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  1. Take your grease gun nozzle off the gun. Screw the hose gently into the caliper. Pump! 99.99% of pistons will come out. No fuss!
  2. Good to hear the lads were willing to help out!
  3. You’re well named! Welcome to OSS!
  4. https://alpha-sports.com/spart.php?part_number=22721-27A02
  5. Don’t get too close ... looks like it bites!
  6. 01227-454366. Think they’re in Canterbury.
  7. Saw these on another forum. Interesting to those looking for alternatives?
  8. Michael/Michelle are pretty helpful. The only other thing I can think of is, you can get codes from parts fisches.
  9. Some prefer the cable operation to hydraulic. Many go from hydro setup to cable. Just sayin’
  10. It’s Oil of Wintergreen. Or Wintergreen Oil? Can’t remember! It’s got to be diluted with water, but it works!
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