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  1. Cheers Gixer1460. I'll keep close eye on it and see how it goes.
  2. Well managed to get the actuator on. Bracket will do for just now. Hopefully it'll now be running a nice repeatable 14psi.
  3. I'd be up for this. Sounds like a great weekend.
  4. Just ping ACC a message. They'll get back to you pretty quickly.
  5. Posts been, cheers Postman Pat Head cooler time. Though that means a bracket for the cooler needs made...double fuck.
  6. When I contacted Ignitech about going to their COP'S, they said the only benefit for doing the swap would be space saving.
  7. New wastegate actuator arrived. Just need to fabricate a bracket for it, as old actuator has its bracket as part of its body . Bollocks
  8. Very impressive results
  9. Cool, that would be great. Hopefully @cullinocwill bring it along
  10. @KATANAMANGLER would you like to bring a bike or two along?
  11. I've just been emailed by the organiser asking if OSS would like a stand. I've said yes. Now all I need is folk interested in bringing their bikes to it. Paul M's first to say yes.
  12. Big thanks to Nick @Allspeedsfor sorting it out. Very pleased with it. Unfortunately it had been setup before by someone else who I can only imagine turns up to work on horse back and wears a large brimmed hat. After seeing the amount of work Nick put into getting the fueling right compared to the other guy....all I can say is I wish I'd know Nick before I'd taken it to the "expert" up North! It was lean pretty much every where, multiple dyno runs later and a couple of changes in main jets, Nick did some other tweeks, more runs, followed by more runs and by the end of the day the fueling was spot on, the bike sounded far fitter, idled lovely and throttle response was instant. Like Nick had said, the Turbosmart boost controller wouldn't give us more than 12 psi, trying to increase it only made the boost spikey but gave no more psi increase. Time for the boost controller to head bin wards, to be replaced with a decent actuator with a 14 psi spring. The final figure on 11 psi was 218 with 135 lb/ft of torque. Need more boost now @clivegtosorry didn't get chance to pop in on way home.
  13. Tempted as for once I'm actually off work
  14. Nice one. Looks like it's got a lot of potential.
  15. Try here https://www.robinsonsfoundry.co.uk/shop/online-store/suzuki-parts-finder/gsf-bandit/gsf1200/gsf1200t-y-1996-2000-mk1-naked-and-faired.htm#!gsf1200tyclutch
  16. You know it makes sense
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