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  1. It’s good to build something different, I approve of that, but it’s a lot of work if it’s not something that’s standout WOW!! Compatible = Bandit, GSXR, GSX-F. Watercooled / injected…. well, it’d have to be a Busa lump for some DIY B-King butchery.
  2. Mine went straight on. It was a while back but I don’t remember any dramas, 10 minute job. Took me a while to get used to them, the riding position and steering feel etc all felt odd initially, now it feels normal and a stock 14 feels like a chopper to me, I wouldn’t go any higher on the bike that’s using them. I keep an eye out for a 14 arm for another project I have but they aren’t common or cheap here.
  3. I have 4 here at the moment. The Busa clutch takes a lot of abuse but hard launches are let down by that awful BTL but that’s an easy fix as I’m sure you know. I assume you mean Gen-1 or 2. The 3 has a very complicated power-assist clutch that folk are retro fitting a modded Gen-2 unit to.
  4. Thanks for the updates redgs1000. I’m enjoying watching the build. Im running lift blocks on one of my borderline OSS bikes. Have’nt tried different shocks yet, they took a little getting used to. Going from a 190/50 to a 200/50 or 190/55 wasn’t enough lift, adding the blocks with a taller tyre was too much so now I’m on blocks and back to a 190/50. Internet experts tell me to just get the right length shocks…. LOL.
  5. I don’t pretend to be a 2-smoke fan, but I love this thread. A collection, a decent shed or garage, passion for your bikes, it ticks so many box’s, well done. It’s hard not to approve with a tag like “busa1300”. They are more my thing. Well done that man.
  6. 931k’s (578 miles) to the pub on a Saturday for beer and pizza, naked bike with a pillion, same home on the Sunday. I was a bit vague at 5am at work on the Monday morning though. The bold numbers are distances to the next town as I was trying to minimise fuel stops.
  7. I have Quadlock mounts on 3 of my bikes (the ones I use for distance). Great system, 160+hp bikes and riding like an arse the phone is held tight. Heaps of options, Stem mounts, bar mounts etc etc. Options to add wireless chargers too. I won’t use anything else. Doing 500+ mile days on big thirsty bikes I predominantly use google maps. Big help knowing distance to the next servo for fuel at a glance. Needed to find a bike shop in a town I didn’t know, it took me straight to the door. I used maps and pre written instructions for decades. Maps on my phone offers so much more and is quicker and easier to use. It’s never been a distraction and on local fun rides or with mates I just turn it off. Short version: The correct answer to the question. Quadlock.
  8. My 1100 Kat was the same. Came up nice with a bit of Autosol so I left it like that. Bike had a few polished bits. Cap went dull if neglected for ages but came good again easy enough.
  9. All good. Same here. Even though my older bike projects haven’t got much attention recently I’ve still picked up stuff to squirrel away ready.
  10. Nice. A good start. I have something similar that I stashed away (along with a 99 Bandit 12) for a future build but life and several other projects are in front of it. I hope you keep updating the build on here, it’s interesting and I need the motivation.
  11. It was a while back but I went the same way. Ended up with JMC chopping my concentric’s off and welding on 6” drag adjusters. I’m not sure who’d be best to do it now but it’s certainly no big drama.
  12. Tea pot = GSXF 6 / 7 Powerscreen = 1100F (Well, to me anyway) Teapot name refers to the shape, bulbous rounded main bodywork and the spout as the tail, doesn’t really fit the 1100. What Slabbie roller is it? G, H, J ? Any pics?
  13. Similar story here. New bikes, Slabsider roller etc. Theres a lot of Bandit 12’s around…
  14. I think ones like the 1290 SuperDuke’s were still 40mm shorter than my Bandits.
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