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  1. I had one with EFE bodywork on it a few years ago,may be an option for you?
  2. Good man George,be great to see you on your bike.
  3. Me me meeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'll be there,goodto catch up today with you and Jules @clivegto
  4. Check your messages as well please mate.
  5. Got the entry form now,not guaranteed a stand but I'll put the entry in,see how it goes.
  6. I've fired off an email to see if we can have a stand
  7. Be good to see you Simon,hope things have improved mate.
  8. This won't happen unless there are more bikes to show, 7 or 8 at least.
  9. Agreed, I would as well
  10. Anyone fancy this? Used to be mostly Britsh stuff i did it with the VJMC last year,there's a lot of Jap stuff there now.
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