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  1. Well, you don't come across many like that nowadays. I think, if you really want something like that, you've just got to go for, no matter what! You'll be glad you did.
  2. See ‘Emperors New Clothes’ in ‘Projects’
  3. Cheers Pauly. I’ll see if I can dig out the ‘photo’s I took of mine, and I’ll PM them.
  4. Sounds about right. I took some ‘photo’s of the RF stem at the time, to show length as fitted to 1100EX headstock, which is 182mm by the way. As is ‘78 GS750. Got any pictures of the mod, Pauly? Sorry for the hi-jack!
  5. @Hanma-shinYou would think so! I’ll measure mine tomorrow. If there’s anyone with GS/GSX bare frames, maybe they could also take a measure to confirm or otherwise? Maybe start a new thread?
  6. Always wait until Robinsons have a sale on certain model spares, then ... buy in bulk!
  7. Looks good! So ... the 1100EZ headstock must be shorter than the 1100ET! I tried using an RF900 lower yoke & stem, and the bloody stem was too short!
  8. They’re good little bikes. Very underrated and almost bulletproof if you tend to the basics. Much more character than the ‘fly by wire’ types!
  9. How do they look with the headlamp fitted? Nice and tight?
  10. Hi Rod. Welcome! Try Alpha Sports.
  11. Assuming you have 750 model? 1100 forks/front end will go straight in. Frames are basically the same. If you’re talking about a more modern set-up, most forks will fit with a stem change. Sometimes even a bearing change will suffice.
  12. Hi John. Welcome to OSS! @wraithwill be along in a mo. He’ll let you know!
  13. I read a post many moons ago, that if you remove your carbs from the bike, and just dump them in a bucket of water for a week, they come out amazingly clean! Many other posters agreed with this, with maybe the addition of a little detergent, or lemon juice. Not saying you shouldn’t still put them through the ‘fizzy tank’ though. But, if you have the time to steep ... what’s the worst that can happen?
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