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  1. Will be worth the hassle making mounts for it as it looks so right imho
  2. That looks the part. Could have been made for it
  3. Were the plugs from reputable company. I have heard of nock off NGK ones doing the rounds
  4. May have to be fitted before the engine
  5. That is really nice
  6. You may find one of the machinest will do simple spacers on there break
  7. Make my own spacers but sounds like not an option for you. Find a local engineering shop and they should be able to make them to you size and spec
  8. You may find some Raask to fit . I got some for a Albania but the quality was not as good as back in the day
  9. Looking really good. Very nice work.
  10. Guhnrig cobalt drill set are superb. Set 1mm to 10.5incuding tapping drill sizes are about £60 and well worth it. I got mine from MSC direct
  11. I'm with Bluedog59 I had simalar problems in the past and turned out to be fuel restricted by filter. Not complete blockage but enough to slow it right down so it felt like running out of fuel
  12. I prefer the mk1 but then I am biased as I have one lol.
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