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  1. Is the starter clutch starting to slip when worm, has the bolt came undone ?
  2. Yes the gsx600f carbs will work with the correct intake rubbers. As above exhaust, with some exhausts you end up with a bit 100% carb set up. When you're going to get the dyna st3 kit, give Dyna UK a bell tell them what you have and they can hear the kit to more what you need, they are very helpful I find, think the man you need to speak to is called Phil if I remember right
  3. If you don't like it, don't come back There is always Google for answers It's not a case of stopping people just asking questions then never heard of again, it's just good manners.
  4. Welcome to OSS, nice interdiction with jumping in with just a question
  5. +1 on the make them yourself Venhill cables
  6. That's a question only you can answer for yourself. All depends on whether you are a sheep or a indidual
  7. Try the volt, might be something in there
  8. @Tony Nitrous & @bluedog59 Both true words It's not what's between your legs, but how you can use it in all ways
  9. I'm running a 120 link on the kat with gsxr750wr swing arm. I won't look for anything less than that. Best way is, if you have a old chain or know someone with one, put that on and then count the amount of links you need extra around the rear sprocket.
  10. If it only goes to 80mph I would think it's a replacement job
  11. Gsxf/b600 will fit the gsxr/gsxf750 motors and the gsxr1052
  12. You could just fit a turbo
  13. I've always said to much is never enough but these days I still say the same but don't turn the throttle as much
  14. And you have ride a dinosaur, instead of just being a board a fast well handling modern bike
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