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  1. What piston's you using?
  2. Dose anybody know what size valve's are in the gsx600f head? My manual don't give the valve size
  3. I would not be worried about that.
  4. If it's reving through in all gears, I wouldn't think it's ATU. As the ATU would not advance in all gears not just top.
  5. Dose it rev through the rev range in all gears? If so can't see it being ATU, probably main jet. Plug chop is the way to go.
  6. Gsxr750 later slingshot Can't remember which model (I should as I've get a set on one of my bikes )
  7. Welcome to OSS. Don't know if they will direct fit but the gs550/750/850 will all have the same Speedo cable end. Tank, all the bigger tanks are longer, so not a direct swap LED headlight, Jeep ones fit with a small tweek of the inner headlight rim.
  8. I used a set of gs500 clocks on one of my bikes, run a wire from the coil but it would only read half the revs. I'm not a wiring expert, I've rewire bikes in the past with no problems but I just could not get them to work right. So I put Some gsxr clocks on just connected the wires and it worked first time.
  9. Had the old standard ones off my kat, ended up, putting them up for £30 on that site but nobody wanted them so they went to the tip.
  10. The rev counter will only read half the revs the engine is doing. As the gs500 is a twin not a 4 cylinder. Have you looked at the bandit clocks?
  11. Two types of top end coolers to look at, 1. The type that picks the oil up from the oil way under the ATU cover. 2. The type that picks the oil from the oil way from the cam cover. Maybe look at putting a extra (small) cooler in fed from the two oil lines at the rear of the barrels going upto the cam cover.
  12. The exhaust can make a big difference if it's a open end can. So carb work still needed
  13. The ones that just go from one cam to the other are more just for show. So may say it helps the oil go to each side but I'm not 100% on that myself. On a standard motor not really needed but they look nice.
  14. Welcome to OSS, sorry to hear about your dad. Hopefully you can carry on where he left off
  15. wraith

    Sprocket nut

    Think I've got some in a box somewhere, if you need one and can wait till next week when I get home, I can check and if I've got a spare one, you can have it
  16. wraith

    1/2 throttle ?

    MP mite get there stuff from China and put a very big mark up on it for the name, just buy the cheepo Chinese ones, then buy a sticker with the name you want, still the same cheepo Chinese stuff but 1/4 the price If big names are your thing. I've seen the same QA throttle I got from China that I paid £15 for, up for sale at more than twice the price by a big UK named seller. Big money, bigger the mug to buy it
  17. wraith

    1/2 throttle ?

    I've got them on 3 of my bikes, look good and work. Or you can just buy a posh name for a lot of money and get shit
  18. How do you find them tyres? Have used bt016 for awhile but find they white line and pickup all the ruts in the road.
  19. Welcome to OSS. EBC clutch kit NO NO NO NO just give me your money, it will have the same result, a non working clutch. Did the same mistake years back, it didn't even last 100 miles. OEM all the time. Go to Robinson's we get a discount
  20. Welcome to OSS. You may need both a tap rebuild kit and a carb o'ring kit/flot valve, as above. One way of maybe finding out which one is need attention, is to take the fuel pipe off, with the tap on ever on or rec, if fuel keeps coming out of the tap, the tape need a new rebuild kit. You may find you need to do the carbs as well but start with one thing and take it from there
  21. You just need to connect the red with the red, orange with the orange, gray with gray and brown with brown b6 switch to main harness (standard GS plug) blank off the other two wires but not together Did this the other way round years ago, bandit 600 harness to GS switch, worked just fine. Put a build thread up in the members projects section with lots of pics, as we like pics
  22. wraith


    As above yes w/c are a different spacing than o/c but it manly the centre 2. 2-3 dowi pipes, I've put a set on the gsx1100f hellcat
  23. Yes you need this box, as this is part of the ignition system, so some of the wires will go to the ATU behind the Rh side cover the others will end up going to the coils, a very basic description. Pictures always help as well No question is daft or stupid if you don't know what's what, so just ask away, if we think it's stupid we will tell you but it's your bike
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