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  1. the truth !!! your saying people on here are making shit up because they are muppets.
  2. I guess you should enlighten everyone then !
  3. them shocks are crap and don't work very well, I'll do you a favour and take em off you.
  4. I have the same setup on my GSX1100, mines a DID 530 O ring.
  5. it'll read right if you take it straight from the coil though won't it ?
  6. sounds odd ???? it should be a vacuum tap unless someone has fucked around with it !!! can you post a pic ?
  7. if they are the ones with the antidive then no one will want them unless someone is doing a resto. ive got a set i dont want.
  8. did you throw a few swear words in as well ? always helps
  9. yep just like the GSXR fighter i built in the 90's only their for show ps, you forgot the twin headlights
  10. ive seen lads put the ZX12 callipers on busa's
  11. I put some on my old GSXR1100 years ago just for the look, no oil went through them though
  12. can't say ive ever had a problem with a worn seat as a new valve fixes the issue. but ive heard of people using some sort of abrasive or cutting tool to clean up the edges of the hole in the seat. might be worth a try ?
  13. are you sure the seats are worn ? the needle (float) valve has a rubber tip so generally its the tip that wears not the seat. have the carbs done a lot of miles ?
  14. the name just come to me, "Tourmax" their made in Japan. Ive used them a few times with no problem so far !!!!!
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