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  1. the oil cooled engines are not the quietest engines around, it could be the tensioner is ready to click over to the next tooth ? their is a way of helping it though, if you take the single bolt out ( not the mounting bolts ) and insert a small screwdriver or sumat like and GENTLY push the toothed rod in it might click over but don't use excessive force or the chain will be too tight. it might be worth getting someone who knows the engines to listen to it just to put your mind at rest.
  2. i did my engine in the frame as i couldn't get it out on me own !!!
  3. ive used just ordinary body paint on many engines and never had a problem, when i did my bandit with the grey engine i took a cover to our local paint shop who matched the paint with their paint chips, he then mixed a spray tin for me, an almost perfect match.
  4. as far as i know you can't get a key code from the vin ? when a new suzuki is sold the key number used to be put on the sales invoice or in the service/hand book.
  5. if their is fuel leaking the float valve isn't seating properly. if its a new valve give the carb a tap with a rubber hammer, it might be just stuck.
  6. yep, time for a new one.
  7. whats wrong with it ? are the teeth worn ? the spring can get a bit week over time but a washer or two can help, but dont over do it. is the chain rattling ? it could be on the verge of clicking to the next tooth.
  8. i need to replace my OEM one on the 750 at some point, thankfully everything works perfect atm, famous last words
  9. bloody hell they'll be like a brand new set when you are finished !!!! hope it all works out
  10. ive had to attach my tail unit to the seat as the original metal work was cut off, then its just a case of bolting the seat to the frame.
  11. if the engine is offset will you have a problem with the headers hitting the frame down tubes ?
  12. yeah thats right the rotary damper mounts, the 2 i did Suzuki wanted me to cut the headstock's off the frames and have them sent back with the frame number on them !!! they never asked for any other warranty claim parts back ever. it was a shame really as the frames could of easily been repaired
  13. have you had any problems with the frame cracking ? ive had to do 2 of em under warranty, pig of a job.
  14. I thought I was having an acid flashback
  15. when i bought my 750 ET the arse end had already been cut of and a loop welded in as the P.O. was going for a different style, the loop was very close to the rear tyre so i cut it off. im in the process of putting it back to something like standard. this is it when i cut the loop off.
  16. bloody hell you've got me worried now, oh wait mines a bandit engine
  17. first thing is to get the carbs off and give em a good clean first, but make sure you bench test them before you refit them.
  18. my brain's just leaked out of my ears I hate numbers !!!
  19. I guess you mean the slingshot gsxr, yeah the engine will fit in no problem, you could probably fit the crap steel B6 swinger in with little fuss but it would be better to get an ally swinger, it would look better. the stem on the bandit is too long so you would need a shorter gsxr one if you can find one ? or buy a gsxr bottom yoke and press the stem out, be aware some B6 stems are welded in so can't be pressed out. anything is possible with a bit of work but money is your enemy as things mount up !!!!!!!!
  20. back on track, ive always used copper grease but now i believe their is something better for the job.
  21. i know what you mean, i didn't like em either and also the ET's. now i have one funny how taste's change.
  22. high pitch vibration, the grease on the back and edges dampens it
  23. I had a big debate with an arsehole (who was on here at one point) on another forum about greasing the back of pads, ive been doing it for over 40 years with not one problem and most mechanics worldwide do it, plus the guys who maintain their own bikes. Suzuki used to sell brake grease but stopped selling it because it was just to expensive and no one bought it. their is also many brake disc/pad manufactures who sell it or recommend it (google it) use the right grease and dont put too much on and it'll be fine. thats all I'm gona say on the matter as i dont want to get into another argument
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