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  1. water cooled, whats that ????? leave it oil cooled and convert it to F.I.
  2. has it got a PRI position on the tap ? if so the fuel should flow free to the carbs.
  3. That gives me the heebie-jeebies
  4. TonyGee

    Carb tweeks

    my GSX11 was doing the same thing wraith, I weakened the mixture on the screws half a turn and its almost gone, doesn't effect the ride and rev's right through with no issues. I could mess with the jets or needles but it doesn't bother me. just a tad rich.
  5. its good brain food lacing up wheels, very satisfying whats the plan with the suspension ? leave standard or jack up a bit ?
  6. try vacuum balancing
  7. then it should be entered into the dictionary
  8. is that a real word ?
  9. the first cam chain I replaced waaaaay back in the 80's on an XS250 came with only a split link !!!!!!
  10. I wouldn't like to say for definite if it should be plugged or not !!! but when the cover is on it will act like a blanking plug.
  11. ive seen a few crankcases on the bay and everyone has no blanking plug, if they are a tighish fit then they wouldn't normally fall out, but if they are loose then yeah they could just slide out, nothing in the parts diagram ??? did they maybe do away with them and rely on the cover to blank them off ?
  12. not quite but we are all made from the same stuff as one
  13. if I remember right I think its Brown !!!!
  14. yes Hyvo's are fun !!!!! I have a little splitter for them which has a small pin. the fun bit is putting the very small plates in when you are working on the head, the big danger is to drop a plate down the cam chain tunnel !!!!!! use a shit load of rags in every hole just in case
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