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  1. Probably a proper one ... he's from Cheshire!
  2. Hey Slinky, welcome to OSS! Your tank may be off a GS550. Having said that, the opening does seem small, but will still take a std filler nozzle.
  3. Swiss Toni

    Rotor ID

    Can anyone id these PFM rotors? They were sold to me as EFE fitment many moons ago. To be used with original EFE disc centres. Unfortunately, they don't fit! So, as yet, brand new & un-used! I have a feeling they're a Suzuki fitment, GS1000, Kat, ET/EX ect. Anyone got 6 bolt centres to measure? PFM Rotors. (SO27). OD: 275mm ID: 161mm. Min TH: 4.5mm PCD= 77mm.
  4. Welcome, Rich. Would it not be a lot easier just to go straight for a complete 750 motor? There was best part of an Aircooled one going free on here, not so long ago! Why stick to Aircooled? B6, Teapot 6/750/1100, most oil oilers will fit! Make your mind up, and get some pictures up, because ...
  5. Swiss Toni


    Impossible to find, nowadays. Expensive when you do! Once you see the chrome even slightly bubbling ... it's toast!
  6. Swiss Toni


    @RickCIf your front 'guard is in good condition, give the underside a good clean. Silicone all round the mounting bracket, to stop water & mud getting behind it (this is where they rust). Then, coat the underside of the 'guard with either Hammerite or a rubberised under seal. Then it'll last for years!
  7. 530 it is then! @DezzaIt's bog std, mate. Will post pics when it's done. Playing with electrics at the minute!
  8. Need a new chain/sprockets for the EFE. Currently fitted with monster 630. What size can I safely go down to?
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