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  1. I was a bit obsessed with fitting Renthal 789’s to my bikes for a while. Often needing new cables. I never had one made. My standard method was to take the old cables into a few bike shops and ask for “same ends but xx inches longer”. I’ve ended up with cables from naked road bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers etc, but always something that was off the shelf and not custom made. How helpful your local stores spares counter is makes a huge difference.
  2. If a stranger walks into my shed, says hi, introduces them self, takes an interest and has a chat, we’re on the same wavelength, I’m happy to help them. If a stranger walks into my shed and their first opening words are “How do I do this” my reaction will be somewhat different. I’ve been pulled into line on here a few times, going off topic, non relevant bikes etc. The site is what it is, being different to others is what makes if better than others. It’s rules and guidelines are here for a reason and work.
  3. Nice. There was a time they were a bit overlooked for Kats, 1135’s, ET’s, not anymore. I’d love one. The EZ’s, ESD etc are certainly desirable. Very nice. I’m a little bit envious you have one so tidy.
  4. I don’t judge my bikes by lap times, horsepower, pub bragging or the attention they get. Mine are rated by the smiles they put on my face. A scabby old Bandit with Renthals, a big bore 1980 ET, an old Slabbie 11, a supercharged H2 or Gen-3 Busa all get my attention and all put a huge grin on my face, old or new, modded or stock. Im a huge fan of Old Skool bikes but I don’t buy into the Practical Piss and Werthers Luddite mantra that new bikes are crap, bland or unusable. Old bikes and new bikes offer something different. You can appreciate them both.
  5. 200 when they are flashed and derestricted. My H2 used to back the butterfly’s off at high revs, 100% at the grip gave something like 12% at the throttle body’s at high revs, (why they gain 40+hp with a flash). My Gen-3 won’t give full throttle at lower revs but does higher up untill flashed. Stock new bikes are quite tame, but easy to wake up. The amount of tech makes 200 ponys very useable if somewhat less challenging.
  6. My neighbour tutors. We’ve talked about going for a ride. Considering he’s beat Rossi / Biaggi etc on a good day and won a few MotoGP’s I guess he’d be OK for a few tips. God knows what he’d make of me on one of my bike though!
  7. Very much this ^ I recently sold a supercharged H2 and have a Gen-3 Busa. I love new bikes but they don’t offer the same as Old Skool bikes. I’m not a Piss and Werthers bore, I like old and new, but you can have a real challenging ride and a heap of fun without the horsepower new bikes have. You work harder but it’s very rewarding.
  8. 168hp on a somewhat optimistic dyno. Carbon can, air filter, upgraded clutch springs and new Suzuki plates… and 60hp worth of nitrous! Battery in tail with an extension made from 2 car starter motor leads, fuel pump and solenoids in the battery box, foggers in the inlets, micro switch on the carbs so it only triggered on full throttle when armed and fired, switch on the bars that turned the horn button into the nitrous bottle, 2.5lb bottle mounted at the correct angle and within reach. I went through a LOT of gas in short bursts. OEM and untouched factory tyres, brakes, suspension etc kept life quite entertaining.
  9. Not in the UK so not familiar with this. Whats the basic rules ? 1980’s / 90’s frame and engine ? Pretty much OSS acceptable minus Busa’s and GSX14’s ? Very cool though. I’ll try and find more on it.
  10. I’m a huge Busa fan, I have Gen-1, 2 and 3 powered bikes here. It’s my default go-faster answer ! Yeah, my 14 has a full Yoshimura Cyclone, PC111 and some dyno time and is surprisingly healthy. Mildly tuned 14’s do respond well to a good pipe. I’ll follow your posts with interest. Although the 14 isn’t an ideal powerhouse it’s a good solid lump is reliable and grunty, mine won’t get butchered as it’s so nice to use as it is, but I’d love to find another to tinker with. Good luck with the project and I look forward to updates.
  11. I know it’d mean sourcing all the externals, but as a comparison I use my 14 back to back with my Bandit. The Bandit motor is a bit lighter, and easier to find parts and upgrades for, but the 14 has noticeably more grunt and fuels much better. I’ve had more issues and work with my (admittedly 1999) Bandit carbs than my 14’s injection. Normally aspirated the 12 would be easier to find some horsepower with its history, popularity and GSXR family, but even without throwing money at less restrictive cam’s, the 14 responds well to a Yoshi or Akra full system, a Powercommander and some dyno time and the stock injection seems up to the job unless you’re after huge numbers…. but then you’d have a Busa motor anyway.
  12. Oldskool style seperate carbs with a 1 into 4 cable would be do able and bypass any spacing issues.
  13. A mate here (AU) with some serious skills and a heap of gear knocked out a pair of wheels for one of his bikes. Can’t see what a pair of wider replica in 17” wheels couldn’t be done. It certainly wouldn’t be a cheap option but you’d get exactly what you were after. My Busa frames been welded back up, I know to a GSXR750 with some serious surgery to take a turbo Busa motor and I’ve seen alloy frames on dragbike get the head stocks removed and refitted. It wouldn’t be a bloke down the pub with a cheap Halfords mig, but I’m sure wider wheels is quite possible.
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