, or weld the flap open, make a seperator plate in the housing that seals against the exhaust flange and feeds into a seperate pipe with the wastegate in, like the pic you put up earlier. That all being said at boost levels up to about 18psi ive never had a problem using a standard internal wastegate on either td04 or VF range turbos, i just change the actuators for adjustable ones for easy boost adjustment. Big aftermarket turbos are a di
  14. Your welcome mate, good to have a natter and catch up. Pics really dont the bike justice, its even nicer in the flesh
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