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  1. Sparky's hippo ? Remember reading about it a good few years ago
  2. Yeah that was me lol was quite a lively topic ! Google gear commander and enter your bike ,wheel size and chain pitch
  3. May have a possible deal on this does any know it ? Looks interesting with the chain conversion
  4. Your gs carrier should bring the chain in by about 4mm compared to a a bandit or gsxr one , when you convert to a 530 chain a 6mm spacer is supplied to go behind the front sprocket ,use this with a 5/8 offset sprocket from debben , job done . It's tight but a miss is a miss . Don't forget to alter sprockets sizes for chain conversion
  5. I would go for cb 900 shocks , 30 mm longer and stiffer spring rate , hagons are the budget option but personally couldn't get on with them
  6. gsx

    Swirl's Harris

    Me engine and frame on the ET are done in lidl satin black and the body work in the gloss , both rock hard and petrol resistant
  7. Will be interested to see if you get any luck as got a set sat on the shelf
  8. gsx

    Swirl's Harris

    That is looking sweet
  9. Don't think it would be worth it if oem , would look at cb 900 fit ment aftermarket shocks as 30 mm longer and stiffer spring rate . Picked up some secondhand falcon ones for mine at good money
  10. If memory serves me right it's a lipped seal and needs the cases splitting , had the chain do the push rod many years ago , youth and lack of maintainance, second time I got a second and engine for 25 quid !
  11. Could you pull it apart to show how you stop pinching and wear , just doing some me self and head scratching
  12. I did one with 11 esd frame and was lot of work to get every thing lined up , managed to score a 750 Kat frame eventually and well worth the effort swapping it all over
  13. Shame to cover that bottom yoke with number board but that things gonna be epic when finished !
  14. gsx


    Well fuck me , it's been mothballed for 3 years or more ,admittedly with the carbs off . Managed to wedge a 14 amp battery under the seat and used the last of the mower petrol in it and guess what ? First prod of the starter it fired up , drained petrol from float bowl 3 as not firing properly on that one and purring like a kitten , just been for very short blast and back in love again , happy bunny
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