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  1. Have a look at the cam chain tensioner & guide for cracking. Measure camchain for stretch.
  2. I bought one a couple of years ago from a guy that worked in SEM. £100 still in the box!
  3. Got to be 100%. I’m about to buy an 1127 cover if definite fit! Also need to know if it’ll seat on faces over starter gear internals.
  4. From ‘The Pages’ STARTER MOTOR COVERS. The startermotor covers from the 1127’s are all the same (The startermotor covers from the 1052 engines are not the same) The 1127 covers can be recognized by a kind of bubble, to accommodate the bigger starter motor. The 600′ and 750’s have a smaller starter motor, and the top line of these covers is straight. (I believe the 1052 motors also have this smaller starter motor and cover). Covers can be swapped among the 600’s and 750’s, but an 1127 cover only fits an 1127. I’ve read it properly this time! So, no! Neither 750/1050 or 1127 covers will fit. All part no’s are different. B12 covers must only fit B12’s ….. or, do they???
  5. Will a cover from a 750/1127 fit a Mk1 B12? Nothing in Frankensteins Pages, unfortunately. FBOAB???
  6. Washer stops the spring cutting the o ring!
  7. Thrust washer behind drum missing?
  8. You’ve got a good start there. Just think what you want to do first. Don’t rush into it and change things. Take your time and do it right!
  9. But it was! Straight in, no bother.
  10. Thought it was the same as @Tony Nitrous? Looks it. I thought if that’s what you’re after, it might be a good lead to the owner.
  11. Steel City Classics winner yesterday. Try to get in touch?
  12. I’ve got the microfiche for ET/EX. I’ll have a look later on, and see what’s on the first few pages. The codes may well be there ... but numbers won’t tell you if that’s the colours you’re after!
  13. Stroke is 137mm. Don’t know eye to eye! You could call Hagon, and ask them to look at their spec sheets. Very obliging.
  14. Pity you’re in Arizona. I have a standard system here.
  15. Two nice bikes! Welcome to the OSS!
  16. Stick an oil cooled motor in it. You’ve got a good start. And, welcome to OSS!
  17. It’s very nice. You’ve done a good job! Did you get the wheels powder coated? If so, gloss or satin? As far as I know, the UK speedo is a straight swap. I hope it is!
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