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  1. MeanBean49

    GSXR 1100 Con Rods

    Yeah, i had no complaints really, motor had more than earned its retirement
  2. MeanBean49

    GSXR 1100 Con Rods

    Still not stripped it, suspect its a big end shell finally given up the ghost, still running but has a bit of a knock. Its my own fault to be honest, had other motor almost ready to go, just couldnt be arsed to swap them over because weather was so good, rather be out ridning
  3. MeanBean49

    GSXR 1100 Con Rods

    Ive been running stock bandit 1200 rods in mine for 6 years, it makes upto 200lbs ft and 280bhp. I did around 15000 miles of pretty hard use on what was already a 45000 mile abused motor. Loads of track days, roaf miles and landspeed events Only just let go end of last year, it was getting tired I just had to do one last trackday haha Im now building a new motor with busa rods but thats more because I had a set than I think I need them. Guess it all depends on what you want to use the bike for, drag racing might be harder on a motor when you arent running engines for long and have long swingarms to really hammer them on launch, for anything else good stick rods are pretty good, busa ones even better, Carillos imo overkill
  4. MeanBean49

    What Do I Have ??

    What do I have? A habit of posting absolute shite
  5. MeanBean49

    oil cooler fittings - up or down ??

    Depends what your using the bike for, i have all my fittings on top because the coolers come off quite regularly so it saves you having to draim the cooler before removing.
  6. MeanBean49

    Harris Mag 2 alternative swingarm?

    They are earmarked for projects, @Gsxrsammight be willing to copy a set though
  7. MeanBean49

    Harris Mag 2 alternative swingarm?

    I know someone who has a load too, he may also have a couple of sets of JMC conventional adjusters too
  8. MeanBean49

    GSXR1100 Slabbie Cylinder Head Oil Cooler Feed

    Use the feed that already feeds the head. split the line, run it through an oil cooler then back into the rocker cover. Torques uk do an adaptor kit.
  9. MeanBean49

    top end oiling kit

    Relief valve operating figures, not system pressure
  10. MeanBean49

    top end oiling kit

    Same oil pump. Both sides are the same output. Pump only creates flow not pressure, it the restriction in the system and relief valve operating pressure that create oil system pressure.
  11. MeanBean49

    top end oiling kit

    Pretty sure those figures are way off, iirc 45-85psi for lubrication oil, does drop a bit by time it reaches cams 1-2psi for the cooling circuit because it has no restriction to generate any pressure, cooling oil is no good at high pressure, needs to be low pressure high volume.
  12. MeanBean49

    Top End Oil Cooler

    There you go, adaptors and braided hose to cooler ive mounted below main cooler
  13. MeanBean49

    top end oiling kit

    The total size of the holes in the rocker cover "jets" equate to pretty much the same size as the feed hose diameter so its effectively just an open line, also the oil pump does not drain when not turning, so there is instant oil pressure/flow to the cams the instant the engine turns. Those lower pressure cam links make no difference whatsoever. An oil pump does not generate pressure at all, it generated flow/volume, so no matter what the restricion in the lines is the amount of oil at the end of the line will be exactly the same, it is not slowed down or the volume reduced unless somthing bleeds it off, ie the pressure relief valve, and as far as I am aware on startup and at low revs even when cold not enough pressure is generated to open it. What does affect the supply to the cams is putting a line in before them that allows high pressure oil to bleed off into a low pressure line. And when an engine is cold and the oil is thicker and at low revs you risk getting a lower pressure feed to the crank and cams by bleeding it off into the rocker jets. Yes the pump probably has the spare capacity to make up for the extra flow required in the HP oil system and it will never really make much difference, but your kidding yourself if you think theres any benefit. Im pretty sure the old yoshimura factory race bikes would have had top end oil kits if there was any benefit from having such a simple and cheap mod.
  14. MeanBean49

    top end oiling kit

    Cant see how a rocker cover one has helped, placebo effect. Taking oil pressure away can't improve cam supply. Unless you are taking the feed from the oil gallery plug at the bottom to get the oil supply that cant go past the studs anymore, that isnt an increase though, just a re-routing of the oilway to the cams
  15. MeanBean49

    top end oiling kit

    Wish my legs would grow hair to shave off. Haha