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  1. it makes sense to me.
  2. Ended up paying £90 for one. I'm surprised @Hanma-shin has not block this for not being 100% OSS
  3. wraith


    Yes, it's a cam cover breather gasket lots on eblag. Always nice to introduce yourself in the general section (bit down the listing page ) You will get better response to your questions if we know who we are replying to Edited it then
  4. And not a toilet roll in sight
  5. The front end came a bit light now and then
  6. Took some thinking on this one as it was about 8 years ago but I was running 15 front 48 rear with cbr1000 (17") rear wheel 530 chain
  7. Been done many times, just have a look for info on 7/11 or have a look at the project pages
  8. Gs1000/850 (and gs1100 not a lot of them about) Did have a set of v&h gsxr on a gs1000 needed bolt hole elongated And I would think any of the big air cooled kwaks.
  9. I like Dezza, think the problem you will have is fitting them with the down tubes of the frame cradle. Also the standard gsxr1000 pipes hang down quite a lot, so you may find you can't use the link pipe. you sometimes need to tweak them around the header's to get them to sit in the oil cooled ports. There is one way to find out 100% ,fit them and let us all know how it goes
  10. I've never used the resistors before, always used the led flasher relay and never had a problem with led indicator working. I use the cheep from China (less than £5) The only time I had a problem was with some with 3 wires as one wire was for a side light in the led indicator and you had to have the lights on for the indicator to work.
  11. Welcome to OSS. First pop over to General and say hi and free when you're there 4 turns out is a lot, I'm not got a set of gsxr750 38mm carbs set that much. Don't know what the standard settings are on a 2002 bike (bit new for me ) Some people like DJ kits and some don't, me I think the work very well but to get the best results you do need to find out if a stage 1, 2 or 3 is best. If you're running a aftermarket zorst with baffled and can and going to use a free flowing air filters, I'd look at more a stage 2
  12. That will be in about 3-4 months time then
  13. If you need a side stand or clutch cut out switch, to stop you from dropping your bike, I think the rides skills need some looking at as well as the bike You'll only do it once and then you will remember next time. We would hope
  14. Have a look in the search as the was/is a complete post/tread on side stand removeal. You my need to go back a bit.
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