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  1. A non in-depth answer to the question is NO As he's not put any other posts up I think he has had no one offering to build it for him so has fucked off and got a HD
  2. With all what's been done to the engine, you have to ask yourself why did the last owner sell it.
  3. Not 100% on this, have a look at Frankinsten pages there something about bearing with the 6speed box that needs to be changed/ case altered.
  4. Just to get the basic, have you had the bike/engine running with a working clutch? Or is it a engine you've not had running on the road?
  5. Something wrong with the center hub it's sticking out to far looking at the pics Yes you're right 92mm push rod for gsx1100f
  6. I got a complete set of steels and fibers from Robinson's about 5 years ago for my gax1100f engine/clutch all the fibers came the same part number and they told me that was right, and haven't had any problems with it. Will till I made a Ti push rod and got the size/length mix up The push rod is the same size as the gsxr 101mm I know this as I order a new one for the gax1100f from Robinson's to make sure I had the right size By the way the pressure plate is the same as the 1100 slaby
  7. Ok the man is in the US if the 650 chain drive can be got over there, why piss about swapping top ends just put the hole 650 engine in? Also, yes there was a gs700 and a gs500 (not the twin ) there was also a gs750 shaft drive, think it was because if emissions?
  8. Err gsx1100g (1127cc) gsx1100f (1127cc) gsxr1100 (1127cc) all the same but very different
  9. Just don't put a brown seat on the Suzuki, put it on the HD
  10. Depends on how much beer you have had or not had could be both
  11. Thank you sir, lots of them
  12. I would think that battery would be ok on its side as they are a dry cell Been a long time since I've alter my timing and will need to check the best timing but if you do a search or start at topic someone will know off the top of there head
  13. Lol good luck with that, as they are harden steel Have a look on that site for APE slotted cam sprockets, they have a slot instead of a M6 bolt hole. If it was me, I'd just alter the ATU timing much easier to do with a Strobe light, and you will be able to feel the pick up when riding. You only see good benefits doing the cams if you're using hi lift cams. Swing arm, you have two types you have put in your links, one a shaft drive swing arm and the other a gsx1100 (4v) neaver will fit a gs550 frame, (unless your 550 is a shaft drive lol) the gsx1100 swing arm has a differe
  14. As far as I know, you will need slotted can sprockets the degree the cams, for what it's worth I wouldn't bother myself, not like your running race cams, yes remove the valves and clean them with brass brush, but stay away from matting area and lap in with past.
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