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    I slotted a b12 back plate to give me a 4° advance, that's on my gsx1100f Hellcat project build
  2. wraith


    Just getting my head round that you can use 1052 pickup plate and rota on a 1127 but you can't use the 1052 pick rota with a say b12 pickup plate Just thinking about that is the 1052 a twin pickup and bandit a single. Will have to go in the garage and check
  3. wraith


    What ignition rota pickup (bit that bolts to the end of the crank) are you using? Just, I tried a 1052cc one on my b12 engine (b12 MK1 pickup plate) and it didn't work. I'm also running a 1052 pickup, rota and CDI on my gsx1100f engined kat seems to work fine. Seems CDI box's will change but do the pickup plate and rotas need to match each other or can you use any pickup plate but it's the rota needs to match the engine?
  4. If you need things doing you can't do yourself and you've got a build thread going, you could always ask on here if people can help out, it my only cost you the postage if there's nobody near you.
  5. You say 84 gsx1100e twin shock, so are we saying gsx1100et ? I put a b12 front end on my gsx1100et but used gsxr750k yokes (can also use gsxr1100k yokes) fitted straight in, just had to alter the lock stops. Rear end, you can fit a b6 rear wheel in the standard swingarm without much hassle. @TonyGeeI believe can tell you more with that part. I've used a JMC with a b12 rear wheel
  6. wraith


    My thoughts exactly be nice to know if anybody has looked into this a bit more.
  7. wraith


    Seems a lot of these questions just recently So, I know a gsx750f cdi will on a MK1 b12, gsx1100f and a gsxr1127 and the other way around. I would think the b6 and gsx600f would also work. So my question is. Dose anybody know what the different cdi's would affect the running? I.E different power curve? Thinking, say a b12 lower revs and low down power, gsxr high revs and top end power and gsxf simmer revs (apart from the 600 and 750) and mid power???? Anybody know???
  8. Yes, they only do the gloss and Matt in engine paint but I've used the Simoniz Tough satin black on my b12 engine, and it's been on there since I built it and sill looks as good as it did when I put it on. Yes put petrol over it and it will discolour unlike the engine paint but I try not to do that
  9. Do you want mate satin or gloss black or the gsxr grey? I've used Simoniz spray cans, the gloss is very good the mate is a bit on the grey side but for the satin I've used there tough coat and has lasted for 3+ years on my b12 engine As above for the removal of the old stuff
  10. Welcome to OSS All depends on how standard looking you want it? You may find the custom tank off the gsx750, the 850/1000/1100 may fit but will be longer.
  11. I think it should be plug and play, if your CDI box (which I think it should have) the larger 5mm spade connectors instead of the latter small ones you get on the latter bandit's. I can take a pic of it tomorrow
  12. I have this Gsx600f but will work, you just need to match the pick up (ATU) or swop the CDI (ECU) Pm me if you're interested
  13. Have a look in general section and you will find your answer
  14. Dose anybody have a size (width X height) of the fairing for the gsx550 es/ef/efe With and without screen Thanks
  15. Lol, I was born and bred in England and 54 years later still have problems with the written English language Slabby, slabside is a gsxr750/1100 g, h, j early gsxr's Teapot is the gen 1 gsx600f The gen 2 gsx600/750f is a baboon arses B6 yes bandit 600 B12 bandit 12
  16. Sounds like you have a US harness as they have the indicators wired into the headlight/side light. If you trace the wires you will find 3 wires going to the indicators at some point instead of the UK 2 wires
  17. Denso are much better. NGK are only good for a paper wight and there not very good at that, they are a total waste of money and time using them.
  18. So, as I said. I've changed the gearing and tuned the engine, so you're saying I'm right or your talking bolls for someone who has built some nice powerful bikes.
  19. Not arguing who is right or wrong, I know what my Speedo says, I know what my GPS Speedo says and I know what my rev counter says. So I will stick to that and you can stick to your computer
  20. Yes but different cams/carbs etc will affect the power/revs and given speed or why do we tune engines?
  21. Can't see how the jetting or carbs can affect the fuse. Is it still on points? If so, are they set right and is the condenser working?
  22. Yep. Maybe if it was a standard b12 engine but it's not
  23. It's correct with a GPS Speedo
  24. Don't know about the hp/toque but I've got a b12 with ported DOT head gsx1100f cams and gsxr750 38mm carbs with gearing 16t front and 48t rear and it pulls like a train all the way from tick over to top revs in all gears, will happily sit at 80mph at 4,000 rpm all day (on a private road at that speed of course).
  25. As above on both, check the rooting or re-root so there's no tite bends. I've had it before with a heavy clutch/ not working properly that the cable was f++ked even though it seemed ok off the bike. Dose sound like you have HD springs in the clutch and with a badly rooted and or old cable it can make the clutch like something only Popeye could only use.
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