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  1. I'm sorry, I don't, but can't you use a kit from Venhill, or order custom? https://www.venhill.co.uk/cables-and-components/motorcycle-cables/motorcycle-cables-clutch.html
  2. Found this. If you're not up to fault searching, you might wanna rewire the bike. Rupe has rewired his bike, and left a pretty diagram. https://rupesrewires.com/grahams-cafe-racer/#prettyPhoto
  3. It seems that the previous owner has done something wrong. If the side stand light is illuminated by the gearing into 1st gear, I would trace that circuit. According the schematics, the side stand switch is an NO circuit. It's the only switch that should illuminate the lamp. Start at that lamp and following backwards. Why is it connected together with the neutral switch? That's the real question. Disconnect the neutral switch and see what's happening? @Shakey225 EDIT: The schematics you have uploaded does not contain a side stand relay, as far I can see. Got me thi
  4. Hi You might wanna share your diagram. There's many versions. Helpful looking at the same sheet.
  5. Hi Charles Welcome! Nice bike. Looking forward to this
  6. Hi mate If you're the new owner, and this hasn't been a problem earlier, then I would go for complete cleaning of carbs.it sounds fizzy if you suddenly needs new jets. Might need that anyways, Check parts for wear and tear. Specially rubber and gaskets
  7. Hows your starter brushes? Worn brushes might result in low torque. My starter did not turn over the engine. Changed brushes, and that solved it
  8. Sorry, got an auto correct in my last post. I've ment "can you run us through the setup ". Is the generator original? Rectifier original? Any upgrades?
  9. Maybe I've missed something, but can you run is through your setup; generator, rectifier, size of battery (Ah)?
  10. Hi Welcome! That's a nice bike! Your dad isn't wrong plenty of power, and not so powerful brakes, compared to days standard. Cheers
  11. https://www.wemoto.com/bikes/suzuki/gs_1100_gz/82-84/picture/starter_motor_repair_kit
  12. Man, that's a nice bike!!! Love it! Hit Wemoto.com and select your bike, and order the starter refurbishment kit. Easy as pie. With g11 insulation
  13. You can go for a Chinese hydraulic clutch kit. Will set you back $20 + some fluid
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