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  1. Thought that might be the case. The 1100 cam wheels might also take up camchain slack that I may not have! Thanks for the advice!
  2. When using 1100 cams in a 1000 motor, do I use the 1000 camwheels on the 1100 cams, or use 1100 cams with their original camwheels? I ask, as 1000 wheels are 30T, whereas 1100 are 34T.
  3. Very nice. Lucky man!
  4. Cheers, mate! I’ll dig mine out and do a comparison.
  5. Is cutting the rot out, and welding in a piece of pipe an option?
  6. Check the part numbers out on an online fische.
  7. No ‘Cunning Plan’ for ‘that c*nting tank’ then, Balders???
  8. Just something a wee bit different, Tones. Stands out!
  9. Am liking ... Orange!
  10. I’d also be interested in a piccie. In the same boat!
  11. Ask for Karen 07960 398049. Or, try kazbiggs@hotmail.com
  12. As per ‘The Vault’ The valve covers are different depending on the cam chain type, and the cylinder head size. The B6 cover only fits the B6. The B12 cover only fits the B12. The 750R-90 and 91 covers are the same. All the 1127 and the 750R-88/89 cam covers are the same.
  13. @Mike711There you go. 750ET also available, if req!
  14. I’ve got an 1100ET one. I’ll post it up in a bit.
  15. I had mine done in the black/blue as well. I like that red too! Different!
  16. I quite like this. Never seen another one like it!
  17. He’s probably away out to buy a car now!
  18. Maybe. The case sizes are the same, but the difference in length might be because of the frame size?
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