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  1. Rossco,thoroughly enjoying his weekend
  2. I see the OSS pic police have arrived
  3. Well,what a fantastic weekend we had,thanks to everyone that came along with or without a bike,had a brilliant time. * pic of a fucking bol d'or deleted *
  4. Paulm

    Stafford 2022

    15/16 Oct Simon
  5. Actually,now I've thought about it,no is the answer really,they aren't traders on here.
  6. Discuss it in PMs please
  7. @Chris12Mate,you got 9 posts on here and one of them is insulting members,just post up some pics of your build and enjoy OSS.
  8. Are you interested in coming along Marc?
  9. Well a bit of a turnaround of events for me,I've sold the Harris and am now down to just my turbo GS750.
  10. Cracking weekend.
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