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  1. Nice sharp knurling will sort the stem fit
  2. In theory a silver engine should be cooler than a black one but in reality never found its made much difference
  3. Only ever seen it done on big bore GS. Think it may have been done on period race Gsxr slabs. Can't remember if it was mentioned in the official hop up Suzuki manual. May be worth a look online for a copy of that as it had other good info on tuning 750 slabs
  4. Finding a good unworn set of vm29s is not a budget option lol
  5. A popular thing in the past was to bore the vm29 out to 33mm. Seen them used on some very trick gs thous
  6. Bit left field but is the rev counter accurate?
  7. EFE look the best of that type of peg arrangement
  8. Also think you would regret it if you had sold it. I regret selling almost all of the bikes I have sold.
  9. Fazz711

    Cracked head

    Seen this a lot and never seems to be a problem. Most have pulled head off for some other reason and found to be cracked.
  10. Hi bud welcome to OSS. R. T. F. R
  11. Fazz711

    Old Newby

    Hi welcome back to OSS
  12. Like the older ts185 We had two ts185c back in time
  13. Had a few dyna set ups all were good and reliable
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