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  1. any 1200 bandit, they are all the same.
  2. the only real way to check a CDI is try it on another bike.
  3. most ally swingarms will fit but you will have to cut (or bend) the rear footrest framework off.
  4. if I remember right the bandit arm is shorter than the 1100 slingshot one.
  5. feck me thats some heavy metal
  6. I had these made from this guy. print-maestro on Eblag
  7. Do you know for sure both CDI,s are working ? If they are then my money is on the harness. Check for continuity.
  8. have you got battery power to both coils ? have you checked the ign switch ?
  9. it all depends on how turned on it is !!!!
  10. it was one of the easiest builds ive done, tank fitted quite easy with little mods. the seat and side panels are off a 400 katana, slightly smaller than the 750/1100 ones. tail is 1100. the hardest part was making a mounting bracket for the fairing, couldn't find one at the time so made one. theirs a build thread on here.
  11. you can't argue with a man that knows
  12. yep, B12 front end straight in with no issues like on my Katzuma
  13. the settings i posted will work on some bikes but might not on others, they where base settings but worked great on my bike. its all trial and error with jetting.
  14. yeah thats what I heard, but my thinking was using single sponge filters on each of the airbox rubbers would seal better than one sponge filter across 2 airbox rubbers and leaving a gap between them, if that makes sense !!!!!! saying that it seems to work.
  15. tough as old boots the Scots, I should know as my old man was one
  16. thats some crazy numbers Wee Man !!!!! got to be a handful you must be mad
  17. one of the lads on here give me the settings but for the life of me I can't remember who but I was happy as the bike runs great, just cost me the price of the main jets and filters.
  18. my setup on my zed project. B12 engine and carbs. ive used the airbox rubbers (of the airbox) and 4 ramair sponge filters. 150 main jets needles in the highest position ( clip in the lowest position ) mixture screws 3 1/2 turns out (you might have to tweak them slightly) exhaust, black widow headers and link pipe, cheap Chinese end can. bike runs great right up to 7000rpm. haven't had it any higher than that as run out of road where I live, but I think it will pull up to the limiter no problem. plugs look good after a plug chop.
  19. if you are talking about a "standard" set up then a full tank of fuel shouldn't overcome the floats, but it is possible especially if the tank builds up with pressure if the breather is not doing its job or on a hot day. this is why they fit a tap between the tank and the carbs.
  20. normal, a lot of suzuki's use the same size.
  21. I did mine in gloss black (close enough for me) and got the decal kit of the bay of E. the company do the full range I think !!! SUZUKI GSX1100EX GSX750EX DECAL KIT | Eblag
  22. time to pull the cam cover off and check clearances, and maybe do a compression test before you go any further just to rule them out.
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