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  1. im just wondering about the engine noise, was it already their when you got the bike ? ive heard of 1 or 2 bandits with an out of balance crankshaft.
  2. yeah i know the feeling, had the same thing on my gsxr1100, the needle bearing on the clutch side collapsed and the outer race on the outer roller bearing snapped in half !!!!! it was just held together by the crankcases.
  3. you say it goes away when you pull the clutch in when riding, but in the video you put it in gear and rev it, the rear wheel isn't turning so you must have the clutch in ?????
  4. the output shaft isn't turning when the noise happens. its just in gear with the clutch in.
  5. i can hear it, it sounds like something is vibrating somewhere, check all engine mounting bolts are tight, when you here the noise try holding things like the tank and fairing see if that helps. the 1200's have an anti vib rubber thing bolted to the frame, on the mk1 its behind the head stock but i think the mk2 is at the back of the frame somewhere !!!!
  6. this is something im thinking of doing, dont know if i'd do it on the ET or the inazuma ?
  7. 3 turns out is pretty much max out on the mixture screws, go up one size on the pilot jet and retune the screws.
  8. I reeeeally wana know !!!!
  9. the suzuki drain tube O ring are a weird size, im sure someone in the universe does the same size at a fraction of the price ? somebody supplies suzuki with them very cheap !!!!
  10. suzuki prices take the fecking piss
  11. yeah you might have to pull the clutch plates out, my 750 ET is getting a bit that way, will have a look at some time.
  12. the part number i get is 37200-17C00 for that model ? which is "not available" as well. you might have to look around for some new old stock. what ive come across is their will probable be one that'll fit but it might have longer wires so that gives it a different P.N.
  13. your clutch is dragging. take up more slack and see if it helps.
  14. got mine sorted today, went to our local P.O. but the lass didn't know what to do so she phoned the head office. the prick on the phone said i couldn't do it till next year !!!! my bike is 41 years and 3 days since it was resisted. so went to the main P.O. and it was done in less than 90 seconds i said to the woman can i go home now and tax it ? she said no ive already done it bikes all legal now
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