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  1. Try here https://www.robinsonsfoundry.co.uk/shop/online-store/suzuki-parts-finder/gsf-bandit/gsf1200/gsf1200t-y-1996-2000-mk1-naked-and-faired.htm#!gsf1200tyclutch
  2. You know it makes sense
  3. The clutch covers are readily available from FBM. Cambridge area to Ketton, where FBM are based is around an hour and a bits drive. https://www.facebook.com/FASTBYMETurboSystems/
  4. We are talking number plates here? Lol
  5. Please take time to read the rules on here. Once you reach 50 posts (don't take the piss to reach 50), the For Sale/Wanted sections will be accessible to you.
  6. Yeah, seemed OK......so far
  7. @Diebythereaperit seemed a bit clunky when set at 100ms.
  8. Well it runs! Had to play around with the shifter time, it was at factory default of 100ms, knocked it down to 50ms. All seems sweet. I've not played around with anything else, as I've not a clue what I'm doing with it. Leave that for Nick at Allspeeds to see if it needs tweeking when it's back at his for a setup session. One thing I did notice was the rev counter reads about 500 rpm more than the test function asks for.....bloody jap pish
  9. Shifter fitted and wired in! Finally got round to fitting the Ignitech ignition too. Only shift light (or shitter light if your Dezza) to fit, once I've removed the Dyna shift minder and all it gubbins. Test ride tomorrow as it started pissing down just as I got it all hooked up.
  10. Added a sub loom to the Ignitech connector for shifter, shift light and MAP sensor, though I'd need the plenum modified so I can fit this. Worry about that some other time. Now need to look at fitting the shifter.....hmmm.
  11. It's an upgrade for the old thing, its replacing the Dyna shift light and shift minder. Good to hear it's gonna be nice and bright!
  12. A few wee trinkets for it's up coming 30th Birthday . I might finally get round to fitting the Ignitech ignition to go with them, I've had in a box for ages. My bad.
  13. Wee Man

    Dyno Day 2021

    Lucky man Deano. Hope its repairable.
  14. Wee Man

    Dyno Day 2021

    Mine was going lean nearer top end, so wasn't pushed on the dyno.....better than going pop! Don't think Nick has seen a grown man cry in his dyno room before. So I was a bit disappointed, but just means I need a dyno day at Nicks to sort it and who doesn't love a day at the sea side?
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