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  1. well i hope you've got a licence for that Gugga gun !!!!
  2. Ive used thin Viton rubber on some of my taps and blanking plates with no problem, but as said some thick gasket paper and maybe a thin smear of grey 3bond should work.
  3. its not just Suzuki that do it !!! have you seen the new Capri ??? fucking awful looks nothing like the classic original
  4. TonyGee


    yep that is true, but if you have a worn or week tensioner then the lock screw will hold it and tide you over till its fixed
  5. TonyGee


    yeah thats the old style tensioner, but you've sorted it.
  6. its not an exact science but it could be running a little lean on that cylinder, one of mine on my zed is the same but it runs sweet. maybe tweak the mixture a wee bit !!!
  7. swapping the coils over will help to confirm a faulty one, if no change the issue lies elsewhere,
  8. can of worms opened
  9. it'll run like crap with just pods. stick to your airbox for an easier life.
  10. if you are doing it for the look then its not worth it for the small gain in power, good quality filters are expensive (don't buy cheap EMGO ones) a dynojet kit isn't cheap either and that doesn't guarantee it'll run right !!!! may need a dyno run as well at more expense. plus if you ride in the rain the filters can get wet.
  11. chill out man, we all have to follow the rules
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