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  1. Swiss Toni

    78 GS1000 Left for Dead

    Sounds great! It's turned out well!
  2. Swiss Toni

    New here and new for me GSXR750F

    Hello, Billd. Welcome to OSS.
  3. Swiss Toni

    Bandit 600 build with 1200 parts

    Everything you mention is pretty much a straight swap. Front and rear ends go in easily. Don't know about the Mk2 calipers being any worse than the Mk 1's. The 1200 engine should go straight in the frame, if you're thinking about more power. The Mk 1 does, so I can't see the later engine causing any problems. Don't use the std rear shock. Later GSXR models are an improvement. FBOAB will be along shortly to specify, and ... welcome to OSS!
  4. Swiss Toni

    Starter Clutch fail, as per my build thread..

    Surprised no spares, Rick! Have a good look at the rollers then. If all looks serviceable, re-fit & Loctite it to specs. Loose bolt might have been your problem all along.
  5. Swiss Toni

    Starter Clutch fail, as per my build thread..

    Rebuild it, Rick. The rollers get 'threepenny bitted' with age, so a s/h one may be no better than the one you have. Everything will be available as a spare. Just watch out for the small springs getting airborne!
  6. Swiss Toni

    3 cylinder SRAD

    Make sure you get the old stock type with the red label, rather than the 'new improved' shit with the yellow label.
  7. Swiss Toni

    3 cylinder SRAD

    Try running some YamahaCarbCleaner thru' the carbs. Works wonders. Follow the destructions to the letter. Has been known to fettle carbs after 15 yr lay ups! Try it.
  8. Swiss Toni

    Bandit sving arm in GSX1100

    You're not wrong there!
  9. Swiss Toni

    Exhaust system 750et

    Quite possibly. But it won't be cheap. Try Googling Evilbay over the pond.
  10. Swiss Toni

    5/8 offset sprocket question..

    I'm nearly sure a Kaw ZX6R has the same spline as Suzuki. Just can't remember if the offset was 3/8" or 5/8".
  11. Swiss Toni

    Max tire size

    It's possible to fit a 180, but you'll need a modified caliper hanger. Captain Chaos might fill you in, if you ask nicely!
  12. Swiss Toni

    GS1100E Suspension upgrade

    How do! Plenty ideas on here to get you stoked! Welcome!
  13. Swiss Toni

    Max tire size

    Probably 160.