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  1. yeah they do look like carbs used on a B6.
  2. if its just leaking out of one carb then i would guess a float needle, if your tap is on the left of your bike then its number one carb, (from left to right)
  3. yeah i think you did Garry
  4. they did Toni, had to do a couple years ago, fucking horrible job. never again.
  5. reminds me back in the 80's when i worked in a car garage, we had a little Vietnamese guy who was one of the boat people who got a job at our spot, he was rebuilding a crank on a car engine and i saw him tearing up some silver foil out of his fag packet, he then put it under the shell bearing to pack it out !!!!!!!!! I said we dont do that in this garage we put new ones in, he said in his country that how they did it ???? he wouldn't have it so I just walked away as he took another swag of his Saki
  6. only kidding I use this site but it didn't come up with much, but after a google search another site came up with the info. # SUZUKI MOTORCYCLES - Genuine Spare Parts Catalog (bike-parts-suz.com)
  7. just had a quick look and theirs a few suzuki's use the same size. gs1000 1980 gs500 1980 gs650g 1980-83 and others. P.N. 59600-49810 / 59600-49811 the OEM kit is no longer available but their are after market kits out their. the piston might not look the same as OEM but as long as the seals are the same size this looks like it'll work. For Suzuki GS650GL D 83 Front Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit 8957539231325 | Eblag
  8. Im sure their will be plenty of bikes that use the same size seals but its finding out which ones are the same ????? have you got a friendly bike shop you could take them too so they can compare ?
  9. its a shame the bandit gets a bad press !!! it might not be the prettiest suzuki ever built but its defo not the ugliest. maybe they could of done a better job of the back end ? other than that I think they are good. they are a fun bike to ride/tour on and commute and all for little money and most of the time very reliable. but we have to remember that the bandit did a lot for Suzuki when they where struggling
  10. yeah you can remove the whole mechanism but im pretty sure you have to split the crankcase. then maybe find some sort of plug for the hole in the clutch cover or weld it up.
  11. as far as i know all the gsxr's are the same length as the gsx's, as to the gsxf im not sure ???
  12. oil cooled, 1250 water cooled K7,
  13. lol, it might help with my stiff neck we all like what we like wraith
  14. yeah i know but i like to live dangerously
  15. I think if the weld was ground flush then it should press out !!!!!! just looked at my GSX1100 yoke, the stem is pressed in to the ally bottom yoke !!!! maybe the 750's had a steel yoke with the stem welded in ??????
  16. yeah ive seen people grind the weld off and press it out as long as it still has a lip. finding just a stem is quite hard but you could buy a GSXR (or similar) bottom yoke and press the stem out for the bandit yoke. could get expensive though
  17. your not gona get any good response's on here about the bandit but to answer your question the MK1 & MK2 1200 bandits are pretty much the same, the only real difference is the shape of the frame and bodywork. yeah they have different carbs but both are 36mm and produce the same amount of power. Imo the MK1 is a better looking bike than any of the others but not many people on here will agree the bandit is a good looking bike
  18. this any good ? SUZUKI CAM CAMSHAFT TIMING CHAIN GS1000 GS850 GS750 GS650G GS500 NEW DID | Eblag
  19. you'll need to check if the GSX stem will press out and its not welded in, its pressed in on mine. all 1200 bandits are pressed in
  20. lol, thats my dog face bombing !!!!! told him to get out of the way but he just ignored me yeah a 1200 bandit front end will go on with a bit of jiggery pokery !!! you'll need the bandit yokes but the stem is to long for the GSX frame. but you can press the GSX stem out and fit it in the bandit yokes then sort the lock stops out.
  21. looks like great fun
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