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  1. I love the smell of sarcasm in the morning! Makes my day
  2. Hi Chris, welcome to OSS. Please take time to RTFR and introduce yourself nice and proper like.
  3. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/forum/4-general-chat/
  4. welcome. Nice slabby.
  5. Welcome to OSS @Jmckechnie. Please take time to do an introduction in the General Chat section. Oh and add pics, we like pics. But you'd best RTFR, especially when it comes to calling certain 600's Katanas.
  6. I didn't word what I meant about the fuel return very well - where you are connecting the return to the bottom of the tank is fine, but the pipe you have inside the tank is too short. It needs to be longer so the end of it is higher than the fuel level. You are returning fuel back into the tank - not sucking it out.
  7. Your fuel return pipe needs to be higher than the fuel level in the tank, otherwise fuel will drain back out via this pipe.
  8. Have you bought it yet?
  9. People were helping by telling you to read the manual. The reason you probably didn't get an instant response, as its generally the done thing to RTFR and introduce yourself in the general section, with some pics of your bike. It tends to let folk you are serious about staying on OSS and won't just fuck off when you get the information you're after.
  10. Not too many fuckwitts on here, they tend to get blocked for not RTFR.
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