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  1. Nice. Suit the GS perfectly
  2. Not done it myself but have been told you can use cable ties to hold the rings in place
  3. Looks like the switch with no on off may be for north America Market. I have a SRAD which is the same. That is a grey import from Canada I believe. My previous SRAD was UK one and had on off on the lights.
  4. Probably depends what you pay for. If you pay for set up you will get set up if you pay just for a run to see where its at that's what you will get
  5. Hi bud. Welcome to OSS. Nice project
  6. Doesn't look like an ET swingarm. Looks possibley bandit with twin shock mounts welded on.
  7. Some people do restore to OEM original for the passion of doing it not for financial reasons but then there's nowt so queir as folk lol
  8. Go for it. One of the best air cooled lumps you can get
  9. What bike? If its a gs1000 1085 is a good choice. Had two loved them both
  10. Looking good with the black
  11. A friend had nitron on one. Apparently it came from a MK 1 1200 bandit. I have it now and it fits nice in my bandit so would think a bandit one will fit. The Nitron works really well on mine
  12. Fazz711

    Exhaust stud

    Try a few heat cycles and spray pen in between.
  13. Best to keep them matched but can be swapped if careful that everything turns OK
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