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  1. Message sent out to all that have replied.
  2. Me,usual bed and breakfast lodgings Gregg?
  3. Will do,there will be a message go out at some point,so keep an eye out for it please.
  4. You can sleep in a van on site as far as I'm aware,no bar or food or anything there though,there is a Premier Inn or summat like that about 2 miles away,I'm going home as its only 40 mins away,be happy to go out for something to eat with everyone though on Saturday night if people fancy doing that? Also we have had confirmation of entry now so we are in
  5. Might heed to bring them all Clive
  6. Don't all answer at once then....................
  7. Got YSS on mine,had them on my ET before as well,had no issues with them
  8. Slabby arm with Spondon slots in mine.
  9. Entry form is now in,so come on let's have some bikes for it
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