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  1. when i built my zed with a B12 engine i found an airbox that slid in the gap between the carbs and frame, the rubbers where not in line so cut a sheet of ally and made holes for bandit rubbers, then glued it to the box with the help if a few screws. then its time to get the air flow right after a few road tests not a great pic of it though !!!!!!!
  2. then someone installs the right bearing and hammers it all the way home and knocks the left bearing out
  3. you will after 50 posts
  4. I don't think you will find a manual for the SS !!!!! but the engine is out of a 1200 bandit. carbs are 32mm not 36mm that the 1200 bandit uses.
  5. after years of heat their sometimes forms a recess where the clamp sinks into the rubber, this reduces the circumference and the clip will not fully tighten.
  6. as Joseph said, the B12 engine is a bit taller so slightly longer headers needed.
  7. TonyGee

    Bad running

    fingers crossed
  8. don't over tighten them as well as they can split the rubber thats the none OEM ones by the way as they dont have a curved edge
  9. unfortunately the 750's aren't worth a great deal so I'd say it depends on if you are keeping it or not ? if keeping it then go for an upgrade
  10. fecking hell !!! ive just checked the price £207 EACH !!!!! what are they thinking
  11. I'll never get this thing about silly speeds and massive power on public roads with all the dickheads and old ladies in the way
  12. TonyGee

    Rubber softener

    somebody said put them in a plastic bag with WD40, ive had one in a bag for months and its still fecking hard you can't beat new ones
  13. they are a big lump !!!! more a tourer than anything else, very comfy though
  14. yeah they are well made
  15. yep, got mine from the same place. their not bloody cheap though
  16. 1200 bandit front ends are popular just a stem swap and sort lock stops, or if you can find a good set !!! the gsxr1100 front end is good. mines got a bandit swinger and wheels, and the 1100 forks.
  17. your gona need deep pockets also bigger wheels & tyres, better suspension and brakes.
  18. your gona have to find a washer to fit under the lock washer to take up some of the slack, you need to make sure the lock washer still locates on the output shaft splines though. thats as long as the front sprocket is perfectly in line with the rear sprocket when its up against the front spacer.
  19. at hand tight it should contact the sprocket lock washer, have you got the right spacer behind the sprocket ?
  20. has you nut got a recess that covers the splines ? it does look too much of the splines are showing though !!!!
  21. TonyGee

    Bad running

    good luck wraith, at least you know the engine is in good order
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