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  1. you could try and wrap some tape round the filters just for a test and see if it runs better. it will confirm if its running lean.
  2. if you are getting a pulse at the ign coils then it sounds like the pulse coil is sending a signal to the CDI and then on to the ignition coils !!!! have you tried new plugs ?
  3. a good bit of improvising
  4. yeah me too, if he had them fitted and running
  5. some people do that to restrict the air flow to something near the air box, cheaper than a jet kit.
  6. thanks for that, so its best to start with the rear lower mounting point.
  7. bloody hell wraith you've let me down their mate i think the GS frame is a tad longer than the GSX, probably because the kickstart.
  8. any body put a 16 valve 750 engine in a 1978 gs 750 frame ? i was just wondering about the engine mounts arangement.
  9. i don't see why not wraith ? they worked well on my B12 engine.
  10. problem with a full on resto is you don't want to ride it in case it rains and gets dirty
  11. i think 3.5 turns out is generaly the max, its then down to the pilot jets.
  12. the ET/EX came with 2 different size taps. one at the back of the tank is 50mm with no lever just a slot for a screw driver for PRI. one just above the number 1 carb is 44mm with a lever for ON/RES/PRI.
  13. you have to find the right alt gear to match the clutch gear, but be careful as its easy to snap a gear if they are not lined up right.
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