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  1. Wee Man

    Stafford 2022

    Thanks Dave, hopefully there we'll before 7.
  2. Wee Man

    Stafford 2022

    Can you drop the bikes off on Friday night?
  3. Lucky man Hope you're not too badly duffed up.
  4. First thing to check would be the thermostatic switch, wherever that might be mounted? If you have a multimeter, pull one of the connectors off the switch, put the meter probes on either contract and with the meter set for continuity, it should read open circuit when cold. If you get continuity, switch is FUBAR. Also worth checking is the relay for the fan.....assuming it has one.
  5. I'll have a look tomorrow once back from work. I'm sure I've got one kicking around.
  6. A guy in Holland was selling it, it's meant for a Slabbie.
  7. Finally found a catch tank I like. It should tuck up nicely in the subframe. I just need to get some AN take offs welded to it, I don't like the barb fittings.
  8. Wee Man

    Stafford 2022

    Me, for definite.
  9. What size of wire did you use for battery to relay and relay to starter?
  10. No, the starter should have spun when you did this. Check the wire from relay to starter for continuity with your multimeter. Also check engine earth.
  11. Sounds like the starter relay is faulty. If you've bridged the terminals and it starts, you're bypassing the faulty relay. Clicking doesn't necessarily mean it's working correctly.
  12. Wee Man

    M unit blue

    To make the most of the M-Unit and to make it all fit neatly without looking like an octopus wrestling a scarf, a rewire unfortunately is your best bet. In the Motogadget advertising bumf, they make it looks like it cuts half the wiring out, fine if you have a minimalist setup (head/tail lights, an ecu and coils). In real world, you'll probably have just as much wires. Simple loom see below.....
  13. Before this thread degenerates any further. Here's a wee snippet from the rules about if you have an issue with a company/trader....... BORING LEGAL STUFF PRODUCT AND OR SERVICE REVIEWS: OSS is NOT a feedback mechanism for poor goods and/or service you may have received from a supplier. It lacks the essential balance that allows the business in question to respond and/or offer an explanation hence it is open to abuse. If you experience difficulties with a transaction or service we recommend you take it up directly with the business in question and/or with Trading Standards. The OSS admin team do not wish to be involved in any legal challenge that may result as a consequence of comments made on this site.
  14. @Serafumi definately stick around and start a build thread when you get a chance. Share the rebuild with us, your dad had some very innovative ideas with his bikes
  15. nothing wrong with that, just nice if folks hang around and contribute, share pics, build threads etc. Hence the 50 post minimum.
  16. Hi Tony, sorry to hear about your dad. Like Swiss T said, minimum of 50 posts before you can access For sale/Wanted section of the forum. Stop OSS getting inundated with people only here to sell stuff.
  17. Like Joseph said a bit sealant or a dab of P40.
  18. Yeah mesh will be fitted, need to source some decent stainless stuff I like for it. It's away getting painted now.
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