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  1. Have a look in the vault SSR tuning tips are very extensive from a very knowledgeable guy
  2. Least you could do
  3. Likely to spit it out
  4. Seen lots cracked. Not worth the getting repaired just use it.
  5. For sale wanted and trade section open after 50 posts
  6. Baja foam grips there's a blast from the past LoL
  7. Not heard of a four valve being converted to two valve. Not sure it is possible without a lot of work. Don't remember a four valve 850 but other markets got some odd stuff. May be worth a search
  8. Had similar vibration problems with GSX. Made some heavy stainless bar ends and that helped
  9. Think the 1000 only had limited run of a couple of years. Fairly sure it wasn't a long term Japan model like the 1100 was.
  10. The chart in the vault ( first page) may help. Welcome to OSS
  11. Don't think they came standard but a lot have after market ones
  12. Both 1000 and 1100 identical apart from some internal engine bits and some countries have different carbs
  13. Wish I had bought the V&M Kat thou that broke a load of speed records at Elvington back in the day. Was being sold by Ace in Chapel but couldn't quite make the deal happen. Often wonder what happened to it.
  14. Helicoils are fine if done right. I would use them. Timesert are bit more suited to the application but as said expensive for a one off.
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