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  1. Ok boys and girls,I have a dilemma,whether to organise and go to Anglesey for the Classic Bikes Trackday weekend which we have an invite to or got to Melbourne the same weekend for the 1st meeting of the revived Ultimate Streetbike series which is being organised by our very own @Bow I'm leaning more towards the USB meet which would be great for oldskool Bikes and hopefully a great reminder of the racing back then and would be a great place for OSS to rock up to and have a good time at. We will have to pay for spectating and camping at USB unless taking part but it has the makings of a great weekend. Regarding the Anglesey meet,it would also be great and there will be the trackdays to watch or take part in courtesy of Classic Bike Trackdays So,over to you lot,what do you think? Paul
  2. To be honest Dave,that's a good call,I'd love to do it but we are hopefully moving house that weekend,may possibly still come up on the Sunday though,no bike though.
  3. Normally between 2 and 2.5psi in my experience.
  4. My fuel reg is as your last statement
  5. Picked the shock up today,nice little unit.
  6. Make sure none of the fuel or fuel return pipes are kinked when you fit them and definitely braided or reinforced as my good friend Clive has already said,my scavenge pump is mounted on a plate at the rear of the engine on my GS750 Turbo build,works fine there and may help you for space with the exhaust.Take a pic of where all the fuel lines go as well.
  7. So,we now have the engine mounted properly as well and shock mount made ready to be brazed onto the shock tube which also needs brazing into the frame,picking a Nitron remote reservoir shock up tomorrow,then the mount and tube can be fitted to the frame. Next job then will be to make the shock mount to fit to the Spondon arm that's going in it,then it can be put onto its wheels and we'll have a roller.The engine might not look level in the pic but it is,just how pic was taken.
  8. Yes,it's pretty much a copy of the subframe on @gsxr884 Mag2 only in slightly heavier gauge CDS tube,good enough for Harris,good enough for me.
  9. Well I appear to have a subframe now
  10. 28.5mm 14g CDS Simon,should be 16g really but a little thicker wall won't hurt.
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