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  1. This is why we love them sooooo much
  2. Well there you go, I was of the understanding that the 750 had a thinner tube than the 1100. Good info mate
  3. Why don't you just get some new carbon block?
  4. The exhaust could give some problems, as with the engine (black one) being smaller front to back you would have to fit the engine as far forward as possible to get the standard exhaust to fit otherwise you'd need the extend the downpipes. I think the black engine is also not as wide, so you may need to do some re-working of the chain run? Not 100% on this bit. It maybe easier to re build your silver motor and keep the other bike as a full working bike.
  5. wraith

    Gsx project

    Welcome to OSS There was/is some same projects in the project section but some are a year or two old now, so a bit of hunting If you use the gsx750f swingarm and engine you shouldn't need to off set the sprocket just keep in all in line. Front end should go straight in, just need new lock stops
  6. All cams will work, just depends on what you want the engine to do ? Aftermarket cams, all depends on which cams you go for, a fast road cam will be ok with your standard springs.
  7. I thought the block connectors for the CDI where different between the MK1 and mk2
  8. Get some Polycabonate sheet and replace it. Did this with a set of gsx750es clocks
  9. If your bike is the gsx750es type, the engine itself is quite small, if it's the early et type you have a lot to choose from. As above, a pic (from the side, numbers not needed) would help ID your engine
  10. Oil cooled engines have been put in.
  11. Last time I had a 4 cylinder block done it was about 8-9 years ago and that was £100 for all 4 barrels plus post. So £150 the lot, I would not say is to much.
  12. Wow, 4000 rpm at 100kph (APX 60 mph) my et with the b12 (ok, dot ported head, gsxr cams and 38mm carbs ) has 16/48 and it doing 4000rpm at 80mph (apx130 kph)
  13. If you put anything bigger than a 15t sprocket on you need to remove some of the meat from the sprocket cover where the rear bolt goes through. That's with a 16t but with a 17t you may also be hitting the clutch push rod?
  14. It's a good start for a proper rat bike, still a bit clean but leave the fork seals just put some toilet paper under the dust seals, let the rest cover the bike and it will soon be there Definitely a work in progress
  15. Didn't notice the single disc but it's the two top yokes that would be a concern for me
  16. Look like bandit 600 but they are 41mm
  17. Think the privet bolt/spindle is a bigger size on the k2 swingarm. Can't say about anything else
  18. The only vehicles you can just put a replacement k&n free flowing filter in is with fuel injection, as for the small increase of air the system can cope with it, carbs are a bit more fussy
  19. Welcome to OSS, Can't help with your question, but a interesting bike. Had some years ago a gs550 with a gs650 top end, definitely gave it a bit more up and go over the standard 550. If the OSS racers section is open to you? Try asking in the race section
  20. I think you've answered your own question. Unless you have a typing error
  21. I think the early models has different size tyres in than the latter 3 spoke wheels. Not 100% but I'd think yours should be front 110/70/17 rear 150/70/17 You could get a 160 rear on but your stuck with the front size without so front end modifiing.
  22. Errrr Sticky Thread in oil cooled Interchangeability of carbs and carb rubbers for oil-cooled engines Page 5
  23. Is there any other mudguard that will fit the gsxr600 srad rwu forks without to much modified need doing? Thanks.
  24. As in the sticky thread
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