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  1. You'll have to go carefull if you're thinking about using NPT plug. It's tapered. Over tightening will crack the sump. More trouble! Go with the Wurth stuff, as the boys say. Better idea, better job!
  2. Definitely worth a punt. Those tanks are getting quite hard to come by!
  3. 12 fits straight into the 6. Common up-grade with R1/R6 shock.
  4. Welcome, Marc! He's right ... it does look good!
  5. Stick a picture of your Pirtek hoses up. Interested to see how 'Industrial' they look!
  6. Cam price depends on condition. Torque setting for caps is: 8-12nm (6 - 8.5 ft.lbs).
  7. Read 'Frankensteins Pages' in the vault. It's all in there! And welcome to OSS, by the way!
  8. Don't forget the pictures then!
  9. Watched a project build the other day on YouTube. Guy converted a Yam 750 3 cyl from shaft to chain. Lot of work involved. Can't imagine the G being any easier. He did all his own machining too! I suppose if you give it a good coat of looking at, and are able to do the machine work 'in house', it might be worth trying. Put it up as a project if you go ahead. We'd all be interested seeing it, I'm sure!
  10. Swiss Toni


    One's 10 minutes away, the others an hour ... an ultrasonic bath's an ultrasonic bath! Give both a call and compare prices?
  11. There is. I have a few! But ... they're on another 'puter, and I won't be able to get at it for a week at least. Someone else may well have what you're looking for.
  12. Not mine. Someone posted this up a while ago!
  13. Swiss Toni


    Try BDS Motorcycles in North Shields, ask for Dave. He's got a big tank that'll take a full bank! Ferry or tunnel, won't take long! 0191 257 7116.
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