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  1. As long as it doesn't say. not for road use, on it. Take a nice pie to your mot man
  2. They look more like b6 carbs. Measure the ID of the engine side of the carbs, if they are 32mm they are b6
  3. Just look when they did in Cuba to keep cars running before the USA decided to be friendly to them There's doing it right and proper and then there's just get and keep it running. Back in the day I had a Ho##a 750 the main fuse was a nail as 30 amp just blow, it worked didn't give me any greeth so I just left it there
  4. Had one of them on my kat for about year and a half. Not let me down yet
  5. Best thing for you to do, is buy a gs1000 engine remove the cam caps buy so other caps and put them on. See how far you get. Ever the cams will not turn (done this) or you start the engine up and all you can hear is the cans tapping. O and just to make it worth doing so we can all have a laugh, you MUST throw away the original cam caps weeks before you get another set so you can't chet so go and bust that miff
  6. You're not wrong there was a thread asking for something similar. You can/could use a b12 harness for a gsxr, but you will find difference's, like 6 wire ignition switch instead of a 4 wire. The block for the CDI are different apart from the very early one. And more small bits, and you still need to extend/shorten wires as parts will be in the wrong place. The mk2 had electronic Speedo but you don't need to use That part. Maybe better ever repairing you standard one or look at say a gsxf harness at least they still had the 4 wire ignition switch and same connector blocks for the CDI.
  7. As above, they come matched to the head, if you're buy a new head and it doesn't have the cam caps leave it. You can put new ones on or swap them if needed but it's not good and very hit and miss, I've seen them to lose and you get cam float or to small and it locks the cam up. Some people have managed to get a smaller one to fit by using value grinding paste and lapping the cam in. Like say it's all a bit hit and miss Why do you need to change them?
  8. Are the starter clutch rotors the same size for the pullers over all the oil cooled engines? Put it a other way, are the pullers for the starter clutch the same size/thread across all oil cooled engines???
  9. Are you thinking for using the gsxf stem to put in the b12 yoke? If so yes it should fit, best is the measers the length. One other think you may need to do, is make a sleeve for the top yoke where the stem goes in, as some top yokes have a different size hole and which ever bottom yoke you use you will need to sort the lock stops.
  10. Was the k6 the water cooled one?
  11. I can see that axe just waiting to drop on your neck I prefer the mk2 for looks and the done look to bad with a kat fairing on them I will get my coat now
  12. You could just get a gaxr750/1100 k 1989 top and bottom yoke use them with the b12 front end, no need for stem swaps and then you will just need to use. A. Put the gsxr discs on Or B. Use the b12 discs and use 4x 1.8mm spacers for the caliper mounts. You will need to mount handle bar clamps in the gsxr top yoke but that's not hard to do, or use the gsxr clip ons
  13. They are all very good for parts for the GS/gsx project
  14. I've got a 1100f motor with gsxr750 38mm carbs stock engine but brings the front wheel up in second on the throttle
  15. Pictures may help as to how you've ran the external oil lines to the coolers. Are you still running the external feed from the back of the cylinder block to the head?
  16. Crank, clutch, cams, carbs all different between the 1100 f and r Someone recently put a listing of what engines ran which cams can't remember who it was.
  17. Just a question, If you're looking for 400+ bhp and just putting a 1216 kit in is going to mean one hell a lot of boost etc, why don't you go for a bigger bore? Say 1340 with turbo?
  18. Welcome to OSS Nice bike and car, you like your old stuff
  19. And one more for the EFE motor, if the worse comes to the worse, you could sell it next year for more than you payed for it now lol
  20. I believe the shock mounts are completely different, there are/was some project threads (in the project section) have a look through there
  21. Both basically the same engine, mk2 has different harness for electronic Speedo and different harness plug connectors and you will need to block off the pair think or whatever it's called that is under the exhaust ports. You can make or buy the plates. Think the carb rubbers are different to the mk1 as well.
  22. Got the later carbs on it as well, from what I can see in the pictures you've posted, it's nowhere near a standard bike.
  23. wraith

    Fuel cap

    Thanks for looking
  24. Not done one myself before but I would think the swingarm should fit in the pivot points. The only two things I would think you will need to look at is. 1. The shock mounts, top and definitely bottom. 2. You may find the swingarm (as being a bit wider) may hit the footrests? Best thing to do, try it then let us all know how you went on, put a project thread up in projects section.
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