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  1. Like Joseph said a bit sealant or a dab of P40.
  2. Yeah mesh will be fitted, need to source some decent stainless stuff I like for it. It's away getting painted now.
  3. Work in progress. Just need a grown-up to paint it for me.
  4. You can get OEM style connectors here..... https://kojaycat.co.uk
  5. Sometimes with a bodged loom you have to admit defeat and bin it. One option is completely remove it from bike. Remove all the tape and check/repair and wires and connectors. Following the schematic to check the wires connect where they are meant to connect to. Then rewrap it. Other is to make a new loom. It's not too difficult, but is time consuming. Also you can ditch any thing on the original loom you don't require on the new build. Use the same colours as Suzuki use. Makes fault finding far easier.
  6. Congratulations Carl . Nice bit silverware.
  7. Have you tried here https://www.allensperformance.co.uk/
  8. Looking sweet @Simbec1863
  9. Wee Man

    Gia 1216

    Congratulations Barry. Very well deserved
  10. I moved it to Air Cooled this morning, as you'd posted it originally in Oil Cooled.
  11. Well that's the Scottish show done for another year. This time round I had plenty bikes to put on our stand. Great variety of bikes, certainly helped draw the punters in. Our modest wee setup had a large footfall and our bikes certainly got a very favourable reaction. Each bike had its own uniqueness, we had a stunning GIA framed bike (which should have won something), a turbo chop that in the past belonged to @vizman, Paul's lively GS750/1216 turbo, two Rooster Racing bikes, two turbo GSXR11's, a BFT GSXR1000, a single sided slabby fighter, a rather tidy 1260 Katana, a shouty EFE and a clean TL1000. The piss taking on top form, from some myopic fool buying vegan pizza, a ceremonial bawsack booting, and a very accommodating friendship bracelet! Less said about the better...eh Barry? And we are still waiting for @Burnoutto finish his build, always next year Tony....just remember the cricket box. Paul M. made the long trek up from Englandshire, journey made worth while as his bike got a "Highly Commended" Rossett in the Modified Machine Class. Thanks very much to those who made the effort and brought their bikes, the stand would be nothing without your efforts. Thanks to @KATANAMANGLER, @cullinoc, @MOLE, @Paulm, @yantosh, @Dangerous, @Chink Oh and my old banger picked up this...was shocked to say the least.
  12. Thanks @yantoshfor bringing your bike. Finally got a chance to catch up with you at the end.
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