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  1. Yes and it also looks the same as on the kat 750 (important one that looks like the 1100 lol ) Bit different but I'm running a gsx750f CDI on my b12 powered ET and it work just fine. They all do the same basic job by turning the pulse from the atu to a signal to a coil to spark.
  2. Also, are you not getting a spark on all 4 cylinders? If you have blown a fuse in a big way check that you still have main power
  3. Will a gs550 one work? Just thinking, as you can put the top end off the 650 onto a 550 bottom end and still use all the 550 electronic bits, the 550 CDI should do the same job as the 650?
  4. Welcome to OSS, Unless you like building engine's for the fun of it, not that much gane to be had.
  5. Run the bike regularly and let it worm up over its lay up over the winter, then you keep oil going round all the moving parts and clutch, cams etc don't dry out and course you problems in spring
  6. wraith

    Head question

    Just for info lol The 85/86/87 and 90/91 750 barrels will fit the b6 bottom end. I'm told and hope, as will be fitting some on a b6 bottom end in the future.
  7. wraith

    Head question

    Valves are smaller and ports are way way smaller
  8. I always use these Use them on 3 different big oil cooled motors
  9. wraith


    Seat unit looks a lot better than that yellow thing
  10. Nice to get bikes back on the road Welcome in
  11. You will need to remove all parts/jets from the carbs mian jets, pilot jets, pilot screws, also remove the emulsion tubes out of the carbs. If you have not got one, a manual will help at this point. The diaphragms should be soft and flexible or they won't work (pictures always helps. As @TonyGee says not having the air box on and the carbs not being jetted for the extra air flow will not help with the bike running problems.
  12. If you've got the wheel in central and the chain run running straight, job do what's the problem apart from a misleading heading
  13. Looks like a good turnout for OSS
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