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  1. It’s going to be an interesting project. Something that doesn’t crop up too often. Keep it on the back burner, simmering gently!
  2. The original VF had a poor camshaft lubrication system. Many owner mods done with external system to cams. Nearly did old Soichiro in! Is that not what you’re thinking about?
  3. Less inertia = quicker to pick up?
  4. As has been mentioned on numerous occasions, yes, head and caps are line bored as a set. And, you really shouldn’t mix and match. But, if you’re in a position like you’ve lost/broken one/two caps, and have access to spares, what you got to lose? The procedure is well known. These old GS’s are bombproof, and with a bit of love, will go on forever!
  5. You’re over thinking it. If you’re changing cams for performance reasons, just change the cams! Keep the caps in order, A B C & D. Can’t go wrong.
  6. Sticking yer neck out there a bit, Tones!
  7. The 45 denotes GS750. The 00J will be the colour. Go onto AlphaSports website, and look the ‘fische up.
  8. And make sure the seal groove is spotless. I wouldn’t be too bothered about the cylinder being marked, it’s bad corrosion you need to look out for! Before you assemble it, wash out in Meths, dry with compressed air, and use red rubber grease on the seals. Then go and introduce yourself in ‘General’.
  9. There you are! That didn’t kill you, did it? The whole idea of this forum is to share idea’s, information ect. ‘Its not Rocket Science’!
  10. He’s posting the same question all over Farcebook too!
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