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  1. You could get you standard cams reground, use the 816cc kit and have the head ported/flowed. O course you will be running a good exhaust
  2. wraith

    1100 rebuild

    Welcome to OSS I take it being a 91 it's a oil cooled motor not air ? You will find the best way is to build the bottom end and fit the positions to the con rods then slide the barrels onto the piston. You can get piston ring clams but I've never got on with them.
  3. wraith


    Arr, this is why I type gibberish at times
  4. wraith


    MK1 bandit 1200 I believe the spacing is the same but if memory serves the stem where it goes through the top yoke is a different size.
  5. But the srad had a (think) 32mm spindle or should I say much much bigger than the 20mm and I don't think you can get bearings to reduce down to the 20mm Also had a 220mm brake disc not a 240mm
  6. Slingshot never had standard straight spokes, W/C 750 wn etc maybe.
  7. Just one more thing, the black is straight spocked?
  8. They are mix and match, you need to put up pictures of the numbering etc that's stamped on the wheels if they are both 20mm spindles I'd guess they will be ever b12 or RF9.
  9. The 80-83 and the 83-86 engines are different engines. Also try the MTC site for kits
  10. You can/could get a gsx750 big bore kit, think it was a 810cc kit ? But you could still use standard gaskets etc.
  11. Be easier to just get a w/c bandit
  12. I've used the 750et gears in GS 850 and 1000 many times with good results. Just read that people have used them in the 1100 and had a mate that used the 750et gears in his 1100/1170 et But that's what he said
  13. The gsx750et have a higher volume gears than the gsx1100et, they also fit the gs850/1000 not 100% on the 750 and don't know if they will fit the efe
  14. @Johntthe rules or RTFR as also known are near the top of the general section
  15. Not heard of it being done but would be very interesting if it can be done.
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