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  1. Sorry but your K4 GSXR isn't old skool enough. Here's a list of what is and what isn't OSS
  2. User manual for here SPARKER RACING 1 (ignitech.cz) My understanding is (quite willing to be corrected) a separate clutch switch is needed, one side to ground, the other to one on the Ignitec CDI's multifunction inputs (pin 8 or pin 19). The CDI then has to be programmed via laptop to enable the multifunction input. "Multifunctional inputs The unit contains two multifunctional inputs. Inputs should be activated using switch with respect to ground. The inputs can be assigned different functions: KILL SWITCH - the unit will stop ignition when input is grounded BLOCKING - the unit will stop ignition when input is ungrounded (security circuit of sidestand) QUICKSHIFT - activate Quickshift sequence (gear shift up with full gas) RETARD - decrease ignition advance with preselected value in full range START LIMTER - activate Starting limiter (launch control)."
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