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  1. Wee Man

    better clutch

    Best clutch plates to use is genuine Suzuki. Wasting time and money on anything else.
  2. Welcome to OSS. Its customary on here to say Hi and post a couple of pics of your bike, it tends to help get a response as we realise you are likely to hang around rather than feck off when you get the answers you are looking for. Also RTFR. Thanks.
  3. Cheers Oily. Colours not to different from yours, though it's often said the blue ones are faster....or was it the red ones?
  4. The calipers are from ISR in Sweden. Direct fit.
  5. That turned out rather nice
  6. Sounds like cable routing or you need to adjust it at the handle bar end, put some slack in it. Same length of handle bars on it?
  7. Wee Man

    Pair system

    The pair valves on my Busa caused popping and banging on over run. Perfectly safe to remove. Make blanks for under the exhaust ports. Throw the rest in the nearest bin. There will probably be a pipe from air box to pair valve, blank it off at air box.
  8. Is this of any help? https://www.robinsonsfoundry.co.uk/shop/online-store/suzuki-parts-finder/gsx-r/gsx-r750/f-g-h-1985-1987.htm#!gsxr750fghseat1
  9. Hi and welcome, since your new to OSS, an introduction in General Chat goes down well. So does pics of bike. Oh and RTFR
  10. Try Allen's Performance http://www.allensperformance.co.uk
  11. Wee gentle ride out to bed in discs and pads.
  12. Woah there Nelly....these should haul the old thing up.
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