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Was looking for a gsx1100  or a gs1000 for a while last year but everything was overpriced junk / shite . eventually bought this from D&K for £1500 obviously not the model i wanted, but after stripping and cleaning the carbs new plugs and points it starts easy so time to get rid of the custom parts and turn it in to what i want.               TRYING TO GET SOME PICS OFF MY PHONE FOR LAST TWO HOURS AND NO SUCCESS.      WEEMAN THIS IS ON YOU ,TOLD YOU IM SHIT WITH PHONES DOING MY HEAD IN NOW ...........................

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as you can see its an L model and being an import not to much rust anywhere. already decided on 1200 bandit forks on the front so concentrated on the rear , looking around for swingarm options and ended up with one off a gs1200ss, they have twin shocks which is what i wanted so after some measuring, cutting and some tophats made it was ready to fit. didnt get any spacers or spindle with the swingarm and none for sale at the time but after bit searching the v strom 650xt is the same length and plenty on evelbay.  put a 1200 bandit wheel with the gs1000 hub carrier and some spacers made up the wheel was center'd , its got xjr1300 shocks on at the mo  going to make some jack up blocks later . being an L model the frame is shorter at the rear so bit of welding before a tail piece can go on , also had to move tabs for the side panels . just need to sort an offset front sprocket and a chain then it will be mobile again. pics to follow

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here is some pics of the swingarm after taking 7mm of each end then top hats fitted. i removed the rear footrest mounts and cleaned up the frame before putting the arm in place , will end stripping and powder coating the frame later after all the mods are done . have still to weld on mounts for the gs1000e  seat i have as the l model brackets are different , the standard exhausts are off now and binned il put more pics up tomorrow which show the bike on its wheels. cant believe the weight difference its made changing the front and rear ends, also thanks to everyone for the welcome and interest :tu





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15 hours ago, Tony Nitrous said:


Whilst not a huge fan of the L / Custom bikes I did sell a Z1000LTD a while back that later ended up as a very tidy Z900/1000 looking bike. As I’m sure you know they are still a good base for a less L / cruiser / custom build. 

I look forward to more updates. 

hi Tony.  Im not a fan of cruiser or custom models but although there is a few differences with the frame at the back, ive got it looking better now after some mods which il put up tomorrow. thanks for your support :tu

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another couple of pics rear wheel on but still got the original front end on. not for long tho soon as i had everything lined up at the back the old forks were off and  bandit front end was next to go on, going to use the bandit ignition switch as well since it was there and had a genuine key with it. had to alter the clock bracket a bit but looks not to bad round the ignition switch , once iv'e got a headlight sorted i can adjust to suit for clearance .




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after extending the rear frame tubes and welding on some tabs the tail piece and mudguard went on . thats the last of the l model parts off and lookin like a gs1000 , got an original seat for it but want to replace the foam and cover with more of a step. any recommendations that people have used and its good quality, seen some covers and fit is not that good il put a pic up of seat i have tomorrow 



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11 hours ago, TonyGee said:

you can't beat an old bike with upgraded wheels and suspension, what tank are you using ? 

ive got a US spec gsx tank but not that keen on it. bought a gs1000g tank a while back so will go with that although it needs a massage underneath to clear the frame, also thinking of a aircraft style filler cap for it

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