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  1. Looks nice. Not sure about the pink grips
  2. The 40mm carbs are renowned not to work right without the airbox.
  3. If it flat spot is 6-7000 rpm it's the main jet you need to increase. Go up 2 sizes and see how it runs. Why the last groove, to lift the needles, you'd probably find that if you lowered the needles you will get it serging lower revs and when at a constant speed. 6-7000 rpm is where the main jet is taking control of the fuel from the needles. And welcome to OSS
  4. That doesn't look good to me, looks like your going to put the front wheel into the exhaust or frame at any time you ride it, sometimes a bad idea is just a bad idea.
  5. Your putting shorter forks in which are meant for a lighter bike, then putting a 19" wheel and mud guard on. The first thing I'd look at, is on full comparison of the forks with the 19" wheel in place, will the wheel or mud guard hit anything?
  6. You may find it hard to get a off the shelf exhaust for the 650. The sharp front end may have something to do with the rear end, sounds daft but sometimes bad handling at one end can be course but the other end, as you still have the standard 650 rear wheel with its not very wide tyre and the tyre will be mist match and compound ie the being a zr rated the rear being no where near that. Just a thought.
  7. It won't harm. What size tyre do you have on the front 120/70/17 ? Also have a play with the tyre pressure, dropping it down to say 33 psi will make it a bit more slower
  8. Yes you can have two yokes welded together (fork part) The bandit 12 MK1 also has the 43mm fork legs so if you can't find a gsxr yoke to cut up, you could use a b12 yoke.
  9. Got a Chinese one about 3 years ago for my gs1000 still on the bike with not problems.
  10. Info needed, What engine, what exhaust, what carbs etc etc
  11. Welcome back As with all things, how deep are your pockets for a good cheep stainless one have a look at Delkevic exhausts or black widow. B6/B12 down pipes I believe will fit the gsxr750. The gsxr1000 do fit the 1100 but do hang a bit low so on a 750 ground clearance maybe a problem.
  12. +1 with Dezza, AN8 for me all the time. AN10 are just to big on the fittings, I think the 10 just look to big on a air/oil cooled bike
  13. I bet there is, but is there anybody running gsxr1052 tin top carbs on a gs1000 tuned or standard. Could you tell me the carb settings you have as a starting point? Was thinking a 136 main with k&n pod filters and open end can? Thanks
  14. I thought, you'd be the man who knows
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