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  1. Paulm

    Plenum design for high boost

    Split mine twice, and blew it off the back of the carbs more than once as well. All good fun.
  2. Paulm

    Blandit forks and yokes into GS750

    What stem you using in yours Steve?
  3. Paulm

    Blandit forks and yokes into GS750

    Fuck,just sold the GS yokes! Lol
  4. Paulm

    Blandit forks and yokes into GS750

    Ok,so I can’t use the bandit stem by the sounds of it but I can use a Slingshot or Slabby stem?
  5. Paulm

    Blandit forks and yokes into GS750

    Haven’t tried yet,just asking the question.
  6. As above,stem change needed if using bandit 1200 yokes?.
  7. Paulm


    Or just give it to me and i’ll fit my spare turbo motor and kit to it, not sure about it having Gurls blouse on the tank though!
  8. Paulm

    GSXR1100 Earl's OIl Cooler Size

    19 row coolers are the accepted fitment for most people on oil cooled engines,they are fine for everyday use,I have one on my turbo ET as do a lot of people on here.
  9. Paulm

    Clutch slave clearance issue

    Here ya go
  10. Paulm

    Clutch slave clearance issue

    This is what I did with mine, don’t forget to extend your clutch pushrods by the same amount that you space the cover out.
  11. Paulm

    FCR-MX carbs.

    Passing 5 year old you say??
  12. Paulm

    ET seat.

    I beleive they are the same,I’ve never bought a seat as either 750 or 1100.
  13. Paulm

    Got myself an ET......nearly

    No problem mate,nice to see you again.
  14. Paulm

    Turbo plumbing for a simpleton

    You can put a little reservoir on the drain,but do you have a restriction in the oil feed to the turbo? There may be too much oil going into the turbo.Mine has a 1mm carb jet screwed into the banjo bolt for the oil feed pipe to the turbo.