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  1. See what you got finished nearer the time if that's ok Tom?
  2. It's a Race meeting normally I think FoB,you'll have to have a look.
  3. We have an invitation to attend the above event,its a great weekend,get your names down on this thread and we'll keep you posted as details come along.Please bear in mind,everyone who asks to attend may not be able to because of space restraints on stand sizes.Obviously we will try for as many as possible. Cheers Paulm
  4. Dear All, Firstly I hope you are all doing well and staying safe, i am contacting you to tell you we have been in discussions with the guys at CRMC and are planning the Classic Festival at Donington for 2021 along with two other festivals one at Castle Combe Circuit and one at Croft Circuit. The two new additions will be the exact same set up as Donington where there will be racing over the course of the weekend, we will get a lunch time parade for exhibitors. Also at Croft the racing cant start until lunchtime on the Sunday however road bikes are allowed on the track before this tim
  5. The fuel taps are in different places on the tanks,this is a potential problem depending on what motor,carbs and tank you use
  6. No worries pal,was good to catch up
  7. I had CBR600 rearsets on my 89 slingy,cant remember which model though,just needed the mount holes on the rearsets drilling larger if I remember correctly.
  8. GS1000 it is then mate,you wont regret going down the turbo route.
  9. Might have been a good idea to introduce yourself first...............
  10. Mk2 carbs are a bit different to Mk1 carbs, supposedly a bit harder to get right,I’d start around a 150ish main jet as already suggested.
  11. You can fit Mk1 carbs and rubbers on a Mk2 so presumably the reverse is ok.Which in turn works for a lot of the other oil cooled motors.
  12. Yes Mk2 1200 Blandits have different carbs and rubbers to Mk11200’s.
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