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  1. I’m already starting to dribble!
  2. And, some casings have a blind hole from the main gallery, which is near the starter ring idler gear. Others have a blind hole at the front. You need to know exactly what you need.
  3. No. They’re all different. But … the difference in a part number could just mean a colour change. What’s the stator mounting ring dia. and bolt size? Have you got the original case? There’s numbers inside, what are they? A picture says a thousand words!
  4. Post up links for Polish & Chinese sources please?
  5. Go to The Vault, and read Frankensteins Pages. There, you will learn what fits … and what doesn’t!
  6. These are the std. wheels for EF 3 spokes are an upgrade
  7. Both 750 and 1100 ET frames are the same. So are the tanks.
  8. Get them re-chromed. Either Philpots or HCP&G. Both good.
  9. Mod chappie. I was just going to ask to get it moved! You’re too quick for an old timer! Cheers me dear!
  10. Regarding, the op’s post, Are these fucking cams fucking fucked, or fucking what??? For fucks sake! I’ve got 3 Slabbie 750 cams in the garage. I knew they were bad. So, I decided to stick them up, with pics, in the ‘For Sale’ section as, Vintage, ultra rare high lift cams, ‘taken from Kevin Schwantz’s race engine. One race only. Rare, one grind only and reputed to be Yoshimura pre-production’. £600. Buy it now price £750. But, I was a bit scared to put them up in case someone took me seriously! I forgot to mention ‘Barn Find’ as well That’s always good for another 50 quid! As it happens, when I dug them out … they’re nowhere as bad as I thought they were! So … Just fuckin’ witcha! PS. I’d love to show ya what I just bought this afternoon, but …..
  11. £70??? I'd think he was taking the piss if he was asking more than a tenner! Robbing bastard!
  12. He should be paying you to take them to the tip, ffs!
  13. Kenny. There’s fucked, and there’s fucked. They are definitely … fucked. And you should tell the seller to go and get … fucked!
  14. 1100 Katana should go straight in.
  15. Drop Dave Degens an email. He’ll probably fill in the gaps?
  16. Well, as the Yanks say … ‘There ‘ain’t no substitute fer cubes’!
  17. Heaviest motor I ever lifted was a H*n*a VF1000. What a weight! I also had a CBX1000Z six on the bench. I thought, ‘If that goes, it’s taking me with it’! Admitted defeat. Got help.
  18. Not getting a hernia. Getting a hernia!
  19. Sounds like you’ve got a bit of a job on your hands with that motor. They can take a lot of abuse, so all is not lost! Just go through it methodically, as you seem to be doing, and you’ll triumph in the end. And, welcome to OSS! (We need more pictures)!
  20. Ok, lads. Thanks for the input.
  21. So the stem won't fit the B6 headstock?
  22. Anyone know if a B12 top yoke will mate up to an RF900 lower yoke?
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