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  1. Yeah brackets welded on
  2. the zuma swinger is a bit longer than a lot of others, when i built my Katzuma i had a bandit arm in and it looked to short so ended up with a GSXR1100 swinger in as in the pic.
  3. the way I tend to do it is, pick the parts I want to use and then figure out how to make it fit. theirs always a way
  4. glad its sorted i had a similar problem on a customers GT750 a while back, according to the temp gauge it was over heating, stripped out the cooling system and everything was good, so tried another gauge on and still the same, tried another 3 gauges on and still the same, (all used by the way) so into the harness i went and nothing seamed wrong ????? I was at a loss, so i said to my boss can we try a new gauge on so he ordered one and it fixed it. 3 fecking days trying to fix it when it was just the gauge. such is life.
  5. time to pull the top end off for more investigation me thinks !!!!!!
  6. just use the setting for a B12, but i just do it F.T. with a long bar
  7. they don't look standard B12 ones to me either.
  8. I cut down a B12 mudguard on my Zed project, not perfect but it'll do till I sort a better one out.
  9. no but a 1200 engine will fit right in, but then the brakes and suspension will not be up to the bigger engine, just buy a 1200.
  10. TonyGee

    TPS Sensor

    it does feck all, ive run a few B12's with the TPS connected and disconnected and I can't tell for the life of me any difference.
  11. Being a cheap skate and permanently skint !!! if I was in your situation i'd look round for some used full legs, the last set I bought where £100 and fully rebuilt with seals /oil and springs, even the sliders where mirror polished.
  12. nice job but feck me its gona take some looking after to keep it shining
  13. I dont think the ET tank will fit on a zuma frame !!! they are very narrow at the front edge and the frame on the zuma splits off into two tubes, with some mods it would go. ?????? the 750 and 1100 ET tanks are the same BUT the UK got the larger tank, the US got the smaller (lower) tank. but they are all interchangeable. you can see mine with the larger tank
  14. ive always wondered why that word is banned
  15. we are not here for our spelling
  16. feck, i struggle with the one language i know
  17. one thing to think about is the two middle cylinders will run a little hotter as they are surrounded by two other cylinders. some bikes use bigger main jets to help cool them down a tad. like the B600
  18. yes but you need 50 posts to see it
  19. you can buy good quality side panels here in the UK, im sure they'll post over to you.
  20. Im actually thinking of the same thing right now, ive got some ET bodywork and been looking at some zuma's.
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