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  1. I have always soaked pistons in gas oil (red diesel), works well But if you have oil drum style barbecue, you can try the heat and cool route as suggested by @joseph Good luck
  2. She's a beauty, you've done a grand job
  3. Sounds like your bike hates yamaha parts Seriously though as already said, if you can raise or drop the forks through the yokes you should find the point it stops folding in
  4. I still have my box of letter punches But just for sentimental purposes
  5. As has already been said, a Q plate doesn't have the stigma of 20 years ago and you don't get penalised by insurance, if anything it shows you have done things like right way!! Remember all insurance companies first thought is how can I get out of paying for this
  6. gsxwill


    Had my old gs550 done by a local locksmith a few years ago, he made new keys, just took the barrel into him as the numbers were worn, Just find a good locksmith
  7. Can't help with the part number sorry But i do remember a mate got one by searching for Gs 1100 a few years back instead Gsx1100 some sort of Americanism Hope it helps
  8. That's what happens at the August autojumble and couple nights camping for free
  9. They did not tell me that! Cheeky buggers
  10. Blanking plate set sold along time ago sorry!! Here's a anti dive I filled with silicone back in the80s Would not recommend it, god i was a dum arse
  11. I believe flush first came on the 86 model
  12. I think there was or is a YouTube video of someone putting gsxr cams in the rf900, can't remember if it was a success! I want to say 750n cams, but don't quote me
  13. Same as others bit of tape round the filters till they ran OK Strangly only had the issue with my gsx models, gs models all ran OK without the tape
  14. It's looking cracking, you should be well pleased,
  15. Boyer bransden are basic, but they will do a solid job and last, just make sure they stay dry
  16. Can't argue with that!! But if it is oil tight, take the win
  17. My first port of call on the Gs was always spray a bit of carb cleaner on the rubbers to check for air leaks
  18. Ditch the anti dive, I just made blanking plates! Much better Nice bike, good luck
  19. Vjmc autojumble Sunday 3rd April 2022 Popham airfield Hampshire SO21 3BD 8am till 2pm Pitches £10 Entrance £5 No need to book just turn up on the day
  20. gsxwill

    Is this a K

    Happy to be proved wrong, I was to busy falling off them in 89, so memory is definitely an issue
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