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  1. gsx

    New old GSX 1100E

    I've got tin tops on that engine ,can't remember exactly but went up one size on the pilots to cure being lean at idle and think mains are 140 but don't quote me . Needles height needs a play with too
  2. Just had same issue , 95,96 water boiler 11 cable . The earlier 93,94 is 2 inch shorter , don't ask me how i know,doh
  3. gsx

    Sprocket nut

    Cheers mate but ordered a bandit one , thanks anyway
  4. gsx

    Sprocket nut

    Ta very much, I'll take a punt on Eblag
  5. gsx

    Sprocket nut

    Just a quick one lads , are suzuki sprocket nuts all the same ? Stripped the one on me 1052 and can't find one
  6. Must admit that bandit is a cracking bike
  7. Cheers ears, nice one
  8. Hi all , done this before but can't remember what year 1000 shock fits ? Just picked up a 12 bandit for 700 soves
  9. GSX 11 efe tank with supposedly tuned Allen Jeff 1052 engine , starved of fuel at wide open . Pingle duel outlet works fine
  10. All tickity bo, 750 starter and idler , wear me effing glasses next time lol, 750 gasket fits too, its got two choices
  11. Thanks muchly, appreciated
  12. gsx

    Motor choice

    ^^^ what he said
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