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  1. yeah it looks like a 600 bandit to me
  2. the bandit pipes run from the carbs, over the top of the airbox and down to the bottom of the back side of the airbox.
  3. now thats old school got to be better than a knotted rope
  4. gota love the oldies Kris
  5. yeah the UK did get a small amount of 750's but not so much the 1200. its very similar to the bandit and lots of interchangeable parts. I bought a 750 zuma frame and put a 1200 bandit engine, then fitted some katana bits.
  6. sounds like a dry/noisy bearing !!!! when I got my 83 GSX1100 engine it had a slight whine (nowhere near as bad as the video) and that engine had been sitting a long time. but after a few 100 miles its now quiet. have you got a mechanic's stethoscope ? great for pinpointing noises.
  7. what Suzuki recommend. NGK
  8. it depends on the bike, some go to the airbox and some just vent to atmosphere, ( like bandits)
  9. Suzuki isn't a big company like the others so they build to a price, all good for us as parts are more interchangeable
  10. I left that too my welder mate
  11. whats the plan ? i bought a 750ET and fitted an 1100 engine in it. exhaust fitted easy but had to use the 32mm 750 carbs till i sorted a set of 34mm 1100 carbs out.
  12. ok not a GS but on my GSX i set the ride height to where i was happy with it (frame supported), then laid the shocks with the bracket attached and marked the swingarm. it also depends on how long your shocks are as well. you can get the idea where mine are in the pic.
  13. yep i would i was riding round town on one of them before i got my licence
  14. yeah i thought we were talking about the brushes
  15. if you can't find the right size then get bigger ones and cut them down, its easy enough to do. generally they are soldered in but sometimes they can be held in with a screw.
  16. the black engine will go in your white bike as its shorter from front to back than the silver engine, dont know if they are taller though ? but you will have to make some engine mounts, try it in the frame and see if any engine mounts will line up. if one does it gives you a starting point.
  17. you need to post a pic of your engine as their was a change around 83-84.
  18. yep, bin their done that couldn't find a used one anywhere at the time but did find a new old stock one
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