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  1. It leads you to a site called cults3d
  2. I found a GSX1100 version of the top one on a site called YEGGI. If you search about on the site you may find the 750 version
  3. Not sure why you would resurrect a old post. Why not just start a new one with your information.
  4. Got a quote for Harris Rotax recently and they want £170+ Vat Had one off then before and they are top quality but it was a bit to steep for me
  5. Need @Wraith as he is the font of all knowledge as far as Suzuki shafts are concerned
  6. I do like the old skool look of a period draw through.
  7. Could convert to shim under bucket. Spitting shims seems to be one of those things people worry about bit never actually experience. I don't know of anyone who it has happened to but suppose it could happen
  8. Definitely different
  9. Penetrating spray. Leave for a while and keep redossing
  10. As Wraith says lots of useful info in the projects section if you can be bothered to look
  11. Usually for front end easier to go for complete front off something Then it is just a matter of sorting steering stem and bearings. Use your own stem pressed into new set of yokes (triple tree)
  12. Usually spacers. For the simple ones You say you want wider so I presume you will be going to 17 inch? Then it will be how wide. 160 is fairly straightforward. Probably just spacers and narrow chain 530 or less. 180 and your into a bit more work.
  13. Hi. Welcome to OSS
  14. GS750L semi custom? If so you will struggle more than normal as it was never a popular model In the UK May find one in the USA as that was the market it was aimed at but shipping will be expensive. May have to look at something than nearly fits and modifications to adapt it. DOH just noticed you are in USA so a troll round the breakers is beat option
  15. Fazz711


    It may seem obvious but you learn by doing. Start at your knowledge base so if you truly know nothing as other a have said basic servicing and work up from that point
  16. EFFs come with at least two types of clip on. I think one was with the fairing which were quite high. The other was on the naked and were quite low. Sure someone will know the hight difference
  17. Wall thickness isn't an issue with wear. None of it is rotating other than the bearings.
  18. Can you not open the slot up to 30mm?
  19. I miss the small local breakers. Used to have Jax spares you would go in and they would say hi captain. When you had been going in a while you got promoted all the way up to general.
  20. I would also give it some miles . Keep checking the oil and after a bit of running in try compression check. Then make some decisions
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