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  1. Head bearings, fronts discs, pads and beer, got a fair bit done yesterday
  2. Its really growing on me , thinking of changing the wheel colour for burnt metallic orange though
  3. Sorted the coils, fitted new Hyperpro fork springs, seal & bushes, discs & pads arriving today. But on the plus side did about 275 mile in one day at the weekend with no major issues on a flying visit to the Kingdom of Fife @KATANAMANGLERi waved twice on the way past yours, would have called but it was pishing down and was on a mission.
  4. Got the 900 manual if you want me to send over pics of the details mate
  5. Run a 1230 kit with dialed in stock cams & 36mm gsxr carbs in my efe, definitely gives more torque.
  6. Me too, I run a 170 rear tyre to sort the tyre issue.
  7. I had the same problem with non OEM, went back to genuine parts in my 1230 EFE, hey presto....sorted
  8. The seats nextand its had its moments with me, still wait for it to bite back now and again though
  9. Cheers chap, have got a suzuki manual for it now too and a fork seal tool so should be ok
  10. Like a beast, refurbed the carbs with a new dynojet kit, all new fuel lines & filters, cleaned the tank filters out. Found an intermittent fault on one of the coils, trimmed the corroded section of HT lead back & so far it's been ace. Got a new set of mini 3ohm Dyna's & leads for the EFE so the old ones are going on the Fink when I get them swapped over, hopefully big fat sparks will help even more, was out the other day 29mpg thought these things were supposed to do more than that it's nearly as bad as effie.
  11. And need to learn how to do fork seals, always had them done elsewhere so far.
  12. Got some goodies for the RF, all started cos of a popped fork seal. Got a handle bar conversion to fit just had top yoke PPC coated at work, renthals of course & new brake master cylinder & lever. New fork internals, Hyperpro progressive springs, new bushes, seals, dust covers. Rear shock is a GSXR K4, typically it all arrived as I started in on my next shift block so non of it will be getting touched for a while
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