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  1. I know you know what you're doing, but the hanging revs is not a sticking throttle cable or something like the handle bar grip just rubbing on a end weight or the switch gear?
  2. I know it's a different engine etc, but the miss gsxr1100k (1127) is running dual K&n's b12 MK1 carbs with cobra exhaust. The setting on that is, 155 main jets (Dyna jets) Pilot screws at 2 1/2 turns out And needle set in center grove. Runs fine no real hanging or poping
  3. I will see if I can find a diagram. Think I saw someone on here at some point with a set of later gsxr ones fitted to a oil cooled bike ?
  4. Take it, when you say 2nd clip you are saying from the top grove? Or are you going 2nd grove for the bottom? A numpty question but just want to make sure, as some people go from the top and others from the bottom
  5. Has anybody fitted the gsx 1250 w/c (bandit) clocks to a oil cooled MK2 bandit 12?
  6. wraith

    my zuma 7/12

    A bit of work put into that, looks nice
  7. If a good running engine complete £700 seems to be the asking price theses days on Eblag but if you don't know anything about the engine and it's been just sat under a bench for years £250 but I wouldn't touch it till I've at least taken the cam cover off, as the cams will probably be fu**ed and are very hard to find theses days. Don't forget if it's been sat there, you will at least need the replace the valve stem seals as they would probably be hard by now, so a gasket set will be needed and that will be at least £150 going of the last I get but that was about 3 years ago. Seen b12 engines up for sale on here for £400 or less in good condition. Don't see many gsx1100f engines
  8. I've got a b12 engine in my gsxf. The only thing I had to change was the engine breather on top of the cam cover and put the skimmer gsx750f one on. Running standard b12 carbs but with K&N dual pod filters. All in my build thread gsx1100f hellcat
  9. Should have 14.5v at 3000 rpm if it reading that the charging system should be ok. If you're losing charge/getting a flat battery over night, you are every unlucky and got a duff battery or probably a bad earth somewhere.
  10. The smaller one is off the gsxr 1127 and MK1 b12 The larger one is off the gsxr 1052. The problem with my clutch I've found is it's hard to put into neutral when the bike is running but it doesn't slip or drag. Found the church basket and hub have groves in them where the plates rub.
  11. wraith


    If it has the same plugs, it will work. some have the wider 3mm pins and the latter ones have the smaller pins and I don't know what yours would have, you'd have to have a look. But if it has this strange wire it may not help? I can't answer that, don't suppose you know anyone over there who has a b6 you could try there CDI ? I was running a 750 CDI on a b6 I built.
  12. wraith


    I'd say CDI but someone else will probably know more
  13. wraith


    Is the Speedo a worm drive or electric type? I don't know but my guess the cdi
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