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  1. Why was I of the opinion that the plates needed a channel from hole-to-hole to allow the oil to pass? I think mine were like that...
  2. The yokes from the '89 1100 were a direct fit on my GSX. I would expect the stem is the same?
  3. I know for a fact that the GSX & GSXR both use 20mm axle, bearings & spacers, etc. Does that help?
  4. Over here the claim is, "If it was easy, women & children would do it!"
  5. It's my understanding that the drive gears are different between the two. Using 750 gears on the 11 will spin the pump faster, giving greater flow. +/- 30% I believe??
  6. Here in the states, I have seen it both ways. When I lived in Missouri in the mid 80's, every vehicle had to pass an inspection of sorts... make sure lights, wipers etc worked. Brakes were serviceable, or within spec. Pour black, toxic fumes out the tailpipe, but was "safe". Here in California, there is no such test, but we have to pass a tailpipe sniff test for cars & trucks. A complete rolling pile of excriment, but it won't harm the environment any more than allowed.
  7. I have seen a couple of these over the years. Reduces pull effort and pull length at clutch end.
  8. Isn't the year of manufacture on the neck??
  9. I have used Sprocket Specialists several times in the past & can recommend them https://sprocketspecialists.com/
  10. Are you going from a 630 chain with the rubber damper in it?
  11. Welcome Toddy! There's just sump'n about a semi nekkid slingy.
  12. We've got Belzona coated products at work. One of them has 600 PSI natural gas behind it. Good stuff.
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