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  1. Is Finland an ‘un-tapped well’ of old skool Suzuki’s?
  2. Good find. What’s the plan?
  3. The amounts and levels are minuscule. I’d split the difference if it was me, and I wasn’t sure.
  4. @Pudzrx 1989 model uses 418cc of SAE 5 Level is 146mm. 1990 model uses 415cc of SAE 5. Level is 145mm.
  5. @ReinhoudPM @wraithI gave him a std. 1978 GS1000 rear wheel. He’ll confirm sizes for you!
  6. That’s where my last two came from (US). It’s the postage that’s the killer!
  7. Swiss Toni


    Make one! Gasket material (or Cornflakes box). Place on top of cam box, tap lightly with small ball pein hammer round edges. Use small ball bearing in holes and tap gently. Simples!
  8. Greetings! Pop over to ‘General’ and say hello properly! You’ll get a far better response by doing that! Plenty of 500/550 info at your fingertips. Go on ... don’t be shy! We don’t bite ... usually!
  9. @homerSo what’s the three ‘pips’ and the 2 for?
  10. Stick a bit oil or moly on the stems when you fit the valves.
  11. Yes, you may have a point there. I never noticed the angle at the head.
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