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  1. Wee Man


    I've fitted them to a couple of mates bikes. Well made kit, but IMHO an expensive glorified fuse box. Save the money for a turbo
  2. Wee Man


    When you say using the M-unit for ignition, do you mean just to replace the ignition switch and fuse box? It won't control the CDI/ECU side of things. For that you'd need to use OEM, or Ignitech or Dyna.
  3. Nope. Drowned out by the zorst noise.
  4. Here's how to setup a bike:- https://www.visordown.com/features/guides/how-set-your-bikes-suspension
  5. Wee Man

    No spark

    @Fellarplease do the decent thing and RTFR
  6. Wee Man

    1982 1983

    Swiss Tony means visit here and do a lovely intro about yourself and more importantly your Suzuki. Thanks awfully. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/forum/4-general-chat/ And have a read of these...
  7. Superb. Definitely a one off, but I like it
  8. Please continue this this in your original thread, stops the forums getting fragmented and allows easier searches.
  9. They are bright as fook. Easy to hide away for a stealthy look.
  10. On mine, I put a washer under the tank mounts to give a bit more clearance. When I fitted mine, I spent a bit of time getting the rotation of the tap in the right place for max clearance. The tap adaptor plates are offset to allow it to (just) clear the engine.
  11. With a Pingel tap fitted, clearance is always tight. Maybe just needs the rear of the tank lifted slightly with a spacer? Is it single or twin feed?
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