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  1. to tell you the truth ive always been happy with a standard B12 engine but with a good can on. i wouldn't mind a touch more and better fuel consumption but its not on my importance list, im not a speed freak i just like the grunt, what is important though is a bike that looks the dogs danglies, handles pretty good and stops. im a bit of a poser and like it when people look at the bike, and i even go past shop windows so i can see how it looks when im on it yeah i know im a sad fucker
  2. this is where the bandit and inazuma (and others) make life a piece of piss to get an engine in and out
  3. yeah thats true, i think a 1200 bandit engine in a naked bike is plenty, they are good for 140mph but who at nearly 60 can handle that speed without a fairing ? i know i can't. but having the low/mid range grunt is great
  4. big thanks to duckndive for sorting me out with a set of clocks, thanks bud
  5. two 6mm bolts at the top of the front airbox, once they are removed the airbox will drop out of the way it might help taking the two chrome end covers off as well.
  6. have you undone the front airbox bolts ? once they are off the front part of the airbox will move back enough to pull the carbs out.
  7. get yourself a mechanics stethoscope, makes life a lot easier to pin point an engine noise. i swear by mine.
  8. yeah ive used the Halfords stuff a few times, its pretty good
  9. sorted now, cheers Zed
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