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  1. Let the raping & pillaging begin!
  2. A service already exists to cover all that http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=Dymag+suzuki+gs1000
  3. slayer61

    Air Filters

    Isn't this about the time the bollocking starts about RTFR etc? And welcome to OSS!
  4. I have taken to using Yamaha nuts on my bikes. They are 8mm and use an Allen wrench to snug up. These have room to be drilled for safety wire if desired. Sorry, I should've added the part number.... 90179-08004-00
  5. An intake leak would make it want the choke to run, and run hot as hades when it did.
  6. I went through this a bunch of years ago. A letter from the local motorcycle dealer stating that the current exhaust was, in fact, OEM did the trick. Good luck Ash
  7. Agreed. Just buy it. As a buddy tells me...
  8. So It's been a couple of years, but we used wire with ceramic beads on it for insulation in a gas turbine setting. No wire strippers needed, just flick off half a dozen beads & slip the wire into the fitting.
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